Meet is about to bash the speeding truck but saves herself diverting her bike on some hay where she falls unhurt.

Meet Ahlawat is planning to order pizza on his construction site due to hunger but recollect the girl Meet who always crosses his path, so if he places his orders now, then she might be the one to deliver it due to her work as a delivery person, so he cancels his plan.

Meet wonders how her bike’s brakes got failed, but feels to take help so she waits at the road side to stop passing vehicles, but no one is waiting.

Meet Ahlawat’s Sister-in-law Sunaina asks his elder sister Masoom’s son, Guddu to utter the truth of what he saw, but Masoom says how can a child know what was thrown away, and since everyone knows the reaction of Meet regarding this Photo, then he might have been the one who would had thrown it in the dustbin.

Sunaina says he’ll throw it in his room’s dustbin, but Masoom cries blaming her that she doesn’t waste any time in insulting her and leaves from there, while Meet’s mother also curses Sunaina.

Meet stops a van passing by, whom she requests to help her and that she could also be of any kind of help to them next time, but the man tells his driver to not stop for any unknown person and they move from there.

Meet Ahlawat is chatting with his friend Deep about a party of his other friend Robin which is to be attended in the evening where he might meet someone impressive for him, as per his choice,  and has to leave immediately for dressing.

Girl Meet is waiting for some vehicle to arrive and Meet Ahlawat arrives in his Car watching the girl Meet who is trying to flag him down, but he moves ahead thinking he is seeing girl Meet in every passer bys.

Meet thinks of his behaviour, and later stops thinking what if it’s girl Meet really waiting for help?

The earlier van returns his vehicle to help girl Meet with whom she takes her bike for repairing, while Meet Ahlawat also reverses his car to see if it’s really her, but finds nobody waiting, so he too leaves believing he was probably dreaming.

Girl Meet brings her sister Manushi to her friend’s house, but finds a party happening there, so she asks her again if she lied about it, of which she had told her to not lie to her Mother but Manushi tells that this is her enjoyment age, and once it has passed, then will she be able to do this in old age? And that her mother wouldn’t had allowed her so Meet accompanies her.

Meet comes across a lot of boys who are dancing foolishly and abusing her looks while Manushi watching this feels not to be with Meet or she’ll feel awkward to face her friends.

Meet goes to the washroom where Meet Ahlawat is changing his dress in closed door, but unable to tie his belt so asks his friend Deep thinking he is outside the room, to help him, but Meet hears him and helps him, so he is impressed with him as he doesn’t know who is helping him, then he again asks him to choose a dress for him and Meet gives him the choice so he feels more impressed while Meet leaves from there.

Meet Ahlawat after getting ready comes out of the room, but doesn’t see Deep, while he arrives just then, saying he was a little late and he made him know that it was a girl that helped him.

Manushi advises girl Meet to sit outside to study her course book which she usually does in spare time because she isn’t interested in party of which Meet agrees to sits outside.

Manushi meets her boyfriend, Kunal but after sometime, Kunal sees Meet Ahalwat is in the party so he takes excuse from Manushi and leaves from there.

Meet Ahlawat watches Manushi standing alone, and being impressed with her looks, he moves slowly towards her, but Deep pulls him for some work.

A game begins at the party where Manushi receives a chit of singing a song so she takes help from girl Meet and Manushi holds the mic while girl Meet begins singing the song from the background, and hearing this, Meet Ahlawat falls for Manushi’s voice and looks too, expressing to his friend Deep that he has found the right girl it seems.

Manushi completes her task of singing a song, while Meet Ahlawat appreciates her voice and good looks, falling for her ans expressing it to his friend Deep, but Deep asks him if he should enquire about her foe him, but Meet tells him he’ll do on his own.

Manushi comes out searching for Kunal, but faces some goons troubling and teasing her by touching her while her sister Meet comes for her help to fight with them saving Manushi.

Manushi’s mother is waiting at the door while Manushi and Meet arrive, so she asks Manushi why she was late holding a stick in her hands due to not having faith in her, but her grandmother comes immediately saying to ask Meet who was her guard while Manushi is trying to take her swear, but Meet intervenes stopping her from swearing by telling her to not make promise instead she’ll tell them.

Meet says she was studying sitting away from Manushi who was busy in her work so grandmother tells Meet’s mother to blame Meet instead of Manushi and punish he, but Meet’s mother is still confused, but due to grandmother’s force, she hits Meet with the stick even though she didn’t wish to while Meet takes it lightly aware of her mother’s helplessness.

Meet Ahlawat’s mother is talking with her husband about Sunaina blaming their daughter Masoom which is wrong, but he explains to her to search for the truth before blaming anybody and advises her to show the photo again to boy Meet so that the truth will automatically come out.

Girl Meet’s mother sits in depression thinking of punishing Meet while Meet controls her emotions towards her, but she is asking her did she hide Manushi’s truth, but Meet diverts her attention and goes to meet Manushi warning her again to not lie again to mother and she assures her.

Meet Ahlawat is dancing holding broom in his room dreaming of Manushi while his mother comes taking the photo along with everybody and watching him feel happy this is the right time so she goes near him, but he sees the photo in her hand and takes it saying now, no more photos, thereby throwing it in the air but watches it from the air and holds it while his mother feels he has chosen somdone else, so she takes away the photo to tear it.

A Brahman visits Meet’s house to check Manushi’s birth horoscope in search of an able person’s arrival in her life, but he’s eating snacks while Manushi’s grandmother is asking him to do it quickly and after checking it, he says marriage should happen with a black dog and Meet takes Brahman out of the house tricking him.

Meet Ahlawat stops his mother from tearing it, but they are only joking with him, so he finally says this is the same girl whom he likes and they realize he has met with her and decides to arrange the meeting while Masoom thinks let the birth horoscope match first.

Meet’s grandmother accuses Meet for behaving weird with Brahman, but she tells her he was fooling her, so how to tolerate him and explains to her this way a boy isn’t found for any girl, but if it’s her destiny, the proposal will automatically come, while Meet’s mother receives a call getting news of proposal being accepted to whom they had sent the photo of Manushi and Meet breaks into joy dancing of good news along with her children friends while Manushi watching this, feels depressed.

Girl Meet’s Mother is searching for Manu’s horoscope. Meet and Amma are also looking for it. Meet’s Mother says I remember keeping the horoscope in hee bag, where did it go? Amma says did it get wings that it’s missing? Manu says here it is. Her Mother asks where did you find it? Manu says in the showcase. Her Mother says good we found it. Meet says send it right away.

Her Mother goes to make a call, Manu slowly sneaks and goes upstairs saying send it for sure because my name will go, but the horoscope will be of Meets and as Meet’s horoscope will never match anyone’s, so the proposal will be cancelled!

Meet Ahlawat and his friend are in the car, he says destiny wants to make Meet your soul mate. Meet Ahlawat says your destiny point was correct, but the girl is changed, Meet Ahlawat thinks of Manu and says the girl who knocked my door surprisingly, her photo was in my house. His friend says your story, God has written with twist, and what if your horoscope don’t match? Meet Ahlawat says it’s a connection of the heart so others things would be managed.

Meet Ahlawat stops the car and gets out to get flower, he’s at Meet’s flower shop, they both see each other, Meet Ahlawat says this can’t be you, am I imagining you? Meet sprays water on him and says I told you to go visit a Doctor and didn’t you change your name? Meet Ahlawat says you change your Name, City, everything and let me be in peace, and throws her flowers away.

Meet gets angry and stops him says 6 litre water, lot of efforts, and small dreams together make a flower, and you threw it away which proves you deserve thorns, so pay me 2000 with TST which is Tameez Sales Tax.

Meet Ahlawat says you will teach me how to behave, and this won’t do, do whatever you want and he’s about to leave, but Meet stops him and says I won’t spare you! He puts her finger down, both give each other cold looks, he leaves.

Meet blows a whistle, Meet Ahlawat’s friend asks what happened, why are you so angry? Meet Ahlawat says I met that girl, He says Oh! your destiny girl? Meet Ahlawat says stop this nonsense, and let’s go. They see the car tyres missing, Meet Ahlawat says where are you? They see kids with their tyres, Meet walks from behind them, and says to Meet Ahlawat, you forgot my last lesson, either give me my money or go with only 2 tyres, Meet Ahlawat says I am not giving you anything!

Meet takes his wallet and takes 2000 from it and says we just have similar names, nothing matches our brains and leaves.

Girl Meet asks a Uncle is Aunty fine? He says you looked at my flower shop so well, Meet says here is your 2000. Uncle says but the sale wasn’t of 2000? Meet says but you needed it, so God got you help.

Meet Ahlawat says I am going to lodge a complaint against her and leaves.

Both Meet get news from their mothers that Meet Ahlawat’s horoscope matches Manu’s.

Manu says I thought this would work, but how did this happen? Meet asks what happened?  Manu says there’s no face, but how did this happen? Meet says you are the prettiest here, Manu says I know but… Meet says don’t be in doubts, your horoscope was matched, now will you stand here or go to college and remember yesterday’s talk, the groom’s father will be here this evening. Manu leaves.

Meet Ahlawat’s father is in the market, someone snatch his phone and run.

Girl Meet nearby sees that and start chasing the Thief, she hits him with plate and he falls down and hits him hard.

Manu is with Kunal on date discussing about going to switzerland. He says now, international travel has restriction and they are not allowing any marriage, he starts acting up that his wallet is missing and says there is no network too for payment and ask Manu to sit and will be back soon. Manu says wait, I want to stay with you and time will waste, so I’ll get the check and pay, and sees huge amount but pays, Kunal says I am impressed with your independent nature, you are a true feminist, Manu thinks this is my investment for luxurious future.

Kunal sees few men and says baby let’s leave, these people are behind me because of our new project and I don’t want it to leak in the media.

Meet Ahlawat is in his house, his Sister says why are you not in the Office? Meet Ahlawat says I’m here to refresh my creativity. His Mother says so you are here in your Office clothes, and reading the magazine the other way. His Uncle and Aunty walk to him and tease him too. His Uncle says I did this when I wanted to meet your Aunty. His Mother says I know you are thinking of Manushi and your Dad at their house and must be wondering what is happening there.

His Sister says I know you are uneasy, but keep this away when you meet her. Sunaina says give her gifts attention. Masum walks to them and says you giving expert advice whose husband has left her? Meet says Masum di please??? Masum says Brother Tej left us because of her, and if she has used these advice at all, then he would be here with us now, but he left because of her daily quarrel with him and Meet, if you want a perfect relationship,  keep away from her!

Meet says everybody is happy Masum, be part of it or else, don’t talk hurtful things and if that is hard, please go to your room! Masum says as you wish and leaves.

His Mother says to Meet that she is your sister, so don’t talk to her like this, sort your issues and misunderstanding and keep away from strangers, Sunaina feels bad and leaves.

Girl Meet makes the Thief do seat ups, Boy Meet’s father says let it be, give me my mobile and let him go, Meet says he has to face the consequences and scolds him and asks him to leave!

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