Team members celebrates Meet’s victory in the street and Babitha car gets halted because of their celebration and she goes out to clear it. Meet calls Meet and asks if she won the match. Meet asks him to hear the celebration sound to know it. Meet Ahlawat feels happy.

Babitha takes the phone. Meet asks what’s the problem aunty. Babitha gets shocked knowing she is girl. Ram and Lakhan teases her to make their Meet as her daughter-in-law. Babitha scolds them than she asks them to give the way to her vehicle.

Meet asks her to join their celebration. Babitha questions how her Mom allowed her and says If I have a girl like you at my home, then I can never let her stay like you!

Meet says you’re my Mom’s age, which is why I’m not saying anything to you otherwise, I would have given people like you who points to my brought up a befitting reply. Babitha insists she gives her that befitting reply, as she wants to hear it. Meet says you look modern but your thoughts are old fashioned which is why you’re differentiating between men and women.

Babitha says you have no idea who I am! Meet says I don’t want to know about you, but try to think modern and she celebrates with her team and some of the colour falls on Babitha’s face.

Boy Meet congratulates Meet then she thanks him for his help.

Anubha asks Dadi what Meet has to do to make you consider her as family and why can’t you see her sacrifice and hardwork?  Dadi asks can she get the brother whom she killed in the womb?  Anubha feels bad then she notices Meet returns home victorious and she welcomes Meet with Aarti then she makes Meet wear her Dad’s chain. Dadi says Anubha didn’t do good. Ram and Lakhan leaves after giving her the trophy.

Manushi asks how much she gained through the matc? Meet gives her the cheque then Manushi asks her to come for shopping. Meet asks her to give her sometime saying her body is aching. Dadi says don’t act like you are tired and take responsibilit! Anubha says these people can never understand your hardwork and she makes Meet break the fast and tells her that she fulfilled the responsibility as a brother and sister too.

Manushi notices the cheque is in Meet’s name than she acts sweet with Meet and tells her that she cancelled her plans with the Groom to go shopping with her. Meet feels happy and agrees to go with her.

Babitha says to Ragini that she doesn’t want to go anywhere after meeting the girl who spoiled her mood! Ragini says time is very less, so we need to go for shopping and don’t spoil your mood thinking about that girl whom you may never meet again. Babitha agrees then they call Meet. At a shopping Mall, Manushi rejects Kunal’s call then she tells Meet and her Mom that she needs dresses from exclusive collection.

Anubha and Meet says they have to shop according to their budget, but she won’t listen and goes to select designer dresses and she likes one dress. People follows Kual to get their money but he escapes from them and enters to the shop where Manushi presents and she sees Kunal and goes to upstairs by hiding her face with dress. Meet sees Manushi.

Kunal is about to leave, but Meet Ahlawat stops him and questions if he came to buy a gift for his girlfriend? Kual agrees then he meets Babitha and Masoom who insists he joins them for shopping.

Manushi says to Meet that she likes the dress she bought. Anubha asks for cost of the dress. Sales girl says it’s 120,000. Anubha gets shocked. The Shopkeeper says you can’t get it, as it’s already sold out. Anubha asks her to show them other dresses. Manushi thinks how can she get the same dress now, then she notices a board that says “One has to purchase the dress if they spoil it.

Manushi chooses Normal dress and she insists Girl Meet pays the bill.

The Shopkeeper shows expensive dresses to Babitha. Kunal thinks he will reach their level after his marriage with Manushi, then he gets a call. Meet asks him to attend to it then he goes aside to answer it. Boy Meet goes to buy the ring.

Manushi intentionally pushes Meet which makes her fall on a chutney bowl which spoils the dress. Meet apologies to them and says she will pay the dry cleaning charge. The Sales girl says they have to purchase it because they spoiled it and it’s their policy. Anubha gets hyper. Meet asks her to stay cool and she talks with the sales girl to give her time.

Masoom scolds Meet for spoiling her dress! Meet says she can give it to her after cleaning it. Masoom insults her level and standards and tells her even their workers are far better than her. Meet asks her to talk with respect. Anubha asks what happened, then she sees Masoom, then she greets her.

Babitha comes to them. Manushi takes her blessings. Girl Meet thinks these are the Groom’s family and mistake has happened. Babitha and Meet remembers their argument. Manushi asks what happened? Masoom says this classless girl spoiled my dress plus she arguedvwith me and I don’t know how the Shop people even allowed her in the first place!

Anubha says Meet is not at mistake. Babitha questions why she is taking the side of an unknown girl and she mocks Meet’s attire and tells to Anubha how Meet stopped traffic with her celebrations in the morning time! Manushi asks Anubha to do something before it gets complicated.

Masoom asks why you’re silent Anubha ji and why are you supporting her? Anubha is about to reveal she is her daughter, but Girl Meet stops her saying I’m like her daughter. Anubha cries. Meet turns to Anubha and wipes her tears, then she tells them that Anubha considered me as her daughter, as I saved her once, then she asks them how to apologize to them to settle the issue?

Babitha asks her to leave from their very eyes!  Meet goes aside then Babitha takes Masoom to the other store and she asks Manushi to accompany them. Manushi leaves after asking Girl Meet to buy the dress that she liked.

Girl Meet asks the Manager to give her some time to get money but he won’t agree, then she takes her chain gifted by her Mom and she asks the Manager to keep the chain with him until she clears the bill and she’s about to give him, but Meet Ahlawat clears the bill telling her that she helped him so many times, then he asks her to accept his friendship. Girl Meet agrees then Meet Ahlawat presents her the chain and asks her to save her Dad’s chain.

Boy Meet tells him he is perfect for her Sister. Meet Ahlawat says not possible as your Sister will be a Don like you. Meet says we are opposite of each other and she is perfect. Meet Ahlawat says his Moonshine is perfect and they debate on the topic on who’s more beautiful, then they think to show the photo to each other at one time, but Boy Meet’s phone is switched off and Girl Meet refuse to show her Sister’s photo to him until he shows her his fiance photo and she leaves from the shopping mall taking her bag, but couldn’t notice Kunal who entered the shopping mall to meet Boy Meet.

Anubha feels bad for the morning incident. Girl Meet consoles her and tells her that they can reveal to the Groom’s family about the truth in good time, but let’s concentrate on tje engagement now and she feeds food to her Mom.

Next morning Dadi asks someone to check lighting as it’s flickering. Meet sets the problem by fixing wires. Dadi dances with other girls. Girls applies mehendi to Manushi and she gets call of Kunal than Meet tells her she will attend the call and keep it on speaker but Manushi cuts the call by spoiling her mehendi. Meet asks why she did it. Manu says it’s call of your Jiju and it won’t good if you keep it in speaker and thanks for the dress than she goes taking her phone.

Meet calls Meet Ahlawat to thank him but she gets busy, as he is also trying her number, then Meet Ahlawat calls her. Girl Meet about to thank him once again regarding yesterday’s cloth favour, but he asks her to help him to make his engagement memorable.

Girl Meet is about to tell him today is her Sister’s engagement too, but he insists she gives him an idea, then Meet tells him to meet his fiancee before his family does and write his name on her henna tattoo and make her yours for life time, and make her wear the ring. Meet Ahlawat praises her idea. He then calls Deep and asks him to manage his Mom and Dad for sometime.

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