Ranbir comes to Rhea and apologizes for getting angry on her. Rhea asks him to sit down and listen to her calmly and says the matter is there itself, why Prachi went with Sid out. Ranbir asks her to fight with Sid and leave Prachi and him. He says I don’t like this, don’t say such things. Rhea says I can ask where is Prachi, she is my sister. He says her call is not reachable.

Rhea says even Sid’s phone is unreachable. She asks Ranbir why don’t he call Sid and asked. Ranbir says if they have went together then might have gone for professional work. He says Prachi is hardworking and professional and had gone for work before also, when she was unwell. Rhea says why she didn’t agree to come with you, when you said that she is your lucky charm, but she denied. He says it is my mistake that I came here and talk to you. He says I was wrong, you can doubt and do whatever you want, but don’t involve me.

Rhea calls Sid and says Ranbir wants to talk to Prachi. She ends the call and says they are coming home. Door bell rings. Ranbir opens the door. Prachi is crying. Ranbir asks what happened? Prachi hugs him. Rhea asks where was you? Ranbir and I was worried and asks if they forgot that they have a family. Ranbir says not now.

Sid tells that he heard a guy talking on phone and conspiring to kill Abhishek Mehra and Pragya, your mom and dad. He says I called Prachi immediately. Prachi says Maa and Papa are in coma and hugs Rhea. Ranbir asks how?

Sid says they were trapped in cold storage room. He says Doctor said that they are in coma, as the oxygen level dipped. Rhea is shocked and recalls her moments with Abhi. Ranbir tells Prachi that nothing can happen to her mom and dad when she is there. Rhea gets angry.

Rhea shouts at Prachi for not informing her about Abhi and Pragya being in the hospital. She asks if they were just her parents. She asks if you wanted to be their good daughter, why you didn’t call. She says I would have talked to them. Prachi says even I didn’t talk to them, when I reached there, there were unconscious, the Doctor didn’t let me meet them and they went in coma. Rhea asks Sid, why he didn’t call her?

Sid says your call was unreachable. Rhea says my phone was on, as I was waiting for you both. Prachi says I wanted to call you, but everything happened so suddenly, that I didn’t get the chance. Rhea says you have forgotten your husband and he has forgotten his wife. She says she will go and meet them. Sid says visiting hours are over. Prachi asks Sid to go and handle her.

Ranbir says everything will be fine. Prachi hugs him and cries. He gets a call and says he has to go and see his inlaws.

The Doctor asks the Nurse to talk to Sushma Tandon and tell her that they can’t discharge them in 4-5 days.

Rhea comes there and asks the Doctor about them. The Doctor says Sushma Tandon wanted their treatment to be done by best doctors and says we also want to get them fine.

Rhea comes inside the ICU and asks Abhi to open his eyes and see him. She says I have returned and meeting you after many years. She cries and says you was with me always, but I left you. She says sorry. Sid gets a call and goes out. Rhea then looks at Pragya at the other bed. She says I will not tell you sorry, and wants you to be there, you deserve to be there. She says you couldn’t become a good mother and also good wife. She says whenever you returned, you ruined my family.

Aaliya comes there and says Pragya is a curse on our family. She says she has destroyed Mehra family and ended everything! Rhea hugs her. She says we had a good family, Mehra and Kohli family, used to stay together. She says Ranbir and I used to love each other, then Prachi came between us and took Ranbir. And she (Pragya) took Dad. She says she is very alone. Aaliya says you can’t be alone with me. She says you would have got Ranbir that night. She says your love will bring back to you, and he will become yours.

Aaliya asks her to come with her.
She calls someone and asks the person to reach the hotel. She needs her help. She then tells Rhea that the hotel is of her business friend and asks her to come there with Sid and Prachi. Rhea asks what we have to do? Aaliya says I have a plan.

Ranbir shows his presentation of his start up. The clients like his start up. Ranbir says it is my years long hardwork and says he wants his start up to be his own and wants to work hard on this. She says if I get your support then it can become big. They tell that they love it. The client tells that they are doing this project with him and even called the media.

Rhea asks aaliya how did she know about Dad? Aaliya says basti guy works here. They see sid coming and hide. Aaliya says I will leave. She pretends to make a call and speak to make Sid hear. She says Abhi and Pragya are in the ICU. She says Gaurav is accused of murder and asks someone to meet her in hotel room 505 and says you will get your money there. Sid hears her and gets shocked. He calls Rhea, but she switches off her phone.

Sid calls Prachi. Prachi picks the call. Sid tells about hearing a lady talking to someone about Abhi and Pragya in ICU and Gaurav is accused. He says I have a thought that she planned this, and meeting someone to give them money. Prachi says we have to catch her and says my parents are in coma due to her. She says I will not leave her. Sid says I will meet you there.

Rhea switches on her phone and calls Aaliya. Aaliya asks what happened? Rhea says Sid called Prachi and told everything. She says Prachi will go there, and Sid will go behind her. Aaliya asks Rhea to come there with Ranbir and says your life will change in 30 mins. Rhea tells Aaliya that Sid is calling her and picks the call. She picks the call. Rhea pretends to be emotional about her mom and dad and says I will talk to you after reaching home.

The Clients ask to send the media inside. Prachi calls Ranbir and says there is no network. She asks driver to drive fast. Ranbir thinks Prachi will get mad with happiness, when she comes to know that our dream is fulfilled. He calls her, but her number is unreachable.

Rhea calls him. The Client asks him to sit. The reporters ask Ranbir about his start up. The client says it is awesome. Rhea gets Aaliya’s call and the latter tells her that she is going to the hotel room. Rhea says I didn’t talk to Ranbir.

Aaliya asks her to bring Ranbir here. Sid follows Aaliya. Ranbir reads Rhea’s provocative message, that she saw them going inside the hotel room of Clinton hotel. He calls her and asks her not to say anything wrong. Rhea asks the driver to continue driving.

Sid calls Prachi. Prachi says she is in lobby. Prachi says she came to meet someone in room no 505. Receptionist asks her to sign. Ranbir signs the contract. The reporter asks how is he feeling. Ranbir says it is my wife’s dream, my dream is hers. He praises her and gets Sid and Prachi’s pic standing on the reception of the hotel. He gets doubtful. Rhea calls him and pretends to be sad and tells that I told, but you didn’t listen. She says Prachi took this big step due to you. She says if you haven’t stopped her, then she wouldn’t have stoop low. She goes on provoking him and says she is ruined because of him. She says Prachi got confidence to do this. He comes out of the meeting.

The media and the client asks him to stay back. They say if you leave then this deal is cancelled. Ranbir looks back. Rhea goes on provoking him and says I noticed how Sid looks at Prachi. She says why you couldn’t see. She asks which meeting happens in room and asks if he wants this. Ranbir gets furious and hurt. He says I am coming and leaves from there. The Client says this start up is over.

Prachi and Sid come inside the room. They couldn’t find anything. Ranbir comes there.

when Prachi and Siddharth enter the hotel room, it gets locked from outside. To Prachi’s shock, some fumes render Siddharth unconscious, and she follows soon after. Some time later, Ranbeer and Rhea arrive there and Ranbeer breaks open the room’s door. He is left shocked on seeing Prachi and Siddharth lying on the bed with clasped hands and begins believing Rhea’s words. His shout rouses Prachi and she is left aghast when Ranbeer accuses her of having an extra-marital affair with Siddharth. Prachi and Siddharth are left dumbfounded due to Rhea and Ranbeer’s accusations and proclaim their innocence but Ranbeer refuses to believe them. The turn of events delight Rhea and she enjoys the breakdown of Ranbeer and Prachi’s relationship. Ranbeer insults Siddharth as well and accuses Siddharth and Prachi of making a fool out of him and his feelings. Later, Ranbeer tells Prachi to stay away from him and a dismayed Prachi walks away.

A furious Ranbeer lays deplorable accusations on Prachi and Siddharth’s character and exclaims that Rhea had always been right. His words stun Prachi and she states that he has no right to make such accusations without listening to her side of the story. When Ranbeer refuses to hear her out, Prachi states that he may have never loved her if it is so easy for him to doubt her.

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