Meet feels happy knowing the kind Uncle is Meet Ahlawat’s Dad. Raj asks them to start the ritual. Uncle says he already made her wear the ring. Raj says now Manushi will make him wear the ring.

Meet tries to see the engagement but Dadi scolds her to not come infront of Groom family. Meet thanks Maata rani for giving good match to her suster. Babitha performs their Sagai ritual. Meet comes in singh look as server to attend the sagai.

Manushi makes Meet Ahlawat wear the ring. Everyone claps for them. Hoshiyar says let’s dance than Mert Ahlawat happily dances with Manushi and Hoshiyar records their performance. Everyone praises them then they join to dance with them. Manushi’s ring falls into Meet Ahlawat’s pocket during their dance performance.

At night, Meet confronts Manushi why that guy was hugging you? You told me he is just a friend, so tell me what’s the matter? Manushi says he told me that he will kill himself if I won’t meet him which is why I went to save him because my life may get ruined if she commited suicide taking my name, so leave this matter as you saw how I pushed him away.

Meet says you always have ready made answers but why did you go without informing me? Brother-in-law and his family are so good and you will never get this kind of match again, so I won’t let you tarnish our reputation, so I will watch you 24/7!

Manushi agrees. Meet notices the ring is Missing and questions where is her ring?  Manushi says it must have fallen somewhere.

Meet Ahlawat dances happily then the ring fell down from his pocket and he thinks how it came into my pocket, as it’s fit to her finger when I made her wear it?

Masoom calls him to come downstairs immediately. Meet goes and asks what happened? Maasom shows him the video where the ring is not present in Manushi’s hand. Meet tells them by mistake, the ring fell in my pocket. Babitha asks how it fell when you bought the correct size ring? Masoom says their is no written name of you in her hand and I feel something is wrong and they are betraying us. Meet washes her hand to take out Meet Ahlawat’s name.

Meet Ahlawat comes to Meet place to know whether Masoom’s accusation is correct.

Meet Ahlawat reaches Manushi’s place to check Manushi’s hand to see whether his name is available or not and he knocks the door and Meet goes to open the doo, but Dadi stops her and asks Anubha to open the door.

Anubha sees Meet Ahlawat and closes the door to his face and tells them that Son-in-law is here. Meet hides seeing him. Anubha asks why he came in the night? Meet Ahlawat says this ring fell in my pocket, so I want to talk with Manushi regarding this matter.

Meet thinks something is wrong and she goes upstairs and wakes Manushi up saying Boy Meet is here to return the ring, but I feel something is wrong. Manushi says he may come here to meet me with that reason.

Anubha tells him that she will bring Manushi and she goes to Manushi’s room and scolds her for not informing them about her ring missing then she takes her downstairs.

Manushi says why he came in the night? Meet says I thought you may feel tensed about it which is why I came to return it, but how did it fall from your hand, as I made it with your size. Manushi says it might be your fault of manufacture. Meet says don’t worry, as I got another opportunity to make you wear it, then he makes her wear it and notices his name in her hand.

A FB is shown how Meet wrote name on Manushi hand with sketch.

Manushi asks boy Meet if he doesn’t trust her? Meet Ahlawat apologies to her for not trusting her. Anubha thanks Meet, then Meet Ahlawat snaps Manushi with the ring and his name on her palm.

Meet Ahlawat shows those photos to Masoom and still she wants to see the video. Meet says enough, as I saw the truth, so don’t make me believe your words! Babitha says maybe you’re confused Masoom. Meet asks why you’re seeing everything negatively, don’t you care about my happiness? Masoom says I care about you which is why I’m possesive about you so forgive me.

Babitha asks Meet to forgive Masoom by ending the matter. Raj says Masoom must be the one to end it and I’m warning everyone to not say anything against Manushi’s family and I informed Anubha ji that we will attend the marriage with our closed ones, then we can arrange reception for our friends and he asks Masoom to stay away from the marriage if she has problem with Manushi’s status.

Girl Meet tells Devi maa (goddess) that she is feeling bad for lying to Meet and his family, but I can’t see the pain of everyone which is why I’m lying so punish me for my Sister’s mistakes and bless our family.

Next day, Meet notices her Mom is packing things that Manushi would take to her in-laws. Meet says it’s good if she takes money in place of these things. Dadi says it’s ritual, but you won’t understand. Anubha asks Meet to not get hurt with Dadi words, as everything is happening because of you and tell me how you studied Son-in-law perfectly?

Meet says I met him few times before and she tells her about their meetings. Anubha says god linked your fate with him before your Sister’s proposal to him. Meet says she has to return the cloth money to him. Anubha asks her to call him brother-in-law.

Dadi comes and tells them today is paiyya ki pooja and they make Manushi performs Pooja on Girl Meet’s bike.

Manushi says I may get tanned if I roam around in this way, did you arrange something for me? Meet arranges car for Manushi until she gets married. Manushi feels happy and thinks she will elope in the same car with Kunal and she goes out to ride.

Meet and her Mom arranges for surprise Hen party for Manushi with her friends. Dadi asks how can Meet participate, as she is like a boy? Meet says she will rock in the party with surprise.

Ram and Lakhan comes and gives her the returned money of the Caterer. Girl Meet calls Boy Meet and asks him to take his money by meeting her at same tea stall they both went to once in hee area.

Manushi comes home and shouts for everyone seeing the darkness a home, then Meet comes in front of her in her attire.

Manushi smiles and asks why she wore her clothes? Meet talks like her then she claps for the light to be on. Manushi says you can’t become Manushi by wearing my clothes, so leave it. Meet says it’s not my real performance as I did it to get your smile, then she makes Manushi wear the crown and bride to be badge than she dances with Anubha and Dadi. They enjoy their dance, Manushi friends, with that of Meet: Ram and Lakhan also joins them. Dadi gets emotional seeing Manushi.

Meet asks Ram, Lakhan to get the water. Dadi says to Manushi that they will miss her. Manushi says she will miss them too. Anubha too gets emotional. Meet says let’s live these moments and she hugs Manushi.

Anubha says Meet fulfilled her responsibilities so give her right as Manushi’s sister because the Groom’s family and everyone must know about her. Manushi too request her to allow Meet to the marriage. Dadi says she doesn’t want any bad omen to fall on Manushi until she gets married and we will reveal to the Groom’s family once Manushi gains the trust of Ahlawat’s family.

Manushi hugs her and thinks she doesn’t care as she is going to elope with Kunal. Meet tells to Anubha that Dhodu ram will get shocked knowing I’m his Sis-in-law. Anubha beats her for calling him Dhodu ram.

Kunal hides in the dustbin to escape from financers who gave him money and he thinks his problems will end once he is married to Manushi. Tea seller offers tea to Meet, but she tells him that she will have it after returning money.

Kunal sees the money with her and he thinks to steal it, as it may help him to elope with Manushi and he takes a boy child’s help and steals money from Meet and ran from that place, but she catches him and beats him on the road for disturbing her sister and stealing money from her. Kunal asks if she’s Manushi’s sister. Meet says I’m her brother and sister, so stay away from her, as I’m giving you this opportunity now!

Meet Ahlawat comes in his car and goes to Meet, as she excitingly talks with him and offers her hand for friendship. Meet Ahlawat says I can’t touch you, so friendship is not possible!

A FB is shown where Meet Ahlawat helps Kunal questions why she is beating him and Kunal tells Meet that Meet is a goon who stole money he just withdrew from the ATM from him using some children.

Meet Ahlawat says I was so wrong about you, as you’re bad and a goon who just needs money and I don’t even know if your story of Dad is true or not, and even if it’s true, your Dad may feel ashamed seeing you like this!

Girl Meet says stop it, as you already said many things and what did I do wrong that you’re blaming me?

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