Before going to bed, Pragya receives a call from her contractor Subhash, who requests her presence for certain permissions required for the renovations. Seeing that Pragya was busy the next day, Abhi offers to go in her stead. A pleased Pragya lets Abhi sleep on the bed and to his surprise, joins him. Pragya teases him and places pillows between them. However, Abhi throws them away one by one while Pragya continues to tease him by replacing them, eventually running out of pillows.

At the breakfast table, when Prachi chides Siddharth for not eating well, she and Ranbeer reminisce about the time when they were living separately. Ranbeer explains to Rhea how much time Siddharth and Prachi spent together.

Later, barring Rhea, everybody leaves for office. Thinking about the information she had gathered about Siddharth and Prachi, Rhea decides to go to the office.

Meanwhile, Gaurav keeps calling Aaliya, but she doesn’t answer his call due to Abhi’s presence.

Mitali sees Aaliya looking intently at her phone and gets curious.

Meanwhile, Rhea enters Siddharth’s cabin with the intention of finding any picture with Siddharth and Prachi in it, but turns up empty-handed. On seeing a peon, Rhea inquires about Siddharth and learns that he is in the canteen. She sees Prachi and Siddharth sitting together and presumes their friendly interaction as a romantic one and sneakily captures their photo. Prachi’s deep feelings for Ranbeer impress Siddharth but he gets upset on recalling Rhea’s behaviour with him. Taking advantage of Prachi and Siddharth’s preoccupation, Rhea approaches Ranbeer and tries to plant a doubt in his mind about Prachi and Siddharth’s relationship.

Unaware of Rhea’s machinations, Siddharth and Prachi share a heart-to-heart conversation and Prachi promises to always support him. Just then, Rhea enters the canteen with Ranbeer hoping that he will begin suspecting the duo, but she fumes with rage when her plan fails.

Aaliya talks to Gaurav and tells him about Pragya giving Abhi the responsibility for the office renovation.

At the office’s site, Abhi talks to the workers about the renovation, while Gaurav records the events on his phone.

Once again, Rhea confronts Ranbeer and tries to instigate him against Siddharth and Prachi. Much to her fury, Ranbeer refuses to doubt the duo and laughs on hearing Rhea’s words. While Ranbeer walks away, a relentless Rhea decides to keep planting seeds of doubt in Ranbeer’s mind.

Later, Abhi and Pragya share a warm conversation over coffee and Abhi thanks her for renovating his old office. Abhi also enquires about Pragya’s meeting with the singer, which prompts Pragya to declare that the singer was not as talented as him.

Abhi comes to Prachi’s house and accidentally drops a photo frame. Prachi comes and asks for Rhea’s condition. Abhi blames Prachi and calls her a liar and asks Prachi to call her mother. He shouts the name ‘Anuradha’ to call her mother, Prachi tells him that her mother’s name is not Anuradha. Abhi is shocked to hear that and tells Prachi that she has lied about everything including her identity. Pragya steps out of the auto and asks Sarita Ji that whether they have taken all the necessary things for the evening. She tells Pragya that they have taken everything, however, once they reach home, they’ll ask Prachi to show everything to Ranbir so that if his parents do not like anything, they will get it changed from the shop.

Sarita also tells Pragya that this new generation does everything online. They show everything to each other on a video call and select dresses for the marriage. Both go to a tea stall and sit there to drink a cup of tea. Pragya thinks about a memory which she shared with Abhi when they went out for a cup of coffee on a streetside stall. Pragya tells Sarita that it is a big day for Prachi and her father should be known that her daughter is taking a big step in her life. Sarita asks her to call Prachi’s father. Pragya tries to call Abhi but finds out that her number is blocked on Abhi’s phone.

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