Meet Ahlawat asks what’s she saying and he shouts at her. Raj says stop it, I will leave my hard earned property if she agrees to marry you. Meet Ahlawat gets shocked. Raj says she is Meet Hooda, Manushi’s sister.

Masoom asks if she’s Manushi’s sister? Raj says yes, and I want Meet to get married to her and don’t question me on anything, since Guruji agreed to this marriage, as Meet’s horoscope is matching with our Meet and Manushi changed the horoscope.

Meet Ahlwat leaves saying he won’t marry Meet! Raj goes behind him.

Meet feels broken. Raj comes to him. Meet says I want to leave from here. Raj says don’t leave, as this place will heal your wounds and trust me, as I always choose the best for you. Meet says it’s my life time decision and I wish to marry a girl like Mom and she is not that Kind so don’t pressurize me, as I can’t deny it, so let me take this decision.

Raj says your life is full of your decisions and I never forced you into any matter and today as well, I’m requesting you as you’re not able to see the good in this marriage, and you can’t get Meet kind of life partner in the whole world and even Guruji said same after checking your horoscope.

Meet Ahlwat says I won’t believe this horoscope and this lady is a Thief.  and a goon, then how can I marry her?  Raj says I know how to judge people better than you and if you don’t trust me, then you can leave from here and if you trust me, then come inside wearing the turban. Meet looks on.

Girl Meet says to Anubha that she will get back Manushi by searching for her and did you see how boy Meet hate me and he considered me a bad girl, so I can’t marry the person who hate me and she is about to leave, but Dadi stops her and tells her that now I understood why your brother died and you’re alive, which is to save our respect, so please agree to this marriage.

Dadi says to Meet, God saved you so that you could save our families reputation, only a daughter can save us not a son, you have always saved us like a son, now save us by becoming a daughter, save my family today, I beg you.

Meet Ahlawat sits in the car and leaves.

Dadi falls on Meet’s feet asking her to save their family’s reputation, Meet hugs her.

Raj and the other family members are waiting for Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat. The Priest asks when will Meet Ahlawat come? Masoom says I don’t think Meet Ahlawat will marry someone who doesn’t look like a girl.

Meet Ahlawat walks in, Raj says thank you son. Meet Ahlawat says Dad, I respect you a lot and I know you trust me a lot and let me show you the truth, Meet is not someone you think she is, Raj says okay, I give you one chance, but let me tell you I have trust in her, it’s you who doesn’t.

Girl Meet’s friend tell Raj that Meet wants to talk to him, Raj leaves.

Masoom scolds Meet Ahlawat why did he come back? Isha says why marry someone you don’t love? Meet Ahlawat says I want to show Dad that he’s wrong. Hoshiyar asks what will you do? Meet Ahlawat says Kunal.

Kunal and Manu are getting married, Kunal gets a call from Meet Ahlawat, Kunal doesn’t answer, Masoom says do whatever you can Meet, but don’t marry her, because she won’t let you go!

Raj is with Girl Meet, Raj says I beg you marry my son, I know he can never get a girl like you, you have self respect and family values, everything matches with you two and Guruji said you match the best and I trust Guruji and also that Meet Ahlawat will understand you and like you, love will find its way, say yes.

Girl Meet says I have one more reason to say no, look at this house, I look after everything in this house, I took responsibility of this house after Papa, so how should I leave Mummy and Dadi (Grandma) and we have borrowed for marriage, so all will be over, how will they manage, you tell me how can I do this?

Raj says your family will be our family, so I will take care of them. Girl Meet says you said I have self respect, so how will I accept this, it’s a ritual that daughter-in-law helps the son, and will you allow me to be son here and daughter-in-law at Ahlawat’s?

Raj says you want to work after marriage and take care of your family? Girl Meet says yes. Raj says I am happy with your stand and I have more faith in you now, and many will learn from you and I won’t be some hurdle in your responsibilities, I promise you, you will look after this house as you used too, now you agree to my proposal, please say yes, all your problems are solved now. Girl Meet says YES.

Kunal and Manu exchange garlands, Kunal gets a call from Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat says Kunal come to my wedding quickly, Kunal says I am a little dizy because of medicine, I will come as soon as possible. Meet Ahlawat says yes, come soon. Kunal switches off his phone.

Kunal lies to Manu that his Manager called to come urgently or there will be loss of 10,000,000 but nothing is more important than you. Kunal thinks she is my jackpot, so why will I go to Meet Ahlawat’s wedding?

Meet Ahlawat says Kunal will come here and he will know about Meet’s truth.

Anubha gets Girl Meet saree to wear, and says this is my wedding dress, so please wear it, Meet says nothing is more close to me and pretty than this, so help me wear it. Meet gets ready for the wedding. Meet is unable to handle the saree, Anubha says you have to get used to a saree.

Ragini walks in, Anubha says we don’t have jewellery, wear my chain, Ragini says can I help my daughter-in-law get ready? Anubha says she is ready, but Manushi ran away with… Ragini says don’t say a word and our ritual says our bride should wear Jewellery gifted by her in-laws and this necklace suits only you, come Meet, Ragini helps Meet with the Jewelry. Anubha and Ragini put veil over Meet.

Ragini leaves after telling Anubha that she will inform everyone that their daughter-in-law. is ready. Dadi comes to Meet. Anubha says she respected your words and became bride to save the reputation of two families and you considered her as bad luck but she proved herself as a diamond and you accused and scolded her all her whole life, don’t you think she needs your blessings? Or you still hate her?

Dadi shows the gold coin she made for Manushi without telling them and she tells to Meet that she will bless her after the marriage alongside the gold. Meet hugs her telling her her blessings are valuable to her not gold. Dadi blesses Meet to get the hapiness of the whole world. Anubha feels happy.

Masoom thinks to stop the marriage by calling her Mom then she realises her phone is with her Dad. Sunaina tells her she locked her phone in the car. Masoom asks her to get the phone, but she refuses, then Masoom raises her hand. Raivardan stops her by telling her he’s the one who asked Sunaina to hide your phone, so you won’t call your Mom.

Masoom asks won’t their Mom have right to know what’s happening? Raj says she has every right to know and I will explain it to her once we get to home and I don’t want you to poison her heart. Masoom asks if he thinks she will fill poison in their Mom’s heart? Raivardan says it’s your hobby to show everything in a negative way, so stay silent and enjoy your brother’s wedding as I don’t want to create any drama here!

Meet thinks don’t know where Mom and Dadi went leaving me and she sees herself in the mirror and thinks if she can do it or not?

Meet Ahlawat comes to Meet and says you’re all set for marriage. Girl Meet says she doesn’t have an option to refuse the marriage. Meet Ahlawat says obviously,  my Dad must have given you an offer that you can’t deny, so what did he offer you? Tell me as I want to know it and you trapped my Dad in your lies, but I will expose your real face in front  of everyone and I respect my Dad a lot which is why I’m listening to him otherwise, I can never see a girl like you and if you have self respect, then don’t come to the Temple!

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