Manushi says she won’t get ready in the room!  Meet insists then says Meet Ahlawat also may get ready like a groom.

Meet Ahlawat gets ready as groom. Masoom performs his aarti. Babitha asks Meet to get her beautiful bahu by marrying her as she will wait for them at home. Meet says you mean you’re not attending my marriage? How can it happen and I won’t accept it.

Babitha says it’s ritual and we saw the result if we break the ritual. Sunaina feels bad. Babitha says thus time I won’t break any ritual and it’s won’t good if I saw your pheras so I will wait for you guys with welcoming thali. Rajvardhan makes Meet agree. Financiers beat Kunal and he tells them that he will settle their Balance once he becomes Ghar jamai by marrying Manushi and they tells him that they can’t wait and gives him the drug packet. Kunal gets shocked seeing it.

Manushi shows tantrums at the makeup artist then she sends her to get her water. Meet asks Ram and Lakhan to do the work perfectly as she always keep an eye on everything even though she is not at that place. They agrees. Manushi calls Dadi and complains to her saying Meet is making her get ready at local beaty technician who’s spoiling her lokks. Meet comes inside and tells her that she diverted her calls to her phone. Manushi thinks how-to escape while drinking water.

Meet Ahlawat dances happily with his family and he notices blood is coming from Kunal forehead than he gives him car to visit the hospital to treat his wounds. Kunal takes the keys and thinks the car is ready to elope with Manushi.

Meet praises Manushi look. Manushi goes to drink the black coffee than Meet talks with her Mom on call saying Manushi is ready and she is looking pretty. Baraat leaves from Ahlawat’s place. Manushi makes Short circuit pouring hot water on wires than she hits Meet with dumbbell.

Meet losts her consciousness. Manushi asks Kunal to come to new address she sent than she leaves packing her bag and she hides seeing Baarat than she leaves from Baraat by covering herself in shawl.

Ram and Lakhan calls Meet to know where they have to place the carpet but she didn’t attend their call than they goes to Shakuntala house to talk with Meet where they notices unconscious Meet than they makes her gain conscious and asks her what happened to her.

Meet notices the blood coming out from her head than she asks Ram and Lakhan to not to inform anyone about it and she leaves to search Manushi. Manushi leaves from that place by hiring auto.

Meet Chachu asks him to enter Manap by not bending his head otherwise you have to bend infront of your wife for lifetime. Meet Ahlwat enters by bending his whole body. Anubha welcomes him happily. Meet coudnt find Manushi and she tries to call her but Manushi switches off her phone.

Manushi sees Kunal who came in old car and asks him about why he came in old car. Kunal says noone must suspect me that’s why I came in driver car and he places suitcase in trunk of car and where Drugs packet is available.

Meet returns to home and tells to Anubha that she fails to become brother ti Manushi as she fails to make Manushi choose correct path. Anubha asks her to tell what happened. Meet breaksdown telling Manushi eloped with her boyfriend to marry him. Meet Ahlawat sits in Mandap and waits fir his bride. Deep and Sunaina teases him.

Ammaji says Manushi can never do it and she beats Meet ti tell the truth. Meet says I guarded her but she ran away by beating me. Anubha gets shocked seeing the blood. Meet sats Manushi hurted me in my heart and leave about me and questions what they have to tell Grooms family. Anubha says it’s good if we tell Groom family about this matter. Dadi breaksdown.

Raj feels happy seeing Meet Ahlawat’s hapiness. Masoom says Meet deserves better but he is feeling happy as he doesn’t know his value. Raj warns her to not raise this topic as he is marrying the girl whom he loves. Anubha meets Raj and he praises the arrangements. Anubha takes him to to room where he notices Meet and feels happy knowing Meet is sister of Manushi.

Raj asks them about Manushi. Anubha apologies to Raj and tells him that Manushi eloped from home.

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