Amma sees Meet Ahlawat and asks who are you, Meet Ahlawat says I am Meet, Babita says he is our son, Amma welcomes him in and apologise.

Manu looks at Meet Ahlawat and says I already had one Meet to ruin my life and now one more? Manu walks down to Meet Ahlawat, he can’t get his eyes off her and thinks she will be my perfect match. Amma says Manu he is Meet, show him our house and you two spend sometime. Babita says Meet go, Manu goes with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet with friends and says I am having so much thought, how Manu Didi must be dressed, her friends says enough you have so many questions.

Manu looks at Meet Ahlawat his watch, phone and is impressed and thinks he has so many branded things on him, Meet Ahlawat says you are very pretty, prettier than the other day, Manu asks when did we meet, Meet says at Robin Paji’s party. Meet slowly sneaks through window to see how the boy looks.

Manu remembers Kunal introducing her as his girlfriend in Robin’s party and says to Meet Ahlawat, I guess there is some confusion it wasn’t me, might be someone else, Meet Ahlawat says no confusion by the way you sing so good, I mean you should be singer. Manu says yes it was me, thanks for the compliment, Meet Ahlawat says I would like to hear you again.

Manu sees Meet sneaking in window and says I didn’t sing, and closes door and says I mean I know more about you, tell me more about you, Meet Ahlawat says K studied in London and higher education here because I missed my family and I drive Santro because its my father’s car and win like he is, and want to be boss of my company and love cricket, I am a fan of cricket.

Manu thinks he has such middle class choice couldn’t he say golf or polo. Meet Ahlawat says I want to see cricket in Lord stadium, Manu thinks he doesn’t spend on himself what he will do on me. Meet Ahlawat asks did she like him. Manu gets call from Kunal.
Meet opens window door and sees there is no one.

Manu and Meet Ahlawat get down to everyone, Manu says yes to Meet Ahlawat. Everyone very happy. Meet Ahlawat says thank you to Manu.

Manu says Yes for the marriage. Everyone happy and start clapping. Amma says thank god. Meet Ahlawat says thank you to Manu. Amma says come you both sit here and Anubha distribute sweet to everyone. Meet Ahlawat looking at seeet remember Meets word that his work will be done today and he eat sweet.

Amma says to everyone now they have selected eachother so lets talk about further functions. Masum says to Babita, you should not do good things with dirty hands. Babita asks Manu where is washbasin. Manu says come I’ll show you. Babita says no need for the trouble I’ll go. Anubha takes Amma aside and tell her that she checked in kitchen few minutes back and it looks like tank is empty. Meet hear them talk. Amma says go and look at the guest now.

Meet goes upstairs and check that tank is empty so she hands one end of pipe to friends and other end in tank and ask her friend to attach it to neighbour tap. Babita puts on n tap, Meet start filling the tank. Anubha says Babita this won’t happen again please forgive us for this time, Anubha sees tap start running. Anubha and Masum shocked. Babita washes her hand and asks why are you apologizing for small house and tap, the truth is your house is very airy and we don’t have small heart’s.

Babita says lest take discussing ahead, we loved your family and simplicity we are impressed by your behaviour and have one request. Amma says you give order don’t request. Babita says just make sure there are no stones are unturned when it comes to greetings guest.

Amma and Anubha says we will be do our best. Babita says I’ll inform about dates after discussing with our pandit and one more thing you denied gifts I got for Manu but accept this one it’s for my daughter Manushri and you can’t deny. Ragini hands Babita bangle and she puts it on Manu’s hand. Manu thinks wow this must be so expensive. Amma prays to God and thanks for taking care of everything.

Meet Ahlawat thinking of Manu while sitting on car. His friend arrive to congratulate him and he gets speaker from car and both start dancing.

Meet opens the door and walks into her house and says Dadi let me in and start dancing. Anubha joins her and Meet pulls Amma to dance. Amma says look I sent you out of house for 2 hrs and we get good news and today its my Manu days so I’ll dance. Meet cheers for Amma. Meet gets Manu to dance and everyone start dancing.

Meets Ahlawat friend says so we will celebrate with beer or sweet, friend says you are not giving beer and also not letting me have sweets properly. Meet says Hatodi has given something good for first time so have it.
Manu dancing with her family thinking about shagun she will get and what all she might get in coming function.

Meet says to Anubha look how she is lost thinking about her groom. Meet ask to show photo of groom. Anubha says we were so busy so we didn’t snap, good thing is you and he have…

Shakuntala walks in and blames them for stealing water, she leaves in anger. Meet says mummy actually, Anubha looks at her smile and says to Ammaji we didn’t have any miracle it was Meet’s whi took care of the bad things and she is my son. Amma says now hear me in that case, Babita has asked to take care of the arrangements and will Meet spend that much?  Meet says don’t worry I’ll manage everything, you just tell me the amount. Meet sees Anubha tensed.

Manu takes a weigh balance and start comparing Meet Ahlawat and Kunal side with their gifts. Manu imagine herself talking to herself, her mini version says Kunal is your real love. Manu says but marriage has gold and comfortable life. Mini Manu says what if Kunal gives you heavier bracelet? Manu says I cannot think. Mini Manu says you don’t like Meet and after marriage, you will get another Meet. Manu says I’m not that emotional fool and if Kunal is richer, I’ll dump Meet because now, I can see rich secured futur, so my both options are open.

Meet thinking about Anubha’s stress prays. Meet walks to Anubha and ask for a balm. Anubha says you keep jumping around all day, come let me apply. Meet says you sit and starts applying the balm. Meet ask for the wedding estimate? Anubha says not done yet.

Meet pulls out her hidden diary and says I know you must have written itin this. Anubha says all comes down to 1.4-1. 5millions. Meet says don’t worry I have 300,000-400,000 and I’ll do overtime and fix everything and request the groom side to finalize date after 3-4 months, you should go to sleep. Meet hugs Anubha and goes to sleep. Anubha says she is the happiness in this house when will her trouble end?

Anubha sleeps and Meet wakes up thinking about how she will manage money so looks at her father’s photo and remembers one time he was caught in a big case and how Meet asks how he will deal with it? He said life has a lot of problems like day and now night problem and happiness comes and go and everyone likes happiness for which we need to face problem, so either face your problem or run away from it and choose whatever option you like.

Meet says I’ll face my problem like my father with a hope to win.

Meet asks her boss for 1.5millions. Her boss says that’s too much. Meet says give me extra time bonus I’ll not take any leave. Boss says have you gone crazy? You are already doing 10hrs job plus 4hrs overtime. Meet says it’s about family matter, so I need to do it. Boss says I respect you and your job,don’t worry I’ll try to help you and boss gets call from a customer and says will see you later.

Meet’s friend are playing cricket. Meet says to her friend what was that? Why didn’t you catch the ball? I’m not mad that we will go there to catch ball.

Meet sees Police beating someone. Her Friend says they come daily to take bribe and they beat kids badly and you know they are same goons you had fight and today, they are back in Police uniforms. Meet says let’s play life game today and goes to them.

One of the goon says she is the same girl. Meet says I didn’t forget you guys so asks should I tell your secret?  You know if I tell everyone, they all will beat you and even the real Policemen will beat you too, so let’s play a cricket match of 6 balls, if you get one wicket, then I’ll leave you, and why are you scared? Cricket is a gentleman’s game and I know you are not gentle, but let’s play. One of the goon says we are ready.

Meet Ahlawat and his friend are in the market. His friend says so did you make plan to meet Sister-in-law. Meet Ahlawat says can you hear what my heart says, honestly saying I want to meet her but first date must be fixed after that dating start. His friend says then there is no olan to meet Sister-in-law, then why are we wasting time from last 3hrs. Meet Ahlawat says make it your habit I’ll buy gift daily and when we will start dating I’ll gift her everything. Friend says you never gifted anything to anyone and now you are going mad because of you bhabhi will vome on road because you gonna fill her house with gifts and ask him to show teddy. They both gets in car and leave.

Meet doing batting and hits goon with ball says I’m sorry my bat slipped and hits each goon with every ball, last balls hits Meet Ahlawat car’s side mirror and breaks it.

Meet Ahlawat stops and looks for the culprit. Meet says to the goon what was the bet and everyone start beating them. Meet says stop and says to everyone go to your work.
The Goons says sorry to them. Meet says you are troubling everyone and the Police uniform is not any fancy outfit, that uniform is worth something and you are disrespecting it, the Police will beat you now. The Goons try to run away. Meet warns them and says if you try to run, I’ll throw this bat on you.

Meet Ahlawat and his friend come and sees Meet. Meet Ahlawat friend says she got bat in her hand and talking to us. Meet Ahlawat got scared and says last she was with sweet and now with bat. His friend says you are getting married soon so you need to be safe and says lets leave. Meet says goon run away but why did they both ran away I didn’t know that. Meet friend says I didn’t know why they run but I have idea why did they come. Other friend says because that last boll hit there side view mirror and break it. Meet says oh god, need to say sorry to them and run after them.

Meet Ahlawat and his friend drive away. Meet come shouting let me say sorry atleast. Meet friend come and says you are real, you made goon run away and this duplicate Meet is coward. Meet says from now on his name will be daudu ram.

Manu on date with Kunal. Kunal says I was waiting for your call yesterday and I tried to reach you but no response from your end. Manu shows him bangle and says my mom took me Dubai to gift this. Kunal says to himself Dubai journey will be of 1 or 1.5millions and this bracelet would be of atleast 2millions in future everything will be mine.

Manu says my mom is such a sweetheart she told me to buy every matching jewelry with this then I thought of you, you also think of giving me jewelry and then you will say that I don’t wear what you give.

Kunal nods his hand. Manu says what you said yes or no, you also have rights to gift me so next Tuesday you will gift me matching earrings and necklace or else you I’ll not talk. Kunal sees waiter getting bill. Manu gets up and Kunal says to her last night I got cramp in my neck so I was making it move and you thought I was saying no to you. Manu says yes. Kunal says come sit and says to waiter I’ll clear it later. Kunal says in my family we buy gold after seeing good time, we got lots of money in our house that if we stackup it will touch sky but my family is traditional and they think gold should be bought at good time.

Meet sees Manu. Kunal says I’ll go to the Priest and ask him, for good time will be back in half an hour and leaves.

Meet sees Kunal going and goes to Manu give cold look, asks who was he. Manu says classmates and he was friend we are doing project together so was discussing about that, you always rome dressed as boy and you have objection with my friend. Meet says if your friend then call him home with full respect, they will also get card of your marriage. The Waiter comes and says the check has been cleared and Meet gets a call from Anubha.

Anubha says how will this happen. Meet asks what is wrong. Manu come and says must be dowry demand because I saw there ladies were all decked up I saw them. Anubha says its not about dowry, when I talked to them about dates then they said…

Raj says on call that our pandit gas fixed wedding date after 15days. Meet and Manu gets shocked. Meet says you should have told them and try to shift days. Anubha says I tried, Raj said that they don’t say no to Guruji and so we will have to abide by that, Meet says there might be many Muharats give me my phone, Ammaji scolds her and says Raj said marriage in 15 days that’s it, Manu thinks God I haven’t thought yet who is richer?

Anubha says there is one way, let’s do Samuhik Vivaha, Amma says shut up, they have a status, Manu says enough of it, its my special day I don’t want all this, Anubha says I can’t manage all this, Amma says Meet will manage, Anubha says enough, she has done all her responsibility how will she manage this, Manu gets frustrated and says you gave me nothing, no multiplex, no english school, no bike, and Mummy I will marry once and you want me to compromise now, why did you give me birth and kill me.

Meet says enough, can’t you see her love, thank her, Manu says I didn’t ask her too, I want to marry in a grand way and you want ke to compromise that, Meet says you won’t I will work for you, I will manage money for you, Amma pushes her back, and says do you have any way just keeps talking, Meet says I said I will, just like Papa would do.

Meet Ahlawat is working out, Manu calls him, Meet Ahlawat happy to see her call , Manu says I hope I didn’t disturb you, Meet says I was thinking about you, I mean was working, Manu says even I was thinking about you, its our wedding in 15 days, I wanted us to spend time together before wedding, so lets have fun these 15 days, Meet Ahlawat says done, all what you want.

Manu says I had imagined a proposal and a gift which would be for life and can you do something like this? Meet says of course Moonshine, Manu says I like it, Manu says let’s meet on Tuesday.

Meet prays and says that I am doing something this big without Mummy’s knowledge so bless me.

Anubha gets down and starts looking for Meet, and asks did you get milk? Manu from upstairs asks for herbal toothpaste. Amma asks for Meet for flowers. Anubha sees milk is already boiled. Amma seesthe  flowers are already here and Manu sees her toothpaste on the dressing table.

Anubha gets tea and calls Meet to have it and gives Manu her black coffee. Manu gets annoyed by the prayer sound. Anubha says what happened to Meet, has she gone to bed again and asks Manu to give her breakfast and tea. Manu asks am I her waitress and leaves.

Meet in front of her father’s memorial says I did promise to get 1.5millions in 15days and I don’t have any other option, so please be there for me as usual. Meet sits in an auto and leaves for railway station.

Anubha scolds Manu and ask her why didn’t she give Meet her breakfast? Manu says sorry I didn’t hear it and anyway, Meet is nowhere upstair. Anubha gets worried and says where is she? Amma calls Anubha and says listen to me your girl is not like girl she might have gone with her friends. Meet friends comes calling her. Anubha asks where is Meet is she not with you. Friend says we daily play cricket with her but she didn’t come today.

Anubha wonder where she went? Manu says relax she might have gone for her delivery. Anubha says to Meet friend you go and find he, till that time I’ll call and check on her. Anubha calls her and her phone is switched off and thinks where did she go today?

Manu and Amma on the phone are looking at something and laughing. Amma says this is Meet a boy in girl’s body, nobody could have run with her. Manu laughs and says you are too much. Amma says if everything was right then Meet wouldn’t have sit silently. Manu says I need some money for my assignment could you give me. Anubha says go take it from the wardrobe. Manu goes upstair and looks for money in the wardrobe

calls Amma and Anubha upstairs. Anubha and Amma goes upstair and ask what happen. Manu asks Anubha why the box is missing? Amma says to Anubha is she talking about the box which has paper (documents), jewelry, money and our savings? Amma gets panicked and asks Anubha to search for it. Amma says what is this new problem?

Meet goes to a bank and says to the Manager that don’t worry, this is my first time I’m applying for loan, so I brought all the paper with me, now that you have told me, so here is my passbook and my FD paper, now tell me how can I get 1.5millions rupees for my Sister’s wedding.

The  Manager asks what is your job? Meet says I deliver food don’t you remember me? Last year, I delivered cake to your house. The Manager says yes I remember you were the one who was waiting outside my house for 15 minutes, I wanted to give her surprise at exactly 12 midnight and she was surprised after knowing that you were a girl not boy, and says you do not have enough salary that you can get loan of 1.5millions rupees, and for that, you will have to give something as mortgage like jewelry or house paper.

Meet says I don’t have anything on my name and if I give you jewelry, then what’ll my sister wear in her wedding? The Manager says is there anyone who can take your guarantee? Meet says yes, I have many people like the tea stall one, many bug and young to take my guarantee. The Manager says you must have someone who is rich and educated who can pay your loan if you are unable to do it.

Amma, Anubha and Manu in the house panicked. Manu says where did she go with the box? Anubha says I cannot understand, she never did this before. Meet’s friend comes and says we asked everyone and got to know Meet was out with a bag, but where did she go, don’t know and Auto driver told us that he dropped Meet near a railway station and leaves. Manu says I’m sure that box is in the bag!

Meet talks to herself says from where will you get 15lakhs in few days and picks up a jewelry from floor sees a man going with bag stops him and says your bag is torned. Man says I saved this for my daughter’s wedding, tell me what can I do for your good gesture. Meet says in your daughter wedding give everyone food and consider you said thank yo to me. The Man says thanks to her and leaves.

Meet turns around and sees Raj says what are you doing here. Raj says to Meet I know your main business is helping people and asks what happen is everything good is there any problem.

Manu gets panicked and says Meet ran away with everything. Anubha says what nonsense are you talking. Manu says I’m telling you truth she ran away or else why would she go to station, you can call bank and ask did she break any FD and then not to give single penny to Meet.

Anubha scolds Manu after your father she did everything for us being the younger one. Amma says if your daughter didn’t run then where is she, evey day she tells you 10 times where she going what happen this time. Anubha says there should be a reason. Amma says where did she go with box and there is wedding in 15days, you called her you son but look she ran away.

Anubha says I’m sure there must be something important for uu, I know you don’t like her but atleast don’t accuse her. Manu says to Anubha you have blind faith on Meet, don’t forget you have other daughter too who is going to get married but your Meet ran away with money and she even hurt Papa’s sentiment. Anubha about to slap her Amma stop.

Raj and Meet are in the bank. Meets tells him she is here for loan. Raj says if you take this big loan all your life will go in emi. Meet says my families happiness is greater then that hardship, but this manager is not understand point but god will help me. Raj says good that’s the spirit. Meet says I need to and visit other bank atleast I’ll get a humble men there. Raj says atleast have tea after looking you I can tell you didn’t have anything since morning.

Meet says let me go, will reach other banks until I get a nod, Raj says no wait, I have work here for 10 min give me company, Meet says I will wait if you insist, Raj says I will get tea and gets a call, and so leaves.

Meet Ahlawat calls Raj and says I am here to pick you outside the bank, Raj says but I have my car with me, Meet Ahlawat says okay, no worries, we both will go for a drive together, Raj says I know your mummy has sent you here to see if I don’t eat kachori and jalebi, Meet Ahlawat says you have my loyalty, Raj says I sense some plan behind it, anyways, you come inside I will take some time.

Amma says to Anubha, hit me, Anubha says you know I won’ do anything but stop accusing my Meet, she saved our reputation yesterday, accepted to arrange 1.5millions and you still call her a theif? Amma says yes, she said yes yesterday and must have thought through the whole night and so ran away with all our savings, when she realised she can’t. Anubha says I swear on me, stop doing this because I am sure she will return.

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