Boy Meet’s father thanks the girl Meet and hands her some money and says you helped me being a stranger, so have this and call me Uncle, Meet says your blessings are enough. His Driver says Sir, we will be late for Community Chowk and we have to be there by 2.

Girl Meet says that it’s not possible, there is a road work going on and its peak hours too, Boy Meet’s father says oh no, I wanted to go for a good work, Meet says that shouldn’t be stopped, leave the car and come with me on by bike, I will drop you on time. His Driver asks will he come on your bike? Meet says it’s the most reliable support, even her father found it reliable and used it a lot.

Boy Meet’s father says you think just like my Son, he uses my old Car and says he will be like me one day, your father also must say you should take a new bike, Meet says he is no more, but always there with us. Boy Meet’s father says I will ride your father’s bike, he thinks because of this girl, I will reach Manushi’s house in time.

Girl Meet thinks Manu’s prospective father-in-law will be coming today, I might be late, but should help Uncle too.

Girl Meet on her bike with Raj (Boy Meet’s father) says here is your destination, tell me your full address and I’ll drop you off there. Raj says it’s in dayal nagar. Meet says that’s my area and gets and unknown call and the person says to Meet that my Grandmother is not well, so I need a day off. Meet says to herself now, I have to do his delivery too.

Raj gets off the bike and says you can drop me here and do your work, I’ll take rickshaw, you dropped me before the time, which is the most important. Meet says my thoughts are always doing one’s work or else, don’t  do it and even if you fail at it, it’s a sign that destiny wants you to meet again. Raj says sure, if we meet again, that will be fabulous. Meet says for sure, let me stop rickshaw for you. Raj says you can go, as you are getting late for the delivery, so Meet leaves.

Manu and Kunal goes to the parking lot. Kunal lies to her that this media people comes from anywhere, so let’s get out of here. Manu says wait, is this your car, as last week, you came with a red one? Kunal says that red car, imagine that as 30 millions jalopy, I gifted it to my Manager and bought this, so how’s it? Manu says amazing. Kunal says come, let’s go for a long drive.

Manu remembers what Meet told her earlier about a meeting, Manu tells a lie, and says next time, as I have a meeting with an event planner for my Mum’s birthday. Kunal says if not mistaken, you were going to celebrate her birthday in 5star resort in goa. Manu says right, but my Mom is superstitious, so we have kept track of everything, you know what? This time, we are celebrating her birthday in Maldives.

Kunal says I’m waiting to be part of your family, then we can celebrate everything together and Kunal leaves. Manu compares Meet Ahlawat and Kunal with each other and says I’ll not marry Meet Ahlawat!

Raj goes to Meet’s house and gift Amma. Amma says politely to Raj that this was not needed and asks him after seeing mud on his cloth by his left shoulder if everything is alright?

Raj says no need to worry. Amma says no issues and ask him to sit. Raj says actually, I should have come here with Nishuji, but she is out of town, so I came by myself, and I had a good ride, I met such a kind person and because of her, I am here on time, Amma says we people at Shahabad are kind. Raj asks how many of you stays here? Meet’s mother says me, Amma and Manushi’s father, as Ashok is no more and Manushi and…

Amma says have a tea, and asks what you do? Raj says we are joint family and work in pharmaceuticals. Manu walks in, Amma introduces her to Raj, Meet’s Mom asks Manu to take blessings.

Manu has already decided that she will misbehave to cancel the proposal, Manu remembers seeing Raj in an Auto, and thinks he is poor and thinks he must have no money to even buy a scooter, so he came in an Auto and if I misbehave now, Dadi will yell at me, so let’s wait for Meet, I will use her!

Meet Ahlawat on call says Dad is at Manushi’s house to ask about the marriage and because of traditions, I couldn’t go.

Girl Meet on bike bashes with him and both fall down, both look at each other in anger, Meet says first, be clear where you want to go, why are you following me?? Meet Ahlawat says I have no time to fight, I apologise. Meet asks what’s wrong? I am sure it’s a girl matter, and goes to pick her bike, Meet Ahlawat goes to help her, Meet starts her bike, Meet Ahlawat says such accident happens when bike alignment is not correct, Meet says you are repeating just what I said, follow what you say, now let me go, Meet tries to start her bike, Meet Ahlawat sees her struggle and helps her.

Meet goes to Manu and says have muffin to celebrate your happiness, Meet sees she is crying and asks what’s wrong Didi? Manu says what happiness, this is happiness for Mama and Dadi, I know nothing about boy, Meet says we will get to know him, Manu says his father said we like Manu and if you are ready, let’s fix the engagement and Amma agreed, Manu says Meet, I know nothing and they said yes to the engagement.

Amma says to Manu’s Mother that family is good, now let’s fix a date, Meet walks with Manu and says there will be no engagement, Amma scolds Meet and says why spread your bad vibe??? Meet says I am just asking to postpone it and with Didi, I suggest even you two should meet his family and him, understand them and even I want to meet my brother-in-law, she is modern and you want her to wed in old style.

Amma says I care about my Manu, I won’t send her anywhere, and this girl is so weird, Meet says even my Mother supports me because she is quiet and now Mother call them and ask them to come with us with the boy without ring, Manu thinks now, Meet will hurt their ego, the marriage’ll be canceled and all will blame Meet for it.

Meet Ahlawat Parents are together, Rajvardhan says Babita, Masum keeps crossing her line and you want Sunaina to be quiet? I will talk to Masum and she has to stop this! Kavita says understand your daughter and her intention, she said with concern that she wants good for Meet and she is right about Sunaina, Raj says will that bring our Son back and is this the right behaviour? Bavita says there are always layers, Raj says but I have to talk to Masum, Bavita says I will talk to her and let’s celebrate Meet and focus on that, Raj says okay.

Bavita says give me what’s in your pocket, I don’t want your calorie to increase, Raj says how do you understand all this now? Let’s have little sweet together, Bavita says no one will eat.

Uncle, Aunty and Isha are listing engagement items, Babita walks in and says the engagement ring will be of diamond and of 5K, she should really look like Meet’s wife and will ask my friend to design it.

Boy Meet walks in with Sunaina and says Sister-in-law will design my look, if anyone has problem with it, then tell me now, Babita says no one will have issue with that, you just do what you want, it’s your wedding.

Raj says my outfit will be designed by Babita, Meet says you will look handsome, Uncle says lets call Guruji and fix the wedding date, Meet Ahlawat sees Anubha’s (Girl Meet’s Mother) call on phone and picks it and says hello Aunt?

Girl Meet says you call your in-laws Aunty? Meet Ahlawat says sorry. Girl Meet says we want some things to decide few things and says in today’s world, how come we marry without the girl and boy meeting, so talk to your family and come here with your son and call me and inform me if you are coming?  Meet Ahlawat sees his family excited about the marriage.

Raj says Babita they are waiting for our reply, Masum slowly sneaks in and says say no to this relationship, Meet can get better girls, and leaves, Babita says I know what to answer them.

Amma says to Manu, the wedding is broken because of you, she wants to change the rituals and Anubha why did you give her the phone, she just wants to keep happiness away, she killed her brother at birth! Girl Meet prays and says if you think I killed my brother, then listen, it’s not my fault, but for today’s own, yes I am behind it, if they truly care about my sister, then they will come back, and there is no wrong in this.

Masum says to everyone I may sound bitter but it’s important, this girl wants to judge our boy, such a rude family, asks Babita to cancel the proposal because she wants to judge Ahlawat’s Son!

Anubha gets a call from Ahlawat’s family, she says to Amma that why are they calling so late? Amma says to Anubha your daughter spoilt everything and they are calling to reject the proposal, if this happens, you will throw her out!

Meet comes and Amma asks her to stay there. Meet picks Raj’s call, he says I could have answered you right then, but now, I have discussed with my family, and my Son says…

(Meet Ahlawat says to Masum, try to understand the situation, even I want to meet Manu in person because we both are getting married and so the yes should be from both of us just like tyres need to be aligned to avoid car accident, and I accept this condition.)

Raj says on call, myself, my Son and my family are coming to visit you tomorrow.
Meet says start the preparation, the guy’s family is coming tomorrow to visit us. Amma and Anubha are happy about it. Meet says to Anubha don’t cry, save your tears for Manu’s wedding. Meet tries to cheer Amma up. Amma says this time all went good, but if something goes wrong, I’ll throw you far away. Manu hears everything and gets upset.

Aunty says to everyone, finally after many rejection our Meet has finally found his Meet, I feel so relaxed now. Masum says to Aunty I’m shocked you are not able to see the main problem, should I tell?

Meet Ahlawat says to Masum what kind of problem? Masum says according to the ritual, the boy’s family should be demanding, but here, m everything is different and thinks if they are being demanding now, what will they do later? Ram says Raj, I agree with Masum, we are haryanvi and loveable family and we are not even asking for bribe.

Babita says I agree with Ram, today she is questioning our son, tomorrow she may question the way we live and this I can’t tolerate. Ram says yes tell them no.

Meet says first hear me out, you choose a girl for me and I agreed with that, but after that, it should be my decision. Masum says Meet you are very kind hearted, and you don’t have experience about all these things. Raj says but I do, I agree old ritual do have value, but we should adjust as per time, tomorrow when Isha will get married, don’t we want to meet the guy and about the questions that you Babita ask me a lot, I never took those questions in a negative way, because it was for my good and so all this is good, but we should not forget that Meet always said his wife should be like his mother and he said yes for that girl, they have not given anything out of the world demand, she just wants to meet him and talk, and is that a big thing?

Raj says I have decided we will go and meet their family tomorrow and Masum, if you still have a problem with it, then you don’t need to go, you can stay here.

Girl Meet says to Manu there’s a happy vibe here today, so I ordered us coffee, so let’s have one coffee party. Manu says what  if I didn’t like that guy, then won’t your excitement and coffee money go to waste? Meet says there is no chance of rejection, as he’s ISI certified, Amma and Mummy already like him and now, Meet Hooda also said yes, listen, the  guy should be intelligent and smart, and not like the guys I’ve met.

Isha says to Meet Ahlawat that you turned to be a cute guy, I like your morden thinking and I liked this example of alignment, where did you get it from? Meet Ahlawat tells about his accident. Isha says don’t you think your accident is like foreshadowing something like cosmic connection? Meet says cosmic connection with that girl? No ways!

Manu says to girl Meet you remember the last time mummy bought blue T-shirt for me, I didn’t liked it but you loved that, remember?
Meet says yes and it’s still my favourite but why are you talking about that now? Manu says it’s best for example now wait and watch how things I don’t like becomes your favourite and Amma and Mummy will also be happy.

Isha says let’s drop that hammer topic and talk about something happy like Manushi. Meet says we can talk all night about her, I remember when I heard her for the first time it was like the whole universe. Isha says like the whole universe is destined to meet her? Meet Ahlawat says now this is cosmic connection. Isha says I’m sure your lovestory will last and if she didn’t have love at first sight, then I’m sure it will develop in second or third and won’t stop.

Meet Ahlawat says no, you know first rule in love is not to force and second one is don’t break first rule because love happens and in marriage, understanding is important and not compromise, because after compromise,  relationship becomes like heavy weight dumbbells.

Girl Meet says to Manu okay, I’ll, but what will I tell your kids, till the time I get married, you will have two, three kids, don’t take tension you will love it. Manu says that’s the problem I’m thinking about luxury and you are talking about T-shirt!

Kunal was beaten up by goons and said to him when you needed money, you were always with us everytime and yesterda, you ran away. Kunal says I’ll return you your money. One of the goon say your father has kicked you out of your house, so how will you pay us? Kunal says every plan is set, I just met a girl who is rich and her dad also died, and once I get married to her, I’ll pay you back with interest. A Goon asks yesterday’s girl?  Kunal says yes just give me some more time, once I get married,  I’ll pay you back.

The Goon says I’m leaving today, but as from next time, if you try to run, I’ll not leave you this easy!

Amma says to God that today is a special day for Manu, I want everything to go fine. Anubha ask Meet when will they be here? Meet says they will be here by 11:35am at our door. Anubha say to Meet to go and change the table cover andput on new one which we made recently, Anubha says to herself that I thought of bringing fresh milk, but due to work, I forgot that too. A kid comes with milk in his hand and says to Anubha here is fresh milk, another kid comes with fruit basket and asks her what more we need to do?

Amma scolds the kid and says let me meditate! Anubha gets cranky, Meet asks what’s wrong? Anubha says the fridge is broken down, and I don’t know what we will do now. Meet says don’t worry, the gas is down, I’ll get the repair guy right away. Meet remembers The bike is in garage because of Meet Ahlawat.

Duggu says to Masum even I wanted to meet new Mami, but because Nanu said yesterday,  you can’t go, so even I can’t. Masum says shutup and go away!

Babita asks Ragini (Aunt) which jewelry she should give Manu? Ragini says I’m so excited, so give her all three and I cannot wait to see her. Masum says I understand other’s excitement but you are sensible and responsible giving such heavy set and what if Manu rejects Meet?

Meet hears that and ask how is his hairstyle? Masum says I hate it since you were teen. Meet gives her comb and asks her to fix his hair. Masum does so and Meet asks how am I looking? Masum says handsome, but I was talking about the jewelry. Meet says with positivity,  you fix my hair please get involved in my marriage with that positive vibe, try to understand every situation has two sides, it’s our choices what to see and you will be the most excited one in my marriage.

Masum in tears says I will be the happiest and this is not my negativity, it’s practicality, even I want to see Manu, but Dad denied me because of yesterday. Meet says listen to me, Dad didn’t mean what you are thinking and you are coming with us and that’s final!

Masum hugs him and Duggu is happy too. Meet says to Mom I want to talk to you, you know I’m getting married to Manu and we will have kids too, so can I choose a gift for their mother? Babita smiles at him and says go choose. Masum thinks justas your hairstyle, I’ll be choosing your life partner too, I promise I’ll close Manu’s chapter today!

Girl Meet ask the repair guy to reach her home ASAP. Manu starts looking for an Auto. She stops one and see goons inside the Auto and she remembers having a clash with them once, where she beat them up mercilessly.

The Goons comes out and surround Meet. Meet tries to negotiate and says let’s forget it, as all is in the last now, so she tries to run away,  but they catch her.

Meet fighting with goons says we will fix a day and then deal with this revenge thing, let me save your number too. They don’t let Meet go, Meet thinks she can’t have any mess today I have to go home, her friends (two small boys) signal at her, if they can throw dirty water on her, Meet distract them, so her friends could throw the dirty water on them and later throws pile of cotton on them, but one of them was still able t hits her on the head with the cricket bat in his hand, Meet with her friends manage to fight them, and all applaud Meet.

Anubha with the help of the repair man fixes the fridge, Amma says I know you are complaining about me, say it a little louder! Anubha says you have cotton balls in your ears, take them off and you can hear everything, so she helps her in removing them from both her ears.

Meet walks in with her little friends, Anubha sees she is injured and asks what’s wrong?  Meet says I fell down, anyways tell me what work is pending?  Thevdoor bell rings, Anubha thinks it’s Ahlawat’s, She opens the door and sees Shakuntala, she asks Anubha for salt. Shakuntala asks how did you learn Kunfu Karate and tells Anubha about The fight Meet had in the market, which she happened to witness. Shakuntala picks salt and leaves.

Amma walks to Meet and says firstly, you dress like a man and now this?? How much will you give us trouble? Anubha says there must be a strong reason, she doesn’t do anything on purpose. Amma says tell me what happened? Meet thinks I can’t tell them they had troubled Manu, Anubha says tell me the truth Meet.

Amma says must be her old friends were arguing of which she must have started the fight, and which girl behaves like her, enough of this, she will spoil Manu and her proposal too! Amma picks broom to hit her friends and ask them to leave and then pushes Meet out as well.

Meet says why can’t I stay, I have to see the guy too? Amma says because of you, we were already going to loose this proposal, so get out!

Anubha says she is Manu’s sister, don’t do this, she has the right to stay here too, Amma says you are a bad vibe, nothing good can happen in your presence, so get out and closes the door to her face.

Meet says Dadi don’t do this, please let me in, I have right to meet the boy’s family, I won’t say a word, so  let me in please.

Anubha says this is not done and opens the door, Amma says listen to me, we should keep away things that spoil peace, and I am the head here, and till evening, I am throwing you out of this house! Anubha says let her stay, she will help me too, Amma says all will be managed, so Meet should leave, but Meet doesn’t leave.

Amma pulls her in and says I will leave then, Meet says stay Grandma, I will leave, and Mummy call me if you need me. Meet in tears leave the house.

Meet Ahlawat’s family are ready to leave, Isha says stop blushing Meet, Raj says there is business issue and so me and Ram will have to leave, Babita says no one is going then, postpone all this, we are going together, is work important or this day? Meet says Mom understand, I will go to the factory and manage there, Masum says there is no problem everyday, I mean you guys manage tHe business and we will go handle the meeting, Mom don’t worry, I will be with you.

Babita says okay, go Meet and come back on time, unlike your father who was late in his own marriage. Meet says don’t worry Mom, I will be back on time, Ahlawat ladies leave for Manu’s house. Masum thinks this is easy for me now!

Girl Meet is doing social service work, her friends say what are you doing? Meet says may be my good work will help Manu and I am close to the house, so maybe I will get a chance to meet the boy’s family.

Anubha throws a paper at Meet and says I need sweets from the shop, Meet says mummy is trying to bring sweetness into this proposal with my help and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat’s family reach Manu’s house. Masum taunts there is no space here, Amma thinks Masum’s husband is the boy and asks where is your father, he says he died long back, Amma in shock says he came yesterday?

Babita says he is our Son-in-law, Amma laughs and says I thought something else, Isha says now I get it, they thought -in-law, Hoshiyar is the guy, Amma asks where is he then? Babita says he went for an important factory work.

Anubha says Raj and his younger brother…  Masum says already we are uncomfortable, and more people means no space and comfort, but your house is small, Anubha says our heart is big and won’t miss anything. Masum says anyways where is Manushi and we have been here for the past 10 min, please get us water, only mineral water? Amma says I will go check on Manu and leaves, Anubha goes to get water.

Babita says it’s so hot here, Masum says we will have high profile guests and these people will be the hot topic of your every kitty Party if you say yes.

Babita gets a call from Raj and she shares that these people are poor, Raj says we have money, we just want a daughter-in-law, and we want someone who is cultured, after so long, Meet said yes to a girl, don’t make an issue of it, Babita says but we have a class, and some standard, and if there will be any issues at the wedding? Raj says okay, you have your checks and so you handle it on your own because I have some more work.

Masum says Mom we also have to see if they are gold diggers and also check if they match our social status, so think twice.

Girl Meet and friends walking, are on their way home with sweets, and woried about wheather if they will make it in time?

Meet Ahlawat in his car picks Isha’s call and says I will be there in 15mins. Girp Meet sees Meet Ahlawat’s car and says this guy has made me late many times, now he will save me!

Meet’s friends and the vegetable vendor create a fake distraction trying to argue, Meet Ahlawat recognises Meet’s friends and gets down to checks his car tyres first, and thinks tyres are intact, then why this drama? Her friends leave.

Meet Ahlawat gets in his car and he smells sweets in his car but ignores it, meanwhile, Meet is hiding in his car. Meet Ahlawat says I am going to meet her so may be I smell sweetness, Meet Ahlawat drops his phone behind and tries to pick it, Meet hides and slowly puts phone in his hand, Meet Ahlawat touched someones finger but thinks its all in his mind.

Manushi meets Meet Ahlawat family, Manu looks at Babita, Masum and everyone Jewellery and thinks this family looks so rich, Amma says Manu take blessings, Manu takes blessings, Babita says we liked you and you looks so cultured come sit with us, Masum signs Babita, Babita says we liked your daughter Anubha, we have Shagun for her. Babita says we want to give these gold jewellery, diamond and silk sarees as Shagun, Masum thinks they will accept for sure and they all will learn these are gold diggers, Manu happy to see her Shagun.

Meet Ahlawat applies breaks, Meet falls over him, Meet smiles at him, Meet Ahlawat starts laughing and says wear this Hatori fall from and pushes her on the side seat, and says what are you doing here, Meet asks whats wrong, Meet Ahlawat says now I know why your friends were creating drama, you want to kidnap, Meet says who will pay me for you, anyways drop me at next chowk, Meet Ahlawat says get out, Meet says you are reason my bike is in garage, now drop me and don’t stare at me and now quickly drop me, Meet Ahlawat says its my final exam so get out, Meet says I am not getting down, I will be quiet and your work will be done 100%, now drop me. Meet Ahlawat thinks he shouldn’t argue and just drop her and get rid of her. Meet says don’t waste time let’s go. Meet Ahlawat starts car.

Anubha says sorry, we just want a son and not all this, all this is so pretty what will we do with all this, Masum says aunty don’t feel uncomfortable, its Mom’s gift, like giving her respect she will be happy. Amma says respect can’t be compared with gold, we just want a good family, Babita says I agree.

Meet Ahlawat drops Meet, Meet before leaving lookd at Meet Ahlawat and says he was helpful and gives him sweet and says have a sweet you will have your work done, Isha calls Meet, Meet says I’m on my way. Meet gives him box of sweet and says if your work is done eat this and thank me, Meet Ahlawat says you give me someone else’s parcel, Meet says good luck leave.

Masum takes a round in Meets family and turns on water tap to finish their water. Babita says to Manu, Meet is around he will be back soon, Manu’s family get confused, Amma whispers look they know about Meet, Amma hears door bell and goes to check thinking its Meet and doesn’t open door and says go away.

Meet calls Anubha in kitchen, Anubha confused says you are here then who is at door and goes to check?

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