Rhea is at a loss for words when she sees Siddharth stepping out of the bathroom. Siddharth kisses her on the cheek and expresses how happy he was for having finally consummated their marriage. Still shell-shocked, she asks Siddharth to explain the events of the last night.

An unsuspecting Siddharth reveals that Prachi had taken Ranbeer away when she was speaking to the Manager about the lights, and he had returned to the room to retrieve his phone when Rhea came to him telling him that she loved him.

A furious Rhea feels disgusted and trashes the room after Siddharth leaves. She calls Aaliya and explains the situation to her.

In the meantime, Ranbeer and Prachi have a romantic morning.

Pragya goes to Aaliya’s room to get Sushma’s bags and notices the several missed calls by Gaurav on Aaliya’s phone. She suspects that something is up and recollects how Abhi had assured her that Aaliya will not work for Gaurav. She also suspects that Abhi has some misconception about her and decides to deal with Alia on her own without involving Abhi.

Aaliya and Tanu arrive at Gaurav’s office, and Alia realises that she left her phone at home. Gaurav reveals that he has a plan against Pragya.

Abhi manages to see Gaurav’s call on Aaliya’s phone and finds a note in the room.

While leaving the resort, Rhea gets annoyed when she sees Ranbeer and Prachi together and spots the lipstick mark on his neck.

While leaving the resort, Siddharth informs Prachi that the project they were previously working on has been approved. A delighted Prachi hugs him while Rhea observes their interactions and is struck with another idea to separate Prachi from Ranbeer.

Gaurav explains his plan to destroy Pragya’s reputation with Aaliya and Tanu wherein he will plant illegal drugs in Pragya’s factory and set a fire. The speculation about Pragya trying to destroy evidence of her illegal activities will be detrimental to her reputation and her business will take a hit.

Gaurav’s company will step up and supplement the shortage in the market, earning him profits. Alia and Tanu like the plan. Meanwhile, Pragya is dejected at the fact that Sushma has to leave the city for a meeting. Sushma consoles her and reassures her that Abhi cares for her.

Abhi tricks the security guard at Gaurav’s office and looks for his cabin. When he finally barges into Gaurav’s cabin, he does not find Alia there. Abhi warns Gaurav to stay away from his family and leaves. Having figured out Abhi’s weakness, Gaurav decides to target it. It gets revealed that Gaurav was alerted in time about an intruder, and Alia and Tanu had escaped from the window.

Pragya questions Aaliya and Tanu about where they had been when they return home. This ticks Tanu off, and she refuses to answer her, but Pragya’s threats compel Aaliya to lie that she was at the dentist’s.

Prachi, Ranbeer, Rhea and Siddharth return home, and Rhea vehemently expresses her dislike for the resort before Pallavi. When Prachi tries to make up for Rhea’s misbehaviour, Pallavi chides her while Siddharth comes to Prachi’s defense. In the meantime, Gaurav calls Pragya and subtly threatens her. He also tells her about Abhi’s visit to his office, but she defends him.

Ranbeer points out to Prachi that she is being too nice to him and insists that they go out for lunch the next day. However, Prachi turns him down stating that she is busy. Just then, Prachi slips on a puddle of water and gets mad at Ranbeer for spilling it. He tries to pacify her by kissing her.

Pragya questions Abhi when he returns home and chides him for locking horns with Gaurav. He explains that he went there to prevent Alia from plotting with Gaurav. They soon begin to talk about their relationships and Abhi points out how much everything has changed.

Rhea deliberately annoys Siddharth, and they get into an argument, after which Siddharth leaves the room in a huff.

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