The serial start with a small girl who is shown tying Rakhi (cotton bracelet) to her brother. A woman is calling her daughter named Mannu while her Mother-in-law i.e., Mannu’s grandmother brings her slowly outside her room who was getting ready to go out for a party. Mannu’s mother is stopping her for her brother to arrive for tying the ornamental wristband due to Raksha Bandhan’s occasion.

Mannu’s neighbour friends are speaking with Mannu’s sister named Meet on phone to come soon, who happens to be riding her bike. Meet’s grandmother keeps cursing about Meet to her mother, while Meet’s mother keeps calming her, explaining how Meet never makes hehe  feel that her Son is missing in this house which is why she ties the ornamental wristband on Mannu & who also looks after this house with her own efforts.

Meet is riding fast for her commitment of delivering a parcel to her company’s Client but that lady Client requests her for helping to join the item which is child’s pram & she helps her accordingly, while the lady Client goes inside to bring something for her, but Meet sees a child crying & she picks her up for pampering & calms the child which is praised by the lady client.

A girl falls down hanging on a rod in a construction site while a young boy runs quickly, who is actually the assistant manager of the site, to save her & the child’s father who is a labourer on that site praises his Manager & he advises him to always keep an eye on the child whenever he brings him to the site due to his helplessness towards his wife’s unavailability who is hospitalized.

The Manager’s friend tells him he knows he won’t listen to him, but asks him why he took such a risk, while he reminds him about his father’s example of helping needy people due to whom such qualities might have come into him, but he reminds him about Raksha Bandhan of which his sister must have been waiting for him, so they take their leave immediately,  but on the way,  they bash with Meet who is also riding fast & the boy taking out the keys of her two wheeler asks her to plead with him,  but she instead takes out the wire of his car’s starter which doesn’t start hence, both of them give up after lot of argument & leave from there warning each other.

Meet’s grandmother is about to get hit with the main door because of a slight push from Mannu, but Meet saves her grandmother IB time. Mannu ties bracelet to Meet who gifts all of them golden rings while her mother becomes emotional remembering about her husband i. e., Meet’s father who had promised them he’ll’ bring golden rings for them next time which happens to be the last celebration when he gave them silver rings,  so she praises Meet who fulfilled the promise of her father for them & hearing this, Meet’s grandmother also becomes emotional.

Mannu is about to leave for her party, but Meet convinces her to let’s enjoy within family & they reach at a restaurant, but Mannu is clicking her selfies feeling impressed with the decoration outside the hotel, while Meet is insisting her to come inside the hotel, but Mannu tells her to snap her & while snapping, Mannu slowly gets in between the road & Meet is trying to alert her, that a truck is coming towards her hence,  Meet jumps to save her.

They both fall aside while Meet’s grandmother comes running feeling concerned about Mannu and blaming Meet for all this incidence, but Meet’s mother is trying to calm grandmother down, of which she then reminds her about Meet’s curse due to whom her brother was also killed before coming into this world & hearing this, Meet feels depressed emotionally.

Meet’s mother is watching her late husband’s phot, expressing her feelings to her mother-in-law about Meet’s behaviour which is to be applauded instead of cursing her now, besides, she’s the one taking care of their house, and looking after their day to day needs like a son would, and she also has some feelings about the loss of her brother before birth, and she isn’t in anyway responsible for that, so she should stop cursing her.

Meet arrives and hears all this, while her mother wonders how she’ll feel, but she tries to enlighten everyone’s mood, then tells her mother she has brought Chinese food parcel and to let’s eat while her grandmother again makes Meet realize her gender which some day, she has to face the truth!  Meet anyways, keeps joking with her.

The young boy, Meet, who Meet who had bashed reaches his family’s place, named Ahlawat’s house, but finds a key chain fallen in his car hence wonders asking his friend about it and he reminds him of the same girl whom he had confronted earlier, so he tells him to not to remind him again and again of that girl who has insulted him!

Meet is cleaning her bike while her neighbour friends are joking & making fun with her but she remembers about the keychain fallen watching a nut in her bike & also thinks of taking revenge on him!

The Young boy who’s also named Meet enters his house but finds the entire family is waiting for him while his mother shows him the time delayed because of him due to the Raksha Bandhan (tying of bracelet ceremony) and he kisses his mother saying he’ll get ready and come soon.

All his sister’s are tying cotton bracelet on his hands while he gives various gifts to them, but when his Sister-in-law is about to tie hers, his elder sister intervenes to stop her due to her curse on their family because of whom her elder brother left them, hence the whole atmosphere is disturbed but Boy Meet handles the situation.

Girl Meet is performing prayers of Mata while her mother praises her behaviour towards god as well as her family and Meet also helps her in her work just after her prayers.

Boy Meet’s mother is expressing her depression to her husband about the loss faced of her elder son TEJ who has left their house due to which his wife is blamed for, but her husband is trying to explain to her it’s not his wife’s mistake in this and she says it’s also a mistake from her, due to her blind faith on his son’s love to her without checking their birth horoscope, which resulted to him leaving, but this time, it will not happen with her other son for whom she’ll follow all rules before marrying him and  her husband feels happy about it so they decide to talk with their son.

The father is trying to talk with his young son, Meet about his marriage while all are surrounded,  but his son jokes with him to divert the attention on his marriage.

Mannu is in a hurry, while talking on the phone promising and leaving for her commitment while her grandmother and mother is trying to stop her due to the arrival of some guests to see her, but she without listening to it, tells them to take help from their able daughter Meet and then leaves.

Meet’s grandmother again abuses Meet while Meet helps her mother with repairing the mixer. Meet’s grandmother is cursing her that she won’t be able to become a perfect woman for anybody in her life! Meet’s mother is again explaining to her Mother-in-law to control her anger towards Meet, reminding her of how she would always feel about her curse.

Meet is slowly moving inside the house remembering her promise to her father that she wull become an able girl in life for her family.

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