Raj gets Meet tea and says here is Mathri, Meet says you carry Matri in your pockets, Raj says it gives different taste to tea and I am foodie so keep carrying something. Raj and Meet have tea and enjoy, Meet says lets finish quickly I have to leave, Raj says all work will be done enjoy your tea, Meet gulps her tea, and says I will rush now.

The Manager comes to Meet and calls her Madamji, Meet says how come you are so sweet? The Manager says forget that, we’ll approve your loan, and will be in your account, Meet says how come? The Manager says you didn’t tell us you know Raj and he is ready to be your guarantee and so your 800,000 loan is approved.

Meet says this is why you wanted me to stay, you are my angel Uncle, you saved my family. Meet in tears says I was never emotional in front of anyone except my Papa, Raj says calm down, I am like your Papa and blesses her. Raj leaves to get his cash.

Meet Ahlawat walks into the bank. Girl Meet sees Boy Meet and says to herself only action was left in my life for today and now that I saw him, it will be done. Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet and says to himself why is she following me all the time? Girl Meet says to herself it’s good he is here, now I can say sorry for his car. Meet Ahlawat says to himself I think she’s in bad mood today like earlier on.

Girl Meet says to Meet Ahlawat am I a Police? You are running as a Thief would after seeing me. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not a Thief and you are not of my level. Girl Meet says the way you are standing is of my level. Meet Ahlawat stands up and says now, I’m on my level and I lost my key, and was only looking for them. Meet says you just entered the bank and you lost your keys? Meet Ahlawat says yes, because I lost my key when I came to the bank in the morning, but why should I tell you my schedule? Girl Meet says I never asked you.

The Bank manager says to Meet here are the paperwork for your loan, we need signature on them. Meet says wait here, I’ll be back.

Raj holding the heavy bag says I should call Meet Ahlawat, it’s heavy and he’s about to drop the bag, but Girl Meet catches it. Raj says thanks to Meet and said I was about to call my Son. Girl Meet says let me help you. Raj says it’s heavy. Meet says no problem, I can handle weight, you can call your Son now.

Raj calls boy Meet says meet me at the main door, I’ll be there. Meet Ahlawat says okay, I’ll be there. A woman hits Raj and drops tea on him. Raj on phone says why Dad said Oh God! The Woman says sorry to him. Raj says it’s okay, no worries. Girl Meet says you are so kind hearted, I have an idea, we can go stick to each other, and no one will know your coat is ruined.

Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet with his Dad and thinks what is she doing with him and imagine she is robbing him.

Raj and Meet are in the parking lot and Raj thanks Meet. Meet says to Raj you remember our last meeting? Something was left behind which is why we met again and I pray to God so that we can meet again. Raj says we will meet soon,as my Son is getting married in shahabad and you are invited, give me your number. Raj says I’m saving your number as Kamaal Ladki. Meet says sure I’ll come to your Son’s wedding and will dance too, but for now, let me leave. Raj says come, I’ll drop you.

Anubha is crying and praying, she gets message on her phone and says this might be Meet. Manu asks who messaged you? Anubha says it’s from the bank. Manu says it’s same bank where our father has opened our FD and snatches the phone from her. Manu read the message and says it’s for our FD and fund will be transferred in 24hrs, is this same message you were ignoring, still you don’t understand, and I won’t let anyone play with my future, she grabs her bag and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat comes out of the bank running and shouts Dad stop the car! Raj gets panicked and try to come out. Meet Ahlawat says don’t move, I won’t let anything wrong happen to you, ans she might be having a knife or gun, but we have armed guards. Raj says yes, I can see rhat, but what are you saying, can I come out? Meet Ahlawat says yes,but careful, and pulls him out and start looking for her, he asks where is she who was trying to kidnap you?

Raj says what are you saying and kidnap? Who told you and asks the guards to go back, you calling that girl Thief, who helped me get my bag here and covered me up just to cover the tea stains and that girl is wonderful, Meet Ahlawat says how can you praise her, she is Shahbads don?

Raj says are we talking about same girl, because she also helped me when my phone was stolen, and she helps everyone and she’s very responsible, in fact, she’s a beautiful soul, and who would take her elder sister’s wedding responsibility at this age, and never takes help from anyone?

Meet Ahlawat says I got it, I must have met her twin, if not, how can we have such different thoughts otherwise?

The Inspector walks to Hooda house, Manu says I called him, I lodged a complaint against Meet, and told him everything, Amma says Anubha don’t try to save Meet. Meet walks from behind.

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