Babita says if Raj took correct decision that our house may be filled with happiness and you will understand if Ram choose this kind of lady for your Son and will you accept this girl as your daughter-in-law, but you’re lucky that you had a daughter and she will go to other house, but I have to live with this girl in our place and we have to see her every day, even though we don’t like he, so keep your suggestion with you! She leaves. Ragini wipes her tears.

Girl Meet cleans the food on the floor. Masoom asks you’re happy right??? Everything is your family’s plan right?? Your entry has created differences between our Parents and we are not happy with your entry, so remember it!

Babita gets tears seeing her Son’s condition and he goes to him and wipes his tears. Boy Meet cries hugging her.

Girl Meet sits in the Temple in tears and tells to her Dad that she is not understanding how to fulfill her responsibilities, as Manushi ruined the hapiness of two families and God, you know what’s correct for us, but you didn’t do right by sending me here.

Babita asks Boy Meet to forgive her and you don’t deserve this girl. Boy Meet says it wouldn’t have happened if you were with me at that place.

Next morning, Girl Meet wakes up. Sunaina asks Meet to get ready for the next rituals and she asks Shyam to take Meet to her room. Masoom sends Shyam to get her medicine saying Aunt’s daughter-in-law will search for her room.

Girl Meet searches for the room and some table fell down and the legs got removed but Meet sets it right, then she gets to Boy Meet’s room where he changes his outfit and he questions why she came to his room after wearing his shirt? Girl Meet says they asked me to go to my room. Meet Ahlawat says it’s my room, so stay in theguest room!

Babita wears lambadi kind of dress according to her bet and her inner self mocks her, then she throws things away from her dressing table. Raj asks why she’s wearing this dress? Babita remembers her pride that she,  had in front of her friends and says to Raj because of your decision, I will have to face the consequences and do as said in bet!

Meet Ahlawat asks her to leave! Ragini comes to get Girl Meet ready for her post wedding ritual. Boy Meet asks her to give her another room. Ragini says she is your wife and will stay with you, so get used to it. Boy Meet leaves saying she is not his choice of wife!

Ragini shows the dress to Meet that Babita designed for her daughter-in-law. Girl Meet says it’s for Manushi. Ragini says no one can change fate, so don’t feel guilty, as destiny planned to unite you with boy Meet, and not your Sister.

Ragini goes to Girl Meet and says come out on time, the guests are waiting, Girl Meet comes out with her dress all messed up, Ragini laughs and says what have you done child? Girl Meet says I didn’t understand anything, Ragini says you could have called me, Meet says I thought why trouble you? Ragini says we are family and we share sorrow and happiness so that we can help each other and I am like a Mother to you, you can share all things like you do with your Mother, so come now.

Babita says I had pride in my daughter-in-law’s beauty and I made fun of others and today, they will make fun of me.

Meet Ahlawat walks in and says you won’t do anything of this kind, Babita says I had bragged a lot, Raj gets annoyed.

Ragini helps Girl Meet get ready, Meet stumbles because of the heel, Ragini helps her with an advice to manage heels. The Beautician walks in,  Girl Meet gets awkward seeing all the make up stuff and remembers Manu using all this and how she liked make-up, Ragini asks Meet where is she lost? Meet says I am not found of make up, Ragini says come let’s give it a try. Meet asks not to use straightener, Ragini says just go ahead with just the make-up.

Girl Meet looks at the set up and says all this just for make up? The Beautician shows her, her Client’s pictures and starts with the eyebrows, Meet says no ways, I can’t do this, please understand Aunt, I have never done make up, I can’t do all this just for beauty and I like the way I am, sorry please understand. Ragini says okay and asks the Beautician to leave.

Babita says to Raj, they are going to insult me just because of you, Raj says they will insult you if you consider this marriage as a joke, and insult? For once, try looking at Girl Meet from my perspective and you will feel proud, look at her inner beauty, and about you feeling little in this clothes, this clothes are our culture and thinking of it as low is not right and Girl Meet has done something Meet Ahlawat hasn’t, which  is looking after her family alone.

Babita says she might be responsible and very good, but for me, she is the reason I was insulted by my friends, they laughed at me, I lost a big bet and now I have to repay for it, you did what you had to.

Meet Ahlawat says Mom, give me 10 mins, I will manage everything and goes.

Sunaina greets all the guests. Babita’s friends discuss about the marriage situation and make fun of Babita and wait for Babita’s pride to shatter and see her dance and make fun of her.

Isha sees Meet Ahlawat tensed and walks to him and tells him what Babita’s friends are saying. Meet Ahlawat says Mom can’t handle this humiliation, she will break down, I will go and tell everyone that the function is cancelled, Ram stops Meet Ahlawat and says it will be the guests’ insult to ask them to leave, Meet Ahlawat says I can’t see Mom being insulted, I can’t let her friends laugh at her, this is all because of Girl Meet!

Isha walks to Ragini and tries to tell her about the situation, Ragini stops her, Isha looks at Girl Meet and says why isn’t she ready yet? Ragini says she is, she is comfortable in this.

Manu imagines her in-laws giving her 10,000,000 on her post wedding ceremony because she is pretty, Manu is playing with pillow in dreams thinking it’s money, Kunal wakes up says are you mad! Manu says I was dreaming and it was about my post wedding ceremony, so come, let’s go to your home, I will fall in their feet to convince them. Kunal says okay, first let’s have coffee. Manu says okay.

Kunal gets her coffee, and says you are right, let’s go to my house, but Dad isn’t home, he is in Mumbai and the Servant told me on call to not come now and to let his anger subside, and to come when he is back from Mumbai, so till then, let’s go to your place. Manu says that can’t happen, they will kill you. Kunal says forget all this, let’s have breakfast, order what is your favourite. Manu says okay.

Masoom tells Babita about the situation, and says today, our reputation is going to be ruined, and so I sent Duggu to the mall with Hoshiyar.

Meet Ahlawat says Mom, we will stop this. Babita says I can’t stop them all my life, I have given a word and will do as said, Masoom says but why should you be punished? Tell your friends that the girl’s family is a fraudster!

Raj says Anubha didn’t cheat us, they told us all the truth upfront, Babita says enough Raj, for him, she is pride and now,)  no one can stop me from this insult! Meet Ahlawat says Mom please wait, give me little time.

Girl Meet is wearing Jewelery, Meet asks Ragini how heavy it is? Ragini says forget about this, you look pretty.

Meet Ahlawat walks in and says you all go and I will get Meet down, Ragini says are you sure? Meet Ahlawat says yes, I can’t deny the fact that she is my wife now, Ragini and Isha leave. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet there will be no post wedding ceremony, and I have a solution for this, wear this dupatta and cover your face, because your face is the problem, and my family is worried and facing problems and I hate it too! He covers Meet’s face, Meet says I can’t breathe in this.

Meet Ahlawat says this is what I feel with you, suffocated! Meet says I can’t do this, Meet Ahlawat says it’s for my family’s reputation!

Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to hide her face for their family’s respect, then she hides her face with the Dupatta and she’s about to fall down due to the big veil, but Meet Ahlawat takes her to the venue by holding her hand.

Babita’s friends thinks where is Babita, as her daughter-in-law is here and they wait to insult Babita and they go to start the post wedding ritual and they asks Meet to open her veil but she refuses. The Guest says it’s the ritual of post wedding ceremony. Boy Meet says she is shy and we can finish this ritual in this way.

The Guests says it won’t be don’t until we see her face and they forcefully tries to remove her veil, but she didn’t let them open it.

Ragini says Meet open your veil otherwise, we may get insulted.

Raj says wear it with proud feeling then you won’t feel it as getting humiliated. Babita says you’re changed which is why you’re unable to see what is affecting me.

Girl Meet thinks to go to her room then her veil gets removed and the Guests makes fun of Babita’s choice. Masoom says it’s not good to see Mom getting insulted but this may help Mom send Meet out of our place!

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