When Prachi asks Rhea about what is going on, Ranbeer intervenes and pointedly tells Rhea how much Prachi cares about him.

Pragya overhears Tanu and Aaliya’s discussion over Gaurav’s terms and confronts them. As a last resort, Aaliya kneels before Pragya and begs her to give Gaurav whatever he wants to free Abhi. Pragya leaves with the food packed for Abhi without saying anything. Rhea’s sarcastic remark makes Prachi question her, and she insists that her love and priority will never change.

Later, Prachi voices her fears and uneasiness before Ranbeer, who realises that she is not well and compels her to take a rest. Prachi however takes hold of Ranbeer’s hand while he is leaving and asks him to assure her that they will never stay apart from each other. Ranbeer comforts her and promises to stay with her all her life.

At the Police station, Pragya tries to encourage a dejected Abhi to eat by stating that she achieved her fame and success because of him. When he is done eating, Pragya reveals what happened at Gaurav’s house.

Abhi refuses to become the cause of Pragya’s ruin and vows to justify Kiara’s nickname for him – Superman. Soon after, Pragya receives a call from Sushma and she tells her about Gaurav’s terms.

Sushma urges Pragya to not arrive at a decision in haste and warns her about Gaurav’s intentions. Soon after, she gets a call from Gaurav, who gives her an ultimatum that his offer stands only until that night. Left with no option, she asks Gaurav to keep the papers ready as she is coming to him to sign the papers.

Gaurav quickly calls Aaliya and gives her the good news and agrees to give Alia and Tanu their due. Mitali overhears their conversation and pretends to lecture them. However, she soon asks for a share in the money to keep quiet about their betrayal.

Mitali and Pammi make plans of their own about what they would do with the money once they get it and decide to settle down in another city. When Mr Thapar keeps forth his apprehensions about Gaurav’s plan, Gaurav explains to him why Pragya is ready to give everything up for Abhi. Just then, Pragya arrives there and signs with a cursory glance at the papers. After which, Gaurav sends the video to her and urges her to take a look at it once. Pragya watches the video wherein Abhi is seen instructing the contractor to not meddle with the walls that could harm others.

Prachi senses that Pragya is in trouble and suddenly wakes up from her sleep, alarming Ranbeer as well. Ranbeer calms her down and assures her that Pragya is fine. While he is tending to her, Siddharth arrives in their room and offers to take care of Prachi so that Ranbeer can go back to sleep as he had an important interview the next day. Ranbeer, however, declines his offer.

Sushma calls Pragya, who is waiting for the inspector to arrive so that she can show him the proof of Abhi’s innocence. Pragya apprises her of all the events and explains the content of the papers she had signed. Sushma heaves a sigh of relief, but before she could say anything, the inspector arrives, and Pragya interrupts her with a promise to call her back. When she tries to show the video to the inspector, he claims that the video file got deleted once it was viewed, hinting at the fact that somebody tricked Pragya. A dejected Pragya steps out of the police station when Gaurav arrives there.


Gaurav comes to Pragya and meet her outside the Police Station. Pragya says you have sent the video in that delete after once view format intentionally. Gaurav says I thought to see your arrogant face. She says you got everything, then why don’t you give the video. He says you was punished, but not Abhi. He says he had beaten me and my brother. He says I am not Aaliya and Tanu, I am Gaurav Thappar, I never fail and lose. Pragya says you didn’t defeat, as I was in hurry to show the video to the Inspector, and take Abhi home. She says she has defeated him and his father, and many more.

She tells that a wife can take Durga’s avatar, she takes her avatar and kills the evils who eyes her marriage. She says you wanted to ruin business woman Pragya, but this time you are standing infront of Mrs. Pragya mehra. She says she will get her husband freed from court with respect and will take him home right infront of you. Gaurav thinks if she will do this, or just  bluffing? He thinks how she will win from me?

Pragya comes to the office and gets some print outs. She searches some papers in the files and gets some info. She meets Santosh Jain.

Next day, the Inspector refuses to let Pragya meet Abhi, and says time has come to go to court. Pragya says if you want any innocent guy to get punished. Inspector says you can go and meet him for 2 mins. The Inspector tells Constable that a wife should get a chance.

Abhi asks what she wants to do? He says he heard her talking to the Inspector. He says I will be jailed and contractor will give wrong statement against me. He says before I will be taking there, I want to tell you something. He says I came in your house with the intention to trouble you, but couldn’t do this. She asks do you want to say something.

Abhi says when cockroaches came in your house, I thought it shall get stuck with you. Pragya asks what else. Abhi says I just thought, but can’t do anything against you. He says she can call him snake in sleeve etc. Pragya says you don’t want me to meet you. He says when I will get jailed, how will I serve the punishment without seeing your face.

The Constable comes there and says I came to take you to court. Pragya says I wanted to ask you something. Abhi comes out of lock up and hugs her.

The Inspector and other Constable also comes there and ask him to come. Pragya shows Santosh’s picture to him and asks did you see him there? Abhi says this guy was there too. Pragya calls Gaurav. He says he was going to register the papers signed by her. He asks who will handle you after Abhi goes to jail, your partner etc.

Pragya says I want you to come to court for hearing, it will be interesting for you, it is going to be fun. She ends the call.

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