Furious, Ranbeer says that he hates Prachi and tells her to go away from him. Prachi regrets ever falling in love with him, while Siddharth confronts Ranbeer. Prachi slaps Ranbeer and accepts that their relationship is over when Ranbeer leaves no stone unturned to insult her and Siddharth.

Later, Siddharth decides to view the CCTV footage of the hotel to discern how he and Prachi had ended up in that compromising state and Aaliya learns about it.

Meanwhile, Rhea reaches home and tells Pallavi about the events that transpired in the hotel.

Rhea tells Pallavi about the state in which she and Ranbeer found Siddharth and Prachi. She also conveys how Ranbeer cut ties with Prachi and about her plan to do the same with Siddharth. Just then, Prachi arrives, and Rhea blames her for snatching Abhi and then her husband from her.

Later, Rhea compares Prachi with Pragya saying that Pragya ruined her father’s life and Prachi ruined hers. Prachi slaps Rhea and reminds that Pragya is her mother as well.

Pallavi berates Prachi for raising a hand at Rhea and tells her to leave the house. Helpless, Prachi recounts Ranbeer’s bitter words and packs her belongings.

Ranbeer arrives at the Kohli house soon after and Pallavi tells him to remove Prachi from their lives!

Meanwhile, Siddharth examines the CCTV footage at the hotel, while Aaliya spies on him.

Ranbeer dashes Prachi’s hopes when instead of stopping her, he asks her to close the door on the way out. Prachi once again professes her undying feelings for Ranbeer and questions if he had truly loved her. Ranbeer blames Prachi’s disloyalty for strife between them and turns his back on her. Soon, Ranbeer snaps out of his trance when the door closes shut, and he realises that Prachi had left the room, and their interaction was his imagination.

Meanwhile, with the help of the hotel’s staff member, Aaliya manages to hide the CCTV footage with her image from Siddharth.

On returning home, Siddharth sees Pallavi performing his final rites to cut all ties with him. Siddharth is left flabbergasted when Vikram and Pallavi refuse to believe in his innocence and tell him to leave the house for ruining Ranbeer’s life. Soon, Prachi begins dragging her suitcase out of the house, and taking advantage of the opportunity, Rhea goes to console Ranbeer.

Rhea manipulates Ranbeer by saying that everything said and done by Prachi and Siddharth to prove their innocence was a lie and in reality, they will leave the house and stay together.

Meanwhile, Prachi walks out of the house and Pallavi curses her for hurting Ranbeer despite Daljeet’s objection.

Pallavi also decides to get Ranbeer and Rhea married, whereas a dejected Prachi walks on the lanes and falls unconscious, but Sushma comes to her rescue.

The End of Twist of Fate S6 for now, and to be replaced with the series “Bridal Material“

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