The Police arrests Meet for having drugs in his car without listening to his family members pleas.

Kunal sees the Police has the drugs packet. Babita feels dizzy, they makes her sit and asks her to drink water. Babita says no, get my Meet. Ragini sees Babita state and asks what happened. Ram tells her Police arrested Meet. Girl Meet listens to their conversation. Ram and Raj rushes to the Police station.

Meet tries to come to Babita but Masoom blames her for their problems and pushes her from that place.

Ragini asks Babita to have water but she denies saying she dont have anything until Meet gets released.

The Police questions Meet Ahlawat who’s their drug leader. Meet tries to tell them that he doesn’t know how drugs came in her car but inspector won’t believe him.

Meet thinks to call Rajvardhan to know why the Police arrested Meet than she takes her phone and notices audio message of Meet Ahlawat that you know that your sister is cheating me still you hided it from everyone and proof of your mistake is in your hand so place your hand in heart and say that you didn’t cheated me and you’re not my culprit. Meet gets tears and think Meet is correct and I’m his culprit so I have to rectify my mistake.

Rajvardhan comes to station with Lawyer to know about the case. Inspector tells them regarding drug case and they asks him to handle the case in court. Lawyer goes to meet Judge to get the bail. Rajvardhan gets permission of inspector than he goes to Meet. Meet asks Raj about his Mom’s condition.

The Family members asks Babita to take tablet but she refuses saying she won’t have anything until she saw Meet. Masoom calls Hoshiyar and tells him about her Mom’s condition than she sends Duggu to his room with Isha.

Ragini says to Masoom that it’s tough to get bail as police got the packet from Meet car. Masoom says Mom health may gets deteriorates if Meet won’t return to home. Meet notices their pain and decides to do something.

The Inspector asks Meet to tell them about their supplier. Meet Ahlwat says I’m innocent so I won’t accept it. The Inspector holds his collar. Raj tells them they can’t touch as our lawyer went to get bail. The Inspector says you won’t get bail.

Meet comes to the station and says that packet belongs to her. Inspector asks if she is taking her husband blame. Meet says no, that packet belongs to me so release Meet and arrests me as his Mom’s health is not good. Raj asks why she is doing it.

The Inspector asks conestable to release Meet Ahlawat and they arrests Meet. Inspector questions Meet about Supplier. Meet tells them she works alone. Meet asks his Dad if he saw Meets real face. Raj asks Meet to leave to home giving his car keys. Meet leaves.

Ragini and Masoom assures Babita that everything will be fine. Meet calls Masoom and tells them that that police released him and he tells to his Mom that he is coming and he leaves from police station than Babita happily eats the fruits and takes her tablets. Masoom says it’s good that Meet is returning ti home and police entered to our place for the first time and Meet is unlucky for us and I feel her horoscope is wrong and I don’t trust that hooda family.

The Inspector allows Raj to meet Meet then Raj asks why she did it. Meet sats packet belongs to her. Raj asks what’s in the packet than she wrongly answer him. Raj says you don’t know what’s in that packet than why you take the blame, it’s a case of drugs.

Ragini says Meet is returning home because of the girl you’re blaming as she took blame on herself to save her husband. Ragini says just now I got to know that Meet takes the blame on herself to release your brother from jail.

Raj says you may punished for 10years and why you’re risking yourself by taking blame for family who didn’t accept you completely?  GirlMeet says family is family and I accepted your family as mine and his mom needs him.

Ragini says we need to thank Meet for saving boy Meet. Masoom says it might belongs to her otherwise, why will she take the blame upon herself?

Sunaina says some people do anything for their family. Masoom says don’t talk about it as it won’t  begood to listen from you and did you guys remember that Anubha gave similar packet (same ocean blue colour) to Meet on her farewell?

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