Prachi and Shubhra comes for the marriage and Prachi makes Shubra meet Anubha then she asks her about Meet and says to Anubha that she is excited to see Manushi. Anubha says to Prachi it’s Meet who’s getting married and she explains to them everything in tears. Prachi and Shubhra consoles her saying Meet is finally getting happiness through this marriage. Anubha asks them to meet Meet.

Prachi meets Meet than she makes Meet meet with her friend Shubra. Prachi gifts Maata rani to Meet. Shubra gifts hand Jewellery to Meet nd tells her gold increases the respect of a lady too. Meet thanks her. Prachi asks why she looks sad? Meet says I agreed to this marriage, as Raj Uncle told me that I can take care of my family’s plus marriage too, but the Groom asked me to not to come to the Temple.

Prachi says she will teach him a lesson! Shubhra stops her by telling her the Groom is hurt which must be why he spoke with you in that way, but everything will get settled very soon, as you’re good. Prachi too agrees.

Boy Meet tries to call Kunal. Masoom asks what happened, then he tells her that Kunal’s phone is switched off, but don’t worry, as I warned Girl Meet to not enter the Temple. Masoom shows him the Bride is coming.

Prachi and Shubhra brings Meet to the Temple. Meet feels uncomfortable while walking in saree. Shubhra makes Meet Ahlawat sits with Meet. Meet Ahlawat sits far from her then he asks his Dad to stop the Marriage saying Girl Meet is not good. Raj asks him if he has any proof? Meet says I’m unable to prove it currently, but she is bad.

The Kids of the colony and elders says Girl Meet is so good and she helps everyone. Raj says isn’t all this proofs enough to prove her goodness and I’m an another witness of her goodness and I can never doubt her and believe me, she is so good.

Boy Meet claps saying brilliant, you made everyone fools and why can’t you tell them the truth that you’re a Thief and a Goon?? Meet says enough!

Meet takes stand for herself saying she earns money by doing work and you can’t point at my honesty.

Mahi comes to the marriage and says Girl Meet is correct and who’s doubting her hard-earned money? Brother-in-law, Meet is one in a thousand and you can hurt her with your words, but you can’t point at her honesty.

Meet Ahlawat tries to say something to his Dad, but he won’t listen and he asks Boy Meet to sit in the Temple by wearing the Turban.

Masoom signals at him NO, but he stops, seeing his Dad. Raj says I’m doing this for your own good,  so listen to me, then he makes Meet wear his Turban. Everyone claps happily for the Marriage.

Raj asks the Priest to start the marriage. Meet and Meet Ahlawat sits in the Temple with tears and they exchanges the Garlands. Rani enters the venue and entertains everyone with her dance then the Priest asks who will do giving away of the bride? Girl Meet says my Mom will do it, as her Mom as played both her Dad, Uncle and Mom’s role in her life, since her Dad is no more. The Priest says it’s not our Ritual. Raj says the rituals must change and Anubha ji will perform the giving away of the bride.

Anubha performs the giving away of the bride ritual, then the Priest asks them to take 7 promises by holding each other’s hands. Boy Meet angrily looks at Girl Meet.

Masoom ties the knot one time. Shubra asks her to tie it twice, as it’s a relationship of lifetime. Masoom leaves after tying their knot.

The Priest asks them to take 7 marriage vows in front of Agni dev.

Meet Ahlawat says I never accept you as my wife. Meet says she has her individuality.

Meet Ahlawat says he will never take up her responsibility. Meet says no need as I know how to take up my responsibilities and I’m experienced in it.

Meet Ahlawat says our ways are always different and I will never take you anywhere. Meet says I know driving so I can go whichever place I want.

Meet Ahlawat says I will never respect you as my wife. Meet says she knows how to get respect.

Meet Ahlawat says I will never love you! Meet says she is not dying for his love.

Meet Ahlawat says he will never want to see her face.Meet asks him to tie cloth to his eyes.

Meet Ahlawat says you don’t have any right on me and my things. Meet says then why you sit here by holding my hand and what about this tied knot?

Meet Ahlawat says he doesn’t know anything about this marriage.

The Priest asks them to stand for the nuptial rounds. They takes the nuptial rounds while reminscing their past moments. The Priest asks Meet to tie the Wedding necklace. Meet Ahlawat makes her wear the wedding necklace. Meet Ahlawat says you married me to take revenge right? Girl Meet says I married you for kind Uncle’s sake and I know my life will be tough with you.

Kunal and Manushi’s tied knot burns in the fire. Manushi says it’s inauspicious, but Kunal marries her giving more money to the Priest.

Raj gets Babitha’s call, he goes aside to attend to it. Babitha asks why you’re not attending to my calls and until now, no one sends me any photo, you’re behind it right? Raj agrees. Babitha says I can imagine their relationship and they will be made for each other. Raj says true, arrange for house warming ceremony. Babitha says everything is ready, so bring our daughter-in-law soon. Rajvardhan cuts the call saying he is expecting same.

Raj’s brother questions him why he hid everything from Babitha? Raj tells him he will inform Babitha once they get home.

Boy Meet applies vermilion on Meet. The Priest announces they are married Couple from now onwards. Meet and Meet Ahlawat takes the blessings of everyone.

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