Meet’s mother is explaining to her Mother-in-law about Meet’s capability to handle this house’s needs which a son couldn’t had done, hence to stop cursing Meet and says that one day,  you’ll also see that Meet will get a very good Proposal for her marriage.

Meet Ahlawat finishes his bath and he’s getting ready standing in front of the mirror, but sees Meet who is repairing his room’s A.C. so he gets bugged with her asking how come she is here and in both of their arguments, they fall on each other. She shows him the hammer while he twists her hand,  but his mother comes asking him what he is up to and he says to see how this girl is behaving, but his mother asks him from which angle he sees a girl, so he leaves her hand and finds out that he was only day dreaming of Meet in a mechanic and the mechanic warns his mother that he’ll complain about her son and leaves.

Meet realizes his mistake of day dreaming and leaves immediately from there while his mother is holding Mannushi i.e., Mannu’s photo to show him, but in vain, hence, she hangs it near his mirror assuming he’ll see in it when he returns.

Mannu is on a date with her boyfriend sitting in a restaurant while her sister Meet arrives there to pick a parcel for delivery and Mannu after watching Meet tries to hide herself because of the short dress she wore and her lie of college visit to her mother.

Mannu’s boyfriend is panicking asking Mannu what is she up to, but she is bluffing him of losing diamond and quickly tries running from there, but Meet comes from behind & watches her in the mirror reflection of her bike and catches he, so she takes her away.

Meet Ahlawat’s friend is joking with him on his construction site about his day dreaming of Meet which he shared with him and Meet says if such situation arises, then he’ll commit suicide and he’s about to touch the meter box, while girl Meet sees him who had come there for delivery and immediately runs to save him holding a wooden stick hitting him with it, but they both fall on each other. They are arguing with each other again, but this time, they come across about their names being same, so jokingly, girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat to change his name while he too tells her the same.

Meet Ahlawat’s friend jokes with him about the coincidence of their names.

Mannu arrives at home and sees that Meet has also come home feeling scared, while Meet comes near her saying to not to wait till she returns and informs mother about Mannu’s arrival and Mannu is feeling more scared thinking if Meet has disclosed the truth?

Mannu’s mother as well as her grandmother are both coming towards, but Meet brings a dress asking her mother of facts happening in college days nowadays of girl’s wearing short dresses which should be seen with pure hear? Her mother agrees with her thoughts so Meet shows her the dress she has brought for Mannu who can now wear it and after several arguments, her mother and grandmother agrees and Mannu feels relaxed, but again ignores Meet’s help towards her.

Meet Ahlawat arrives at his house while his all family members have planned some trick towards him to show Mannushi’s photo to him anyhow but his elder sister in unaware wondering what all are upto hence she understands & thinks he will marry the girl only of her choice & takes away the photo from there but another photo falls down near his mirror & after Meet having his bath picks the fallen photo which he is about to room.

Mannu’s mother and grandmother are pampering her offering sweets and all just to convince her for marriage while she wonders asking Meet what they are up to, but Meet signals her to watch ahead and Mannu asks her grandmother why is so much love being poured on her and she tells her to accept the marriage proposal which is from a very good family, but hearing this, Mannu is shocked feeling confused ans she tells her she’s in no hurry of marrying now but grandmother says they will be planning to come soon to see her so she has to be ready to meet them while she is cooking some plans to ignore this subject.

Meet asks her mother which photos she has sent of Mannu and her grandmother tells her she had some good clips which was kept near the mirror, but Meet asks her if it was her photo while grandmother abuses her photo saying after watching her photo, all will reject her & Meet feels depressed, but her mother handles the situation saying it might be with the photo studio and she decides to search there.

Meet Ahlawat watches the photo fallen near his mirror thinking this might be of the same girl whom mother was trying to show him, but he’s shocked to see Meet’s photo and becomes furious remembering all the earlier incidences he had faced with her so he quickly goes, while his mother sees him feeling he must have liked it and tells everyone to pretend being busy.

Meet is asking everybody while all are pushing on each other and finally comes towards his mother who says she had kept her photo, but he clearly refuses saying he’ll stay unmarried for life time, but not this girl who doesn’t have sense on how a girl should behave and his mother asks him did he meet her? He tells her everything about how much she is wrong to accept her name and he leaves, but his mother wonders why he said something is wrong about her name?

Meet finds her photo not in the studio so informs her mother of it, but her mother says it might have fallen somewhere in the house, while her grandmother again abuses her photo which is heard by Meet who disconnects the line.

Meet sees a child selling balloons who by mistakenly loses it which flows in the sky, while Meet is trying to catch it, but unable to,  then she helps him by giving him money of that cost and he says she helped hi, but it’s her loss, while Meet tells him it might be that those balloons were written in my father’s destiny who is up to receive it and the child also feels happy about it.

Mannu is talking with her boyfriend Kunal for planning to meet with him, but Meet is doing some work near her, while she feels Meet might be hearing them, so moves away from there.

Meet however, is following her, so Mannu asks her why she is behind her? Meet says that I wish to ask you where should I hang this family photo and she feels annoyed saying to hang it anywhere! She goes to talk on the top room where her grandmother is sitting watching television.

Mannu plans with her boyfriend & bluffs to her mother about her visit to Mata’s Jagran in her friend’s place which is praised by her grandmother, but her mother tells her to take Meet along as well, but she is again trying to refuse,  but her mother is adamant about her taking Meet along.

Mannu then plans to injure Meet so that she won’t be able to come with her so she tries to spill some oil to make Meet slip, but she’s saved, after which she cut wires of her bike, so that it won’t start, while Meet is helping an old man for doing his work to save his Client who praises her.

Meet Ahlawat’s mother is making fun of his father’s dressing sense, while he is also joking with her, but she is trying to make him serious about Meet’s marriage, while Meet also arrives watching his father and breaks into laughter about his sense of wearing shirt and his mother asks Meet after showing such a good picture, so how come he doesn’t like that girl so he tells her that this girl can’t be and she’s never worth selecting for marriage proposal, after which he leaves from there.

Meet leaves riding her bike which shocks Mannu thinking it’ll become impossible to stop Meet now from coming with her in the evening, but a truck is moving fast from the opposite direction of Meet’s bike which she’s unable to handle due to the brake failure so she diverts it falling into a mud pit.

Meet’s family are having dinner while his elder sister suggests proposal of her nephew for Meet explaining about everything being checked which won’t happen like their other brother Tej’s wife due to whom they faced problems of him leaving their family while Tej’s wife shows her about her mistake of throwing photo of that girl kept by Meet’s mother in his room.

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