Gaurav thinks how did Pragya free Abhi? Abhi calls him and says I asked you to stay away from Pragya. He says you have snatched her everything, now I will come and punish you. Gaurav tells the address. Abhi sits in the Car and goes. Aaliya hears about the Hotel. Tanu says I am going inside to get our stuff.

Ranbir asks Prachi to have kada. She refuses. He says you have to drink silently. She says you are scolding me. He asks her to drink. She says your scolding is funny than scary. She says there is no impact in your scolding. He says I don’t like to scold you. She asks him to scold her. Ranbir laughs and says I can’t do this. He says even kids can’t scared if I scold them. He says I just feel love seeing you and asks her to drink the kada.

Prachi tastes it and says it is bitter. She says I will drink, but on a condition. She says if you go for interview then I will drink all the kada. He asks really? She says yes. She drinks the kada. Tujhme khoya rahun main… plays…

Abhi is on the way. Pragya tells him that she got late in office and asks him to wait for sometime. He says I will wait for you, and tells that he wants to say something. Pragya asks him to say. He says when I was a rockstar, people used to say that I am lucky, but I used to say that people gets famous due to their hardwork. He says then I met you and got married. He says then I told people that I got lucky due to you, and who can be more lucky than me.

Pragya says even I wanted to ask you something. She asks didn’t you reach home? He says I came for some important work. She asks what work? Abhi says mistake is mine, you are always right and I am wrong. She asks what do you want to say? Pragya says there is a tension in your voice. He says this is emotions and says tension will end. She asks what happened? Where did he go? He says I am going for some important work and will reach home. She asks what is the important work? He asks can I call you fuggi? Pragya gets emotional. He asks her to answer.

Pragya says you have given me this name, I will be fuggi always, and it is my identity, and I feel it is better name than Pragya. He calls her fuggi and asks her to wait for him, says your rockstar is coming. Pragya says I love you. Abhi smiles and says I will reply when I meet you. She says I will wait for you, come fast. Allah wariyan plays…

He thinks I could have waited for you, but I wanted to clear the Gaurav’s matter and don’t want anyone to come between us. Sushma comes to Pragya and asks didn’t you go till now? Pragya says he called me fuggi today, and says she is very happy today. She says she has found herself.

Sushma says I am very happy for you. Pragya says I want to go home and wants to make this day special for him. She hugs Sushma. Sushma prays to God to keep her happy always and blesses her.

Ranbir asks Sid where is Prachi? Sid asks him to bring walkie talkie and give one to her. Ranbir laughs. Sid gives him another idea, asking him to tie them with rope. Ranbir says she is coming, I don’t need anything to call her. Prachi comes there and says I want you to have curd and sugar. Ranbir jokes that he made her have kada and she is making him drink curd and sugar. He says if everything is fine, then my 2 years dreams will be fulfilled. He thanks her for her prayers and blessings. He kisses on her cheeks.

Sid says I am standing here. Ranbir says I will take you daily with me. Sid asks him to make Prachi’s idol and wear it. Ranbir says I love you. Prachi says I love you too. Rhea hears them and gets angry. She walks with her bleeding hand and the blood falls on the floor.

Gaurav calls Aaliya. Aaliya thinks what does he need? She says what you need? Gaurav says you was calling me and blaming that I didn’t give your share to you. He says you knew well that your brother is freed from jail and playing games with me. He says you said that I betrayed you. Aaliya says I didn’t know then, and says bad thing will happen with bad people.

Gaurav says Abhi will come home, and will throw you out of the house. He says I didn’t see such sister in the religious serial also. She asks him to shut up and enjoy with the money which he got from Pragya. Tanu steals the things from Pragya’s house and thinks she will sell it. She gets Gaurav’s call and picks it. He asks Tanu to tell Aaliya that he will kill her brother. Tanu asks have you gone mad, you are talking about killing him. Gaurav says I want to give this shock to Aaliya. Tanu says you got what you wanted?

Gaurav says I didn’t get anything, but Pragya has her wealth and her husband. He says first I will kill Abhi and then Pragya. Tanu says I am not shock hearing you, I don’t care if you kill Abhi and Pragya. She says how can fraud happen with you and asks him to do it first and then tell her. She says you don’t have courage to kill him. He asks if you don’t care for him, being his wife. Tanu says I am not his wife and tells that he has kicked me out, I was time pass for him. She says I will be happy if Abhi dies, I am tired of running behind him. She says I will be happy to see Abhi dying and taking the last breaths.

Aaliya hears and shouts Tanu. Gaurav says I will kill Abhi and asks Tanu to come there. Aaliya asks Tanu if she talked about killing Abhi. Tanu says he told me and I agreed. Aaliya says you are encouraging him to kill Abhi?

Tanu says I can’t see Pragya and Abhi together. She says she had done planning and plotting, and even tried to kill Pragya, but she didn’t die. She says either abhi die or Pragya, I want to see their love story ending. She says Gaurav said that he will kill Abhi and I asked him to kill him. Aaliya slaps him and says you wanted to kill him. Tanu slaps her back.

Pragya reaches home and asks Shagun about the candles at home. She says she wants to decorate the house for him. Shagun asks for whom? Pragya thinks of Abhi and their moments and smiles. Abhi reaches the hotel to meet Gaurav.

Pragya hears Aaliya and Tanu fighting. Tanu says it seems sister wants to die before brother. She tries to suffocate Aaliya. Pragya comes there and asks what happened to you both? Aaliya says Tanu was asking Gaurav to kill Abhi. Tanu says Gaurav called me and said that he is going to kill Abhi.

Tanu says first he spoke to Aaliya. Aaliya says you have encouraged him to kill Abh. Tanu asks her to tell Aaliya whatever she has done. Pragya is in shock.

Tanu asking Aaliya to tell what all she planned against Pragya. She says the molestation case which Gaurav filed on you, was Aaliya’s idea. She says Aaliya is with Tanu, and the money idea was of her only. She says she wanted to ruin you with Gaurav, first molestation case and then she stole your quotation and gave to Gaurav.

Aaliya says yes, I did. I wanted to ruin Pragya, but I am not responsible for whatever happened with Bhai. She says Abhi is responsible for whatever happened with him. Gaurav wanted to take revenge as Abhi had beaten him. She asks Pragya to ask Tanu, why she encouraged Gaurav to kill Abhi. Tanu says I didn’t encourage.

Pragya asks Aaliya to tell where did Abhi go to meet Gaurav? Aaliya says red zone bright hotel. Pragya slaps Tanu hard on her face and says I had stopped myself since many days, so did it today. She leaves.

Abhi comes to the hotel and asks receptionist for Gaurav Thapar. Receptionist calls Gaurav. Abhi takes the call and says I am coming. Gaurav tells receptionist to let him come. Pragya sits in the car hurriedly and thinks of Aaliya’s words. Abhi walks inside thinking of Aaliya’s words that she made Pragya understand to give her everything to Gaurav.

Pragya calls Abhi and asks why didn’t you reach home. She says you didn’t tell me that you went to Gaurav. Abhi says you named all the property on Gaurav’s name just to save me. Pragya says you are my universe, and tells that she can give anything for him. Abhi says he wants to punish him, as he wanted to bring you on the road. Pragya says you will not do anything. Abhi says I will settle all scores with Gaurav.

Pragya says don’t go there, he has planned to kill you. Abhi says he had planned this from the start. Pragya says nothing is ruined, my property and business is with us, whatever I have earned is not lost.

Sushma aunty has handled everything. He asks her to wait for him. Pragya says my promise. He ends the call without hearing about the promise. Pragya prays to God to protect him. Gaurav uses chloroform in the handkerchief, when two goons come there. Gaurav says only you both came.

The goon says this is hotel, everything is recorded in the CCTV. He says we have to first make sure. Gaurav says he has planned everything where to kill him. The goon says you shall be ganster. Gaurav says there shall be no injury on his body, and tells that he wants his death as an accident. He says people shall think, why he came here, and why he went that side.

Pragya is stopped and the Police Officer tells that the road is blocked due to work in progress. He asks her to go through ring road. Pragya runs. Abhi asks about room no. 505. Pragya tries to remove the barricade and tells that she is trying to save her husband. Constable removes the barricades and says you are with your husband, Delhi Police is with you. Pragya drives off.

Abhi is still walking and comes to room no. 505. Gaurav asks the goons to hide and says he will sign them. Gaurav opens the door. Abhi comes inside and says you want to kill me. Gaurav says I was angry and that’s why told that I will kill him. Abhi asks him to apologize to Pragya. Gaurav says I have sent you to jail and says I bribed Subhash so that he breaks the wall, and 6 people died.

Abhi gets angry. Gaurav says poor people are born to die and I don’t repent for anything, and I will not apologize to anyone. Abhi grabs his collar and says you have blackmailed her, troubled and cheated her. He says you shall apologized to her. Abhi hits Gaurav.

Gaurav asks his goons to save him. The goons come there holding chloroform. Abhi fights with the goons and make them smell chloroform. The goons fall unconscious. Gaurav gets tensed and says listen to me. Abhi holds Gaurav and beats him.

He continues to beat Gaurav and ties his hands. He says you shall apologize to Pragya, and to the family of people whom you have killed and to the law. He says I don’t want to kill you and go to jail. Pragya comes to the reception and asks where is Gaurav Thapar. Receptionist says room no 505 and tells that someone had gone to meet Abhi. Abhi tells Gaurav that he has recorded everything, whatever he said and says this recording is enough to send you to jail. Just then, Gaurav’s father comes there and breaks glass bottle on Abhi’s head.

Abhi holds his head. Abhi says I don’t raise hand on elders, and says I want to slap you for giving birth to such children. Gaurav gets up and takes chloroform handkerchief. Abhi is lecturing her father, when Gaurav makes Abhi smell chloroform. Abhi faints.

Mahesh tells Gaurav that he should inform him, wherever he goes. He says he wanted to send me to jail, I have planned to send him up. They wear caps and make Abhi sit on the wheelchair while he is covered with shawl. Pragya is coming there. Gaurav looks at Pragya.

Pragya doesn’t look at Gaurav and his father. She is walking from there, but doesn’t see Abhi. She senses his presence and turns back. She comes to the room no. 505. Someone opens the room. Pragya just finds the unconscious goons.

Gaurav tells Mahesh that he has ruined his plan. Mahesh says when I came there, you was tied and lied upside down. Gaurav says I was not defending him as I don’t want any scratches on his body. Mahesh says he had said that he has recorded your confession and tells that they should get his phone, it fell on the floor. Pragya finds Abhi’s phone and thinks where is he? if he is fine, then he would have his phone with him. She gets worried.

Gaurav tells Mahesh that it will be not be good to go back to room now. He says nobody will go to the room. Mahesh says that phone has proof against you. Gaurav says we will first get rid of Abhi and then will think of phone. Mahesh asks what do you mean? Gaurav says I planned to kill him without hurting him. Mahesh says you would have suffocated him to death.

Gaurav says I wanted the death to be natural and says I had confessed to Tanu that I will kill Abhi. He says Tanu is not loyal to anyone. He says he thought to leave Abhi in cold storage room, so that his death looks natural. He says people will think that he went there by mistake and died. Mahesh says your idea is good. Gaurav tells unconscious Abhi that nobody will come here as there is engagement today in the hotel. He says you had enough dose of chloroform and will die soon. He comes out of cold storage and tells Mahesh that the cold storage is un underground basement and nobody will come here.

Mahesh asks him to take revenge from Pragya too, she has insulted you too. Gaurav thinks of Pragya’s words. He says when you can kill Abhi, then why can’t kill Pragya. He says when you can make full proof plan of killing Abhi, then why can’t you kill Pragya? He says if you get hang punishment, then also it will not be regret to kill both. He asks them to kill them both.

Sushma talks to someone and says she plans surprise birthday for Pragya’s anniversary. She gets Gaurav’s call and picks it. She asks how dare you to call me. Gaurav says I called for someone’s betterment and says unconscious people can’t say, and that’s why I called you to inform. Sushma asks who is unconscious?

Gaurav says your Son-in-law will die in 10-15 mins and asks her not to waste time, by calling hotel staff etc. He says I can slit his throat and give them death in seconds. He says if Pragya comes here in 10min, then I will leave Abhi, else will kill him. Sushma asks where is Abhi? Gaurav says he is in cold storage room of hotel redzone bright. He says if you call someone, then nobody will be saved.

Sushma asks do you think that I will get scared?? Gaurav says if you are scared then Abhi’s breath will go!

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