Ragini says to Babita please be quiet and do the ritual. Babita says you were there with them and how did this happen in your presence, how did you allow this marriage, will somebody tell me when this was happening, it’s a big issue and you all didn’t tell me?? In my presence, this wouldn’t have happened, you all ruined my Son’s life! Everyone listen, this girl is not my daughter-in-law, bringing her was not my decision, so I’ll not follow any ritual, you all can do it, remove everything, as it was for Manushi, so nothing will happen and she starts crying. Raj goes and hugs her.

Girl Meet thinks she was not ready for me and because of Manushi’s bad decision, she is hurt.

Raj takes Babita into his room and says you always have faith in me and I never did anything that may harm us and which is why I took this big step, believe me, everything was sudden, and I had to take this decision and my intention was never to tell you, you know when Meet Ahlawat was in the Temple, we got to know Manushi ran away, so what should I do, tell me, should I have asked Meet Ahlawat and everyone to go back? Then I saw Meet and ask Guruji to check Meet’s horoscope and learnt that the first time they gave us the horoscope, it was Meet’s own not Manush, then I realised your word regarding the horoscope.

Babita remembers what she said about the match making. Raj says and surprisingly their horoscope matches, believe me, Meet is good girl. Babita says good gir? If I knew earlier that she was Manushi’s sister, I would have said NO to Manushi too, the Hoodah’s family cheated us and she is not a good girl, she is insolent, did you ever see her face? Raj says I know you are hurt, but you cannot judge just by the face, trust me, she is talented.

Babita says I have seen her talent very well, but I’m seeing your own talent for the very first time, why didn’t you ever think of asking me first, is this your love? I loved you a lot and I have trust in you, but what did you do? You know how excited I was for our Son’s wedding, so you could have called me once.

Raj says I believe I’m wron, but at least, think of your Son standing outside with her, waiting to get you do the ritual. Babita says she is not my daughter-in-law, and it was your decision, so I’ll not do anything and I don’t want to talk to you, my head is hurting. Raj says then I should think of it as you saying NO to Guruji. Babita stops.

Raj says Guruji said yes to this marriage, he matched their horoscope and said she is perfect for our Son and our home, if you ignore this, then it means you are ignoring Guruji.

Masum says I already knew Mom will not accept this relationship which was why I was trying to warn Raj of it, but he was not listening to me, I don’t know how long you’ll have to keep standing here!

Raj takes Masum’s name, Raj and Babita walks to the Bride and Groom. Ragini gives the house warming tray to Babita and ask her to do the prayer. Babita says I cannot do that, please you do it, I’m standing here.

Babita sees Meet Ahlawat’s face and thinks his face is telling he’s hurt a lot and says to Ragini to do the prayer of my Son. Ragini performs the ritual and ask Babita that this ritual, only the Mom can do so, so please give them your blessing. Babita says blessings are given through heart and I’m in pain right now, and you already did the prayer, so they can come in.

Girl Meet says I need your blessings, without that I cannot come in. Babita says then stand there, I’ll be happy if you don’t come inside!

Meet Ahlawat tries to walk in. Ragini says NO, Meet Ahlawat you cannot go inside. Meet Ahlawat says do whatever you need do fast,  because I’m feeling suffocated from thr inside, so Mother do fast.

Raj asks Babita to move forward. Meet Ahlawat says please Mom. Babita walks to them and performs the ritual, Babita looks at Girl Meet and says to Ragini ask someone to throw this pot somewhere far so that bad omen doesn’t stay near my Son!

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat touches Babita’s feet. Babita gives blessing to both of them and says I’m doing this so that my Son doesn’t suffer anymore and she puts her hand down.

Babita asks Ragini to perform the other rituals and finish it quickly. Ragini says to Girl Meet you have to make this Kalash (Pot) fall from your right leg so that this house have its blessings. Meet performs the ritual and gets in with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet gets inside the house after following the ritual. Girl Meet’s housewarming ritual begins, Sunaina asks Meet to walk 7 steps forward. Girl Meet begins the ritual with vermilion water on a cloth.

Meet Ahlawat stumbles while walking. Girl Meet catches him. Babita’s friend says Babita’s daughter-in-law made a new ritual. Meet Ahlawat gets up and steps on Meet’s sari by mistake. Everyone gets shocked.

Masum says jeans inside saari? Babita’s friend says you daughter-in-law has new fashion sense who is your exclusive designer and makes fun of her and mocks her.

Meet Ahlawat asks Ragini how much more time? Ragini says just let her take the kalash (pot) to the Temple and it’s over and ask Sunaina to bring the kalash (pot). Masum says to Sunaina Mom brought a small kalash (pot) for her delicate daughter-in-law, she is already in pain and you want to give her more by giving her that small kalash (pot)? She adds that besides, she saved my brother from falling, so she can handle the traditional kalash (pot) too and ask shyam to bring the traditional kalash (pot) from upstairs.

Raj says to Masum what are you doing, as your Mom has done the necessaru arrangement already?

Babita says Masum is right, all the ritual will be followed. Sunaina says to Masum this is heav, and two people are handling it. Masum says why can’t she? Besides, her Mom said she was bearing everything over there, so why can’t she handle things here?

Raj says to Masum this is risky, she might get injured,  she will not carry this much weight. Babita says then let it be, don’t do it. Girl Meet says I can handle it. Masum asks Shyam to put the kalash (pot) on her head.

Girl Meet walks with the Kalash (pot) carefully. Everyone is in shock. Duggu says yes new Aunt, you can do it, new Aunt is brave and strong!

Babita’s friend make fun of Babita. Girl Meet keeps the kalash (pot) in fron of the god statue and greets them.

Babita says to her friend all the ritual are complete, and thanks for coming! Her Friends mock her and go.

Sunaina ask Girl Meet to put your handprint on the board and sees Manushi’s name on the board and remembers what Babita said to Meet Ahlawat as hand impression.

Ragini walks there and cut Manushi’s name from the board and write Meet’s name there. Girl Meet dips her hand and put on her impression. Ragini takes them to god and asks them to take blessings.

Meet Ahlawat walks away in anger and throws Girl Meet’s duppata away. Ragini goes and put that duppata on Meet, and says don’t feel bad, he is not bad from the heart, he is hur, and I hope you understand, everything will be fine. Meet says I know that and thinks he should get happiness that he deserves.

Ragini says according to our house ritual, you have to be at the Temple all through the whole night and me and Sunaina will be here with you, so if you want to sleep, let us know so she ask Sunaina to bring the mattress. Ragini says to Meet, that tomorrow,  you can go to your room.

Sunaina brings the mattress and says mummy was on fast today which she was going to break after welcoming her daughter-in-law but she is not ready to eat anything and she’s very angry, and  says how can I break my fast, when my daughter-in-law didn’t come?

Ragini asks Sunaina to stay here, I’ll go and look after Babita. Girl Meet says it’s already late at night, you both can go and sleep, I’ll sleep, don’t worry much. Ragini says okay let us know if you need anything.

Manushi and Kunal are in the hotel room. Manushi is excited and thinks Kunal has decided a classic hotel for me, best decision I took in marrying him and calls Kunal and says your room will be more lavish than this, right? Kunal says of course and I’m sure your bedroom must be bigger than this too, right? Masum says yes I’m missing my room, I’m doing this because of you, so I can manage it for some days.

Kunal says you must be tired, I’ll go change, you take rest and leaves. Manushi says someone must have gotten my letter and Ahlawat’s family must have gone back and this week will be heavy for both Meet!

Girl Meet says to god that I know Meet Ahlawat is not bad, but being married to me is hurting him, so please stay with him and help him, God had found such good house for Manushi, but she didn’t do good.

Meet Ahlawat breaks his and Manushi’s picture in the room and tears off all the decorations.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat cries in their respective places reminscing Manushi’s betrayal to them.

Rajvardan asks Babita to break her fast by having food. Babita asks him to not show his fake care! Rajvardan says I told you about everything tht happened, then why are you questioning my love from years?

Girl Meet comes to their place hearing their words. They notices her. Babita says you choose misfit daughter-in-law for our Son and until now, we choose everything after discussing it together, but you take such important decision of Boy Meet’s life without consulting me!

Ragini brings food to her and says I know you’re hurt but Raj took the correct decision for our Meet, so please have food. Babita throws the food plate away. Girl Meet looks on.

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