Back at the Kohli house, Prachi tells Ranbeer about going to Bengaluru with him.

Ranbeer refuses to believe Prachi at first that she is going to join him on the trip but is left overjoyed when she assures him. Pragya finds Baljeet listing her accomplishments and in the course of the conversation, Baljeet reveals that she used to perform the duties of filling up water and bringing it home at the chawl. Tanu overhears everything and goes to Aaliya, panicking over the fact that Baljeet is not on their side. To calm her down, Alia shares her plan with her – the biggest tender that usually Pragya’s company wins will go to her rival, Gaurav Thapar.

At the Kohli house, Rhea slips and hurts herself at the same spot where the oil was spilt by her. Realising that Rhea will not be able to go on the trip, Shaina is quick to place the blame on Prachi by stating that she deliberately did not clean up the oil properly. This infuriates Pallavi, and she demands Rhea to explain what is going on. Rhea accuses Prachi of suspecting her of having feelings for Ranbeer. Pallavi confronts Prachi before everyone and accuses her of being insecure in her relationship with Ranbeer, misconstruing her surprise as well. Ranbeer and Daljeet both try to defend Prachi, but Pallavi refuses to listen to anyone. Prachi shuts Shaina up for interfering in their family matter and reiterates that she trusts Rhea completely. When Pallavi claims that Prachi is manipulating Daljeet, the latter tells her that Rhea is manipulating the entire family.

A worried Pragya, along with Baljeet and Sushma, tries to think of a way to distract Abhi and realises that music is the only thing that can help him overcome his addiction.

Pallavi defends Rhea when Daljeet accuses her of manipulating the entire family. Prachi speaks up for herself and states that she completely trusts Rhea and would never even think about hurting her. Ranbeer too speaks up and reiterates how much Prachi cares for Rhea. Prachi pleads with Pallavi to never call her a bad sister again. However, Pallavi continues to criticise her and asks her to be a good human being in the least. When Prachi tries to confront Rhea, Shaina insists that she needs to rest. Rhea cries out in pain when she takes a step, and Pallavi urges Ranbeer to call the doctor.

When Daljeet and Prachi are left alone, she consoles Prachi and praises her for standing up for herself. After Daljeet imparts an important lesson to Prachi, Ranbeer joins the conversation, and Daljeet cautions her to brace for a fight to protect Ranbeer. When Shaina remains sceptical about Rhea’s trip with Ranbeer, Rhea chides her for being negative.

When the doctor arrives to examine Rhea, she suspects that it is a muscle tear and recommends complete bed rest, which leaves Rhea dismayed. Pallavi forbids her from going to Bengaluru and insists that Ranbeer and Prachi go ahead with their trip so that she doesn’t have to look at Prachi’s face all the time. Rhea panics at the idea of them being alone with each other and comes up with an excuse to hold Prachi back. Prachi too refuses to go on the trip. When Pallavi demands to know from Rhea if she trusts Prachi enough to take care of her, Rhea gives her affirmation. Ranbeer calls Siddharth and informs him about the trip having been cancelled. Siddharth too decides to return home. Later, Ranbeer thanks Rhea for taking Prachi’s side.

According to Pragya, Sushma and Baljeet’s plan, Pragya incites Abhi into challenging her over a game of darts, wherein Abhi keeps the condition that Pragya will have to do his bidding if she loses. Baljeet pretends to be on Abhi’s side and cheers him on while Sushma sides with Pragya.

Pragya and Abhi begin with their match with all the theatrics. Although Pragya hits the mark on the first try, Abhi plays well in the rest of the turns. Amidst their game, Mitali and Pammi join them and cheer for Abhi. Soon after, Anchal and Shagun arrive and take Pragya’s side. When Pragya loses the game, Abhi, Mitali and Pammi begin a noisy celebration. Baljeet consoles Pragya by stating that she didn’t lose at all because she could successfully distract Abhi.

When Sushma and Pragya are left alone, Pragya worries about Abhi troubling him for the next 24 hours. She begins to dread the next day. Meanwhile, the noisy celebration alerts Alia and Tanu, and they learn what happened a few minutes ago. Tanu is left bewildered at what they were doing and expresses her outrage to Alia, who reassures her that Pragya is going to face defeat even in real life and talks about a surprise awaiting Pragya in the office the next day.

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