Babitha selects one card from 1200 designs and asks Ragini how’s it? Ragini says your choice is always good and tomorrow I will asks him to get the print. Babitha says tomorrow their is Bhaat ceremony.

Masoom returns to home and asks Hoshiyar to reveal to everything but he can’t than Masoom tells to her Mom how Manushi made them pay the bill and she ordered two flavoured coffees which is suspicious.

Hoshiyar says it’s common when we wait for someone. Masoom stops him and she instigate her Mom against Manushi and says they have to verify Manushi background.

Meet Ahlwat says one must learn how to present everything in negative from you, am I saying wrong? How can you be so negative. Raj asks them what’s happening.

Babitha manages him telling they are fighting over which colour they have to wear to function. Raj feels emotional while reminscing his sister. Meet tells to his Dad that he met Kunal and he is going to be part of his marriage. Raj feels happy to meet his nephew than he questions Meet if Kunal Dad allow him to meet them as he broke every relation with us.

Meet says don’t know but he promised me to attend the marriage and he tells him that he will call Kunal but Raj goes to attend call. Meet Ahlwat asks Masoom to not raise waste topics. Maasom thinks topic will rise once I get proofs against Manushi.

Manushi thinks she can never wear the mismatch jewellery in her wedding than she takes out diamond set and feels happy than her inner side says you will get exposed that you’re not rich if you wear this diamond set during your marriage. Manushi thinks he will know in future that I’m belongs to low class than what to do to escape from him. Her inner side suggest her that tell him that your parents are against your choice than you can run with him so collect as much as jewellery you can get from your mother. Manushi thinks he can’t do anything once we are married so I will start my drama from tomorrow itself.

Next day both families celebrates pre-wedding ritual. Manushi comes down  wearing her diamond set and hides it with her scarf. Dadi says Meet have to keep fast for her sister when Anubha is feeding her sweet. Meet agrees. Babitha says they need to send first invitation card to girls family.

Isqi says they can send Deep with card. Meet says he will take the card as he is going to that way for meeting. Everyone stays silent than he says he won’t go. Sunaina teases him than Raj asks Meet to take the invitation. Meet hugs Manushi and they notices diamond set in her neck. Anubha questions Manushi from where she get the diamond set.

Anubha questions Manushi where she got the diamond set. Manushi tells them it’s imitation jewellery. Meet and Anubha says it’s looking real. Manushi says how Meet will know about it. Dadi asks why she wear imitation jewellery when she have her Mom’s jewellery. Manushi says didn’t you remember how Groom sister mocked us last time that’s why I wore this artificial set for our reputation and I can’t do anything if they mock me after marriage for not taking anything with me.

Meet says no need to bear anything as I will purchase new jewellery to you after winning this Cricket match. Manushi feels happy but she says let ut be, I will manage with these jewellery.

Anubha says your health is not good. Meet says I’m fine , just bless me than I will definitely win the match. Anubha says you’re doing nirjal fast than how can you play cricket. Manushi says Mom is correct, take rest and I will adjust with old jewellery.

Meet asks his Dad to tell the truth to his Mom. Raj tells them that he went to get her Kulfi icecream. Masoom asks what’s the story behind it. Raj tells them how he used to cool Babitha anger with Kulfi and he gives her kulfi and both happily feeds eachother.

Meet says they are his ideal couple and says you guys are different from eachother than how you love and respect eachother so much. Raj says trust. Babitha says loyalty and faith are full in our relationship. Raj says base of relationship is trust and faith. Meet thinks to follow it.

Dadi asks Anubha to allow Meet as nothing will happen to her. Meet says she will fulfill her duties and asks her Mom to bless her. Anubha blesses her to win the match. Meet happily hugs her.

At the match, Meet says Sanjay couldn’t attend this match because of his Mom’s health and thinks where to get replacement and she feels dizzy than Ram and Lakhan asks her to have water and chips to win the match as Dadi is not near them. Meet says she won’t cheat and prays for Maata Rani blessings.

Orator welcomes the last season man of the match Meet Ahlwat. Meet goes to Meet Ahlwat who’s busily giving his autograph and Meet asks him to help her. Meet tells her he have a date plan with his fiancee. Meet feels worried with announcement.

Manushi cuts Kunal with drama. Kunal thinks I risked so much for her but she is not attending calls too. Manushi thinks she will tell him that we can elope saying her family is not accepting her love. Meet enters to stadium with her team.

Opposite captain mocks her and tells her to get ready for the defeat. Meet looks on than Meet Ahlawat joins Meet team and it’s shows how Meet told him that winning amount is important for me as it’s needed fir my sister’s marriage and you can meet your fiance later. Meet Ahlawat says team is completed so let’s play the match.

Opposite team win the toss and choose for batting. Meet Ahlawat performs well but Meet coudnt because of her fasting. Meet clean bowled the batsman with Meet Ahlawat trick and at last she about to fell down than Meet Ahlawat rushes to help her leaving the ball but Meet scolds him by telling winning this match is important to her. Meet Ahlawat thinks he did wrong by spoiling his date with Moonshine.

Orator says chasing going to start and Meet and Meet Ahlwat are going to come from batting so let’s see the magic. Girls shouts they love Meet Ahlawat. Meet tells them he loves them too than she asks Meet to concentrate on match.

Meet Ahlawat says she is jealous that their batting get started and both performs well with good run rate. Opposite team members thinks to break their partnership. Meet Ahlawat senses he is planning to do something against Meet.

The Bowler thinks he has to break the Meet Ahlawat and meet partnership to win the match. Meet Ahlwat senses Bowler is going to do something than he runs towards Meet and stops the ball before it touches Meet face. Meet scolds bowler than she asks if Meet is fine. Meet says he is fine but his heart is injured.

Meet ties handkerchief to Meet and she scolds bowler and about to fight with them but Meet Ahlawat stops her saying you want to win this match so don’t fight with him as it may disqualify us from match so show your anger to him by winning this match. Meet agrees. Referee says Meet can’t play as his hand is injured. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet if she can handle it. Meet agrees.

Manushi says he is late and I’m waiting for him since an hour. Anubha asks Manu to call him and says she is worried for their Meet. Manushi says relax mom, Meet will definitely win the match and she thinks Meet must win the match than only I can get new jewellery.

Meet Ahlawat prays goddess to support Meet to win the match. Meet single handedly handles the match even thought they lost 9 wickets. Manushi angrily says he is not answering my calls and he is making me wait for hours such an irresponsible person.

Anubha says you’re always wrong in judging, he might be busy in important work so stay cool. Manushi gets Kunal call and she thinks she is choosing the person who’s giving her importance.

Meet wins the match. Everyone praises Meet performance and her team members celebrates the win by lifting her. Meet Ahlawat reaches to Manushi place and he apologies to them for coming late than he asks Manushi to come with him for ring selection. Manushi tells him she can’t accompany him.

Meet surprised seeing Raj is chief guest and he presents them 200,000 winning prize and he changes Man of the match as player of the match and handovers 100,000 cheque to Meet than he offers her another cheque for her performance.

Anubha questions why can’t she go with him? Manu says she is suffering with terrible headache and Anubha asks how he will choose ring. Dadi asks her to give him her ring size. Manu gives Meet ring size to Meet Ahlwat.

Meet says you already did so much for me so no need of another cheque and bless me that’s enough and she takes his blessings. Raj says he likes the fact that she always impress him.

Meet feels dizzy and Raj asks if she needs water but she denies saying she is fine. Raj asks how can she do many things. Meet says she can do anything for family. Raj blesses her.

Meet Ahlawat gives them auspicious gifts and wedding card. Anubha and Dadi says the card is good. Meet handovers the gift his Mom sent to Manushi sister. Dadi says Manu doesn’t have her own sister and she asks Manu to send Meet. Anubha confronts Dadi why she hide about Meet? Dadi says they don’t know about Meet plus Meet may ruin this alliance. Anubha says she can’t hide the fact that she has 2 daughters. Dadi says prove to Son-in-law that I’m wrong by revealing it, but remember Meet won’t go in front of the Groom’s family until Manu is married!

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