Meet asks Anubha about Dadi? Anubha says she’s resting so you can take her blessings before the farewell.

Raj’s brother says we don’t want you to have differences with Sister-in-law, Babitha because of this marriage.

Ragini asks can they start Banquet/Feast ceremony? Raj agrees.

Prachi, Shubra, Rani leaves after congratulating Meet. Ragini serves food to them in one plate. Meet Ahlawat thinks he is hungry, but won’t eat in one plate. Sunaina asks Girl Meet to feed food to Boy Meet. Boy Meet refuses sweets then Girl Meet takes Mirchi. Boy Meet eats that mirchi and gets heavy cough due to it.

Ragini is about to give him water, but Raj stop her saying let’s see what our daughter-in-law will do. Girl Meet makes Boy Meet have the sweet by stepping on his feet when he refuses to open his mouth. Everyone smiles.

Rajvardhan says our daughter-in-law will take care of boy Meet in his tough times so now, I’m relaxed in Meet’s matter. His brother questions how he will convince Babitha?

Anubha says to Meet Ahlawat that Meet won’t sleep until she makes Maatarani sleep. Everyone prays near Maata rani idol before the farewell.

Manushi’s letter falls inside the plate she kept to ruin Girl Meet reputation.

Anubha goes to arrange the farewell taking the plate.

Kunal gives hefty amount to the Priesr for making them get married. Manushi thinks her life is set with Rich husband. Kunal thinks I gave so much money to the Priest, but no need to worry, as I became the Son-in-law of rich people and he asks Manushi to take him to her place to take her Parent’s blessings. Manushi says she wants to meet his Parents first. Both argues over it.

Rajvardhan says we can reach at 1 if the farewell happens on time. Ragini agrees. Masoom says it will be nightmare for Mom as she doesn’t know about the changes. Raj says first, he will go and convince Babitha. Ragini asks if he thinks Babitha will gets convinced as her heart is not feeling so?

Meet Ahlwat comes to them. Raj asks him about his wife? Boy Meet says he doesn’t know. Raj says she is your responsibility. Ragini goes to get Girl Meet.

Anubha goes to Ammaji’s room and tells her that Meet saved their reputation and she asks her to bless Meet before the farewell. Ammaji nods then she places gold coin in the plate. Anubha says Manushi took everything, then what will we give to Meet? Ammaji asks her to give the gifts they received for marriage. Anubha says it’s good.

Kunal and Manushi plans to stay in a hotel until their family agrees to their marriage.

Ammaji notices the letter and she gives it to Anubha. Anubha reads the letter which Manushi wrote for Meet which states that;

She is leaving from the house to make her get Meet Ahlawat, as I found that you started loving him and I’m ready to take the blame for your hapiness which is why I’m leaving home to make you get your love and marry him otherwise, my sacrifice will be wasted!

Ammaji says I forgave Meet but how did I forget for a second that she was born to ruin us?? Anubha says it’s not true, but Amma ji doesn’t believe her.

Meet arranges tube light and she assigns Ram and Lakhan to take care of Dadi and her Mom. Ragini smiles seeing her caring side. Amma ji breaks the frame and says she won’t leave Girl Meet!

Anubha closes the door and says don’t forget that Meet got married because of us and she is the daughter-in-law of Ahlawat’s family and you can’t scold her. Amma ji breaksdown saying it’s Meet plan and that’s why she lied to us and implemented her plan to become Ahlawat’s daughter-in-law and she tells to Anubha that Meet is not her granddaughter!

Ragini comes to Meet and says first time she is seeing the bride who doesn’t want her family to face any problem without her and Bhaisahab is correct about you and she blesses her, then she asks Meet to come for the farewell.

Ammaji says Meet is dead for me and she won’t get hapiness in her life! Anubha says stop cursing her, as it’s her farewell. Ammaji cries. Anubha goes out.

Girl Meet says to Anubha that she wants to meet Dadi ji. Anubha stops her telling her Dadi’s health is not good and she is stressed, but Meet goes to Amma ji’s room taking her medicines and asks her to open the door, but Ammaji doesn’t open the door then she asks Anubha if Dadi is angry with her? Anubha says nothing like that and maybe she is sleeping, so let’s talk later on phone to take her blessings, as it’s time for your farewell.

Amma ji curses Meet saying she won’t get happiness!

Anubha tells Girl Meet that until now, you have taken care of us and this time, you have to prove that you’re a perfect wife and daughter-in-law. Meet says it’s a sudden happenings and I’m not ready for these responsibilities, so I’m scared honestly.

Anubha says your Dad died so suddenly, but you took good care of us becoming a Son, so you can fulfill this responsibilities too and she gives gift cover to her saying it helps her when she needed them, then she asks Meet Ahlawat to take care of her daughter by forgetting the past incident and you will definitely realise that Meet is good at her heart. Anubha asks Meet to complete her farewell ceremony. Meet performs the farewell ritual in tears.

Meet stops, seeing Manushi board on the Car, Rajvardhan changes the board to Meet’s name by removing Manushi’s name from it. Anubha bids adieu to Meet in tears.

Raj asks Deep if he can drive the Car? Deep agrees than he sends Ishqi and Deep with Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Raj promises to Anubha that he will take good care of Meet like his daughter. Anubha folds her hands in front of him, then he leaves in his Car.

Meet Ahlawat notices Meet is holding the pillow he bought for her moonshine so he takes it from her forcefully. Deep asks which turn he has to take for Chandigarh? Girl Meet tells him the way and the Car breaksdown in the way and Deep checks it and says they have to call the mechanic. Girk Meet asks if she can give it a try?

Meet Ahlawat scolds her to sit, then he calls his Dad and informs him of their situation. Raj says he will come to them, but he notices Girl Meet is checking the Car and he tells her that Dad is coming. Girl Meet says no need as the Car is set now. Deep checks it and says it’s working, then Deep informs Raj that they are coming home.

Boy Meet notices her hands are dirty then he gives her his handkerchief. Girl Meet cleans her hand then he says don’t mistake it for anything, as I care for my vehicle, as I hate dirt. Girl Meet leaves keeping the handkerchief in his hand.

Babita impatiently waits for her Daughter-in-law and she gets happy seeing Raj and she asks where are the Bride and Groom? Raj says they are coming in the other Car and he tells her that he needs to tell some important matter to her, but Babita stops him saying she will listen to him after the post home welcoming.

Masoom’s son tells to Babitha that Uncle and Newly wedded Aunt are coming. Babita says he is teasing her and she arranged everything to welcome Manushi.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat reaches home. Babitha asks tje ladies to pull down the Dupatta as I’m waiting to see my daughter-in-law. Meet hides behind Meet Ahlawat when the Duppatta drops. Babita asks is it part of the ritual that she hides from me and she closes her eyes and asks her to come in front of her quickly. Meet Ahlawat pulls her forward.

Babitha gets shocked seeing Meet and remembers how she insulted her previously then she asks Girl Meet to get out from their place!! Girl Meet stands shocked.

Babita says to Meet what are you doing here, so go from here! Babita’s friend laugh at the situation.

Raj says to Babita, Meet Ahlawat is married to her. Babita in shock ask what are you saying and drops the prayer tray, Babita says this can’t happen, you are all joking right, if this is a joke, then stop it and says to Raj tell me the truth, where is my Manushi? Raj says that’s what I’m trying to tell you, she is Manushi’s younger sister and our daughter-in-law, for now, you should do the welcoming prayer and bring her in.

Babita says why should I do the prayer, she is not my daughter-in-law, I accepted Manushi as my daughter-in-law and says to Meet Ahlawat, that you went to bring Manushi, so is she with you, say something I’m asking you a question! How did you accept this wayward girl as your wife, tell me!

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