Abhi asks Pragya for his salary on his payday, but she refuses to give him cash. Instead, she offers him a credit card for all his expenses and warns him that he won’t be able to buy alcohol with it. Offended, Abhi decides to find another way to earn money.

Rhea decides to go shopping to impress Ranbeer. Meanwhile, Daljeet defends Prachi when Pallavi gets upset over the fact that Ranbeer doesn’t listen to her but only to Prachi. Before getting into a taxi, Rhea spots Abhi and is shocked to see him driving away with Pragya. She calls Aaliya, who instigates her against Pragya. Aaliya also misrepresents Abhi’s accident, and a worried Rhea asks her to keep Abhi safe from Pragya while she deals with Prachi.

Daljeet keeps winning while playing cards against Ranbeer and Soni. She tells Ranbeer that he needs some lady luck and asks him to get Prachi. Just then, Prachi arrives there and wishes Ranbeer all the best, but he insinuates before everyone that she has something else to say to him. When Prachi deflects it, he leaves and asks her to take his place. After reading Ranbeer’s message, a flustered Prachi escapes to the kitchen. Ranbeer arrives there and pretends to flirt with a woman when Siddharth calls him to make Prachi jealous.

Abhi warns Pragya that she will be annoyed and disappointed at the same time and shows her the bottle of liquor. Furious, she calls out to Tanu, who denies giving it to him. Baljeet suddenly appears and informs Pragya that she gave him the money because she could not see him in agony. When a frustrated Pragya requests her to not give in to his demands, Baljeet tells her that she can’t make a promise. After which, Pragya leaves the house.

When Abhi returns to his room, he hears somebody knocking on the bedroom window. He is surprised to find Pragya there, who asks him to choose between her and the alcohol. Abhi bluntly tells her that nothing can keep him from his drink.

Tanu overhears everything and reminds Pragya that her tactics wouldn’t work as Abhi doesn’t love her anymore. Abhi asks her to leave and shuts the door on her face. Soon after, Mitali stands with her ear to the doors and hears Abhi telling Pragya that he doesn’t care if she stays or leaves. Tanu, Mitali and Pammi rejoice at how the events turned out, while Alia remains a little sceptical.

Pragya steps out of the property premise and sits on a bench, feeling silly for presuming that Abhi would choose her over alcohol. Somebody knocks on the door, and Abhi assumes that it is Pragya, but it turns out to be Baljeet. She wishes to apologise to Pragya and demands to know where she is. Abhi lies to her about Pragya being in the shower and asks her to go to bed. However, he begins to wonder why Pragya hasn’t returned yet.

Tanu appears before Alia in expensive nightwear and explains that she wishes to impress Abhi while emphasising the fact that she has been by his side through thick and thin. Spotting the file in Alia’s hand, Tanu asks her what she is up to, but Alia asks her to focus on her plans. Pragya comes across a couple of goons who misbehave with her. One of them insists that he wishes to marry her right away, but just then, Abhi arrives there, and he and Pragya begin to bicker in front of them. When a few more of the goon’s men arrive, they get into a fight with Abhi. However, Abhi is soon overpowered, but Pragya tackles the one holding her and begins to thrash the goon, who is about to harm Abhi, with his belt. Abhi stops Pragya while the goons flee.

At the Kohli house, the thought of Abhi as Pragya’s driver troubles Rhea and upon seeing Prachi, her suppressed hatred erupts. She lashes out at her before all the family members and demands Vikram to tell the truth about why he and Abhi were estranged. Vikram begins to accuse Prachi, but Pallavi intervenes and tells her what they felt at the time.

Pallavi holds Prachi responsible for breaking both the families while Vikram blames her for bringing bad luck. A furious Ranbeer speaks up for Prachi and announces his decision of leaving the house with her. He reveals how Prachi always wanted him to return to his family and was ready to accept the humiliation from them.

When Ranbeer and Prachi are about to leave, Rhea stops them and confronts Ranbeer. The confrontation leads Rhea to reveal the condition she had kept forth when he had proposed to her – that he would break Prachi’s heart by pretending to be in love with her. He explains how his pretence led him to actually fall in love with Prachi and apologises to her for keeping it a secret.

Prachi is left overwhelmed at the hatred Rhea showed for her and gets enraged when she begins to speak ill about Pragya.

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