Pragya comes to the dining table. Aanchal tells that Shagun asked her not to make food, so she didn’t make. Sushma comes home with Dadi. Pragya asks where did you go? Sushma says she felt good visiting temple with Dadi. Dadi says I had gone to your room to apologize to you. Pragya asks her not to apologize. Aaliya, Tanu, Mitali, and Tai ji come to the dining table.

Tanu asks what is in the breakfast? Shagun says nothing. Aaliya says atleast you would have made tea etc. Mitali says you called us for breakfast now. Pragya says breakfast is served at 9:30 am. Taiji asks if she woke them up to keep hungry.

Dadi asks them not to fight and says Tanu brought you all in this house. Tanu says I? Dadi says yes. Pragya says I want peace in the house early morning and asked them not to make food, as everyone have problems with their cooking. They recall taunting the cooks.

Pragya says Mitali Bhabhi will make breakfast in this house from today itself. Mitali asks if she is joking? Pragya says they are having food made by you since years and that’s why if you make food then they will not have problem. Mitali says I don’t know where are the things kept? Pragya says Aanchal and Shagun will tell you. Mitali thinks to make them cook. Pragya asks them not to cook. Mitali tells Tanu that she should have fixed her salary to make food. She says I have to make food for 8 people here. Shagun says we too, 10 people. Tai ji says Pragya might ask me to wash the utensils. Aaliya and Tanu ask Mitali to make breakfast and call them.

Rhea thinks she has flight at 2 pm and thinks to talk to Aaliya. She calls Aaliya. Rhea says everything is ok and super fantabulous. She says I called to inform you something. Aaliya says you are happy. Rhea says she is going with Ranbir to Bangalore and will spend some good time with him. She says I don’t know what to do, and that’s why called you. Aaliya says you sent me tickets, but didn’t tell me that Prachi let him go.

Rhea says Prachi herself asked him to go. Aaliya says Prachi will tell after few days, go and live your life with my husband. Rhea smiles happily and looks at Prachi packing (her)clothes. Rhea’s smile vanishes.

Rhea is left disconcerted when she sees Prachi packing her clothes and disconnects her call with Aaliya. She enquires Prachi about it, who reveals that she is going to join her and Ranbeer on the trip and that it was Daljeet’s idea to surprise Ranbeer with it. Dismayed, Rhea tries to make up excuses to deter her from joining them.

Daljeet arrives into the room and chides Prachi for telling Rhea about the surprise. Daljeet reassures Rhea when she brings up Pallavi and promises to handle everything. When Ranbeer arrives in the room, Daljeet comes up with an excuse and takes Rhea back to her room. She confronts Rhea and tells her that she can clearly see through her plan. She warns her that once her suspicions are confirmed, she will speak to Siddharth about it and will ask him to move out of the house.

The maids refuse to help Mitali in the kitchen. She protests when Sushma asks her to make porridge for her and mentions making lunch. Prachi tries to prevent Ranbeer from opening the suitcase in order to not spoil the surprise. Ranbeer suspects that something is up and jumps for joy when Prachi confirms that there is a surprise for him in it. Ranbeer insists that Prachi talk to Siddharth and Rhea about their relationship, but Prachi asks him to talk to Siddharth instead.

Baljeet praises Pragya’s move to keep Mitali busy and apologises for giving the money to Abhi. Later, Pragya uses reverse psychology on Abhi and convinces him to eat the breakfast made by Mitali. Furthermore, she explains to a bewildered Sushma and Baljeet and the trio would try to instigate him against her for making them cook, and it was her way to beat them at their own game.

Rhea is overjoyed to see Shaina and explains her predicament to her. However, when Shaina states that nothing can be done about it and that she needs to accept her fate, Rhea insists that she will turn the tables.

hen Rhea explains her plan of spending some time alone with Ranbeer to Shaina, she comes up with the idea of breaking Prachi’s leg so that she won’t be able to join Rhea and Ranbeer on the trip. Rhea is pleased with the idea, and they together execute it. While Shaina goes to meet Prachi so that she can bring her downstairs at the right time, Rhea soaks a cotton ball with oil and dribbles it at the base of the staircase.

At the breakfast table, Abhi praises Mitali’s food and insists that she make all the meals for him. Pragya takes advantage of the opportunity and asks Pammi to help Mitali in the kitchen, but later asks her to help Anchal and Shagun in cleaning the house. When an offended Alia objects to it, Pragya reminds her of her actions in the past and shuts her up for good. However, Tanu speaks up and accuses Pragya of bullying them, but Pragya gives her a fitting response. Unable to take all the bickering, Abhi leaves the table and asks the women to sort it out amongst themselves.

Following Pragya’s suggestion to hire help, Alia asks Tanu to go ahead with it, but Tanu refuses to do so as it will cost too much. She tells Alia that they will together clean the house and explains the benefits of doing so. Meanwhile, Ranbeer realises that Siddharth will set out for Mumbai by the time Rhea arrives in Bengaluru. Soon after, Shaina arrives to see Prachi and suggests heading downstairs.

Prachi spots the oil on the floor before she could slip on it and inadvertently foils Rhea and Shaina’s plan. Pallavi and Daljeet, who were standing nearby, are surprised to see the oil spilled on the floor and call Soni to clean it. When Pallavi demands to speak to the housekeeping staff, Rhea assures her that she will speak to them.

A frustrated Tanu chides Aaliya while they are cleaning the house and asks her to do something about their situation.

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