Rajeshwari congrats Pallavi. Pallavi says this is happening due to you, and thanks her. Sid greets her. Rajeshwari says I was about to ask about you. She sees Rhea and says your wife also came.

Rhea comes and greets her. Rajeshwari asks why you both are looking tired and eyes are pluffy. She asks didn’t you sleep early? Sid and Rhea give different replies. Rajeshwari asks Sid is younger than Ranbir. Pallavi says yes. Prachi says destiny waits for the right partner. Ranbir says they met and get married. Rajeshwari suggests Pallavi to send them for honeymoon, to her friend’s resort in Manali. She says send Ranbir and Prachi too. Pallavi agrees to send them for honeymoon and says she will do the booking. Rhea says excuse me, I will just be back. She goes to her room and cry. Sid comes there, takes his laptop and is leaving. He says whatever I told was not in anger, there is nothing left in the marriage, you feel suffocated in this relation. I will tell Chachi ji and you don’t have to bear me more. He goes. Rhea thinks what is happening with me, whatever I plan for me, happens with Prachi and what I don’t want, happens with me.

Prachi tells Ranbir that Rajeshwari ji talked about Sid and Rhea. Ranbir says she talked about us also. Prachi says let them go alone and enjoy, they need honeymoon more than us. Ranbir asks if we don’t need honeymoon. He says we never went for honeymoon, and says when we got a chance. Prachi says we were very happy in rented house and need only love. She says let them go, their relation is new. Ranbir says I am going. Prachi asks him to smile and hugs him. He smiles and says we will celebrate honeymoon here.
Rhea comes to meet Aaliya. Aaliya asks how are you? Rhea says I hate Sid. Aaliya asks did he do anything. Rhea says I don’t like him, he didn’t do anything. She says I was successful to go near Ranbir as things are changed now, now he talks to me. She says Pallavi aunty wanted me to go for honeymoon with Sid, when we are divorcing each other.

Rhea explains her predicament to Aaliya, who advises her to plant a seed of doubt in Prachi’s mind. She asks her to apologise to Siddharth and on their honeymoon, orchestrate circumstances wherein Ranbeer ends up in her bedroom instead of Siddharth. Alia also reveals that she used a similar trick to separate Disha and Purab.

Reassured, Rhea returns home but overhears Prachi telling Daljeet that she wants Siddharth and Rhea to go alone on the trip. Wanting to salvage the situation, Rhea and Shaina manipulate Daljeet into convincing Prachi to go along with Siddharth and Rhea. Ranbeer is delighted to hear from Prachi that they are going on the honeymoon, and Daljeet is pleased to see them happy.

When Rhea updates Aaliya about the situation, the latter informs her that she has another plan in mind. She reveals that she has convinced an investor in Manali to invest in Kohlis’ company. Thus, Ranbeer will be compelled to go to Manali even if Prachi does not join him. Moreover, to keep Prachi at home, she gives Rhea the name of a medicine that will leave Prachi unwell once consumed.

Rhea sends Shaina to get the medicine, while she speaks to Siddharth and apologises to him. Siddharth is easily convinced that Rhea wishes to work on their relationship, and he drops the idea of divorcing her. When Shaina returns with the medicine, she and Rhea spike Prachi’s tea with it. When everyone gathers for tea, Vikram tells Pallavi about the investor in Manali interested in their company. Soon after, Rhea and Shaina arrive with the tea.

Rhea confirms with Shaina which one is the spiked cup of tea and gives the tea to everyone accordingly. She gloats to herself when Prachi picks the right cup and consumes it.

Meanwhile, Abhi barges into Aaliya’s room and flatly asks her to stop working for Gaurav. When he brings up the quotation leak, Aaliya indirectly implicates herself, and Abhi issues an ultimatum – either she gets to stay in the house or she continues to work for Gaurav. Aaliya agrees to quit her job, but Pragya, having heard everything, states that she has no objections with Alia working for Gaurav, but Abhi remains firm on his decision. After Abhi leaves, Pragya gives Alia a warning.

The next morning, Rhea is pleased to see Ranbeer waiting alone with his baggage. However, she is left disconcerted when Prachi comes downstairs with her luggage. Soon after, Soni comes rushing and informs everybody that Shaina has gotten unwell. When everyone gathers, at last, the young couples bid goodbye to their elders, however, a visibly upset Rhea leaves the house in a huff.

On their way to Manali, when Siddharth tries to speak to Rhea, she gets annoyed and asks him to concentrate on the road. In another car, Ranbeer asks Prachi to speak out her heart, and they jokingly bicker with each other. Prachi asks Ranbeer to stop the car when she spots Rhea and Siddharth waiting on the side of the road. While getting into the car, Siddharth explains that his car ran out of fuel, although he and Ranbeer both find it odd as they had filled up the tank the night before. Soon, it gets revealed that when Rhea had left the house in a huff, she had poked a hole in the fuel tank of her and Siddharth’s car.

During check-in, Rhea tries to speak to Alia and informs her about how her plan was botched but soon gets interrupted. A frustrated Alia turns around after the call gets disconnected and sees Tanu. Rhea is further dismayed when she learns that her room is far apart from Ranbeer and Prachi’s. Inside their room, Prachi expresses to Ranbeer how much he means to her and asks him to never stop loving her.

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