Rajvardhan asks Meet to change her statement. Meet says I can’t as Manushi created the problems for you, so think it as I’m bearing the punishment, but please help me and make sure that my Mom doesn’t find about it.

Raj gets emotional and insists her to change her statement, but she refuses, then he says he won’t leave until she gets released. Meet says Aunt needs you so please leave. Raj says wish my son trusted you, but he left believing that the drug packet belongs to you.

The Inspector asks Raj to leave, but he asks for another 2mins then the Inspector pushes Raj and Meet Ahlwat holds him on time and says her crime is still not proved, so you can’t behave in this way! Raj request him for 2 mins time. The Inspector allows him.

Raj says to Meet that he is proud of him amd he goes outside then Meet Ahlwat asks Meet to not sign the confession papers. Girl Meet says it’s a good opportunity to make me leave from your life then why’re you trying to save me? Meet Ahlawat says I can’t let an innocent person get punishment and I trust you as I trust my dad.

Masoom takes her husband’s phone and shows to them that Anubha gave similar packet to Meet and she agreed to this crime, as she realised that her whole family will get jailed which is why she is acting like a good person that she’s not!

The Inspector questions Girl Meet regarding the packet and Meet says she is confused about the bag. Raj calls the Commissioner’s office and request their help.

Boy Meet asks the Lawyer to check the cctv footage near the restaurant to apply the bail.

The Inspector points at Meet’s brought up, but she tells him to not point at her Parents as her Dad is the respectful Officer Ashok Hooda and they raised her with values! The Police gets stunned knowing it.

Raj asks the Inspector to attend to the call of the Commissioner’s office. The Commissioner office people asks him to release her. The Inspector says I may release her even without this call, as she’s the daughter of our mentor Ashok ji and she can’t do any wrong. Girl Meet thanks them.

Raj tells to Meet Ahlawat that the Police released their Daughter-in-law and they leave for home and everyone feels happy seeing boy Meet. Raj says Girl Meet is the reason that your Son is back home, so what do you want to gift your Daughter-in-law?

Masoom asks Isha to take Duggu to his room then she asks Girl Meet to leave from their home! Raj asks what’s she saying?

Babita says it’s my decision as we don’t have any place for criminals and she is a Criminal! Raj tells them how the Police released Girl Meet because of her Dad. Babita says he may be a respectful Inspector, but it won’t justify her character and maybe she is using her Dad’s name to do this drug business!

Raj asks Babitha to think about what’s she saying? Babita says we saw that her Mom gave that blue cover to her. Masoom says maybe her Mom and Dadi are smugglers??

Girl Meet says stop it, as I can’t listen to anything against my family, and you can see what’s in that blue packet as it’s available in this bag. Meet gives her the cover and Masoom gets the Devi maa idol from the cover. Everyone gets shocked.

Everyone is in the hall, Meet says my mom is not rich like you but till now, when she goes out in the colony, she still bows in front of her in respect of my late dad, although we don’t have money, but everyone respect us, we are rich in respect not money which many of the rich people don’t get, so I can’t give anyone the right to ruin our this long reputation with baseless accusation, so please keep that in mind, as you care for your family’s happiness same is the way I care for my family’s reputation, so you also keep in mind too, which she says to Meet Ahlawat and leaves.

Ragini says to Raj go stop her, all things said about her family shouldn’t have happened. Raj says how will I? I begged in front of her mother and Amma, so how can I and let me tell you all that she never wanted to marry him, but just because I begged her, she said yes and all this I did because of my greed, my family’s happiness, but what did she get in return? Insult which is why you think she doesn’t have level and so you think you can easily insult her family, today,  because of you all, I feel poor that I cannot say anything to her, how will I ask her to come back?

Masum says to Meet Ahlawat, look I don’t know but whatever I did was right and the confusion was because of this packet, but the good thing is that you never liked this girl and she has left you, please try to understand you deserve a better girl.

Meet Ahlawat says let me tell you all one thing, you all cannot see what actually is bad,  we insulted her family and said wrong about her which proved how wrong our upbringing is and I understand she will never fit into our family, I also don’t like her, but it doesn’t give us the right to insult her family, we have one thing in common, that we cannot see our family down and I would have also taken stand for my family, and now, for that, I have to say sorry to her, but I’ll bring her back.

Meet Ahlawat is leaving, while Girl Meet walks in, he says you didn’t go? Girl Meet ask where and says listen… Meet Ahlawat says when someone leaves angrily from the house, it means he has left the house. Girl Meet says come on, I only went to the parking lot to take a picture of the car and shows it to Meet Ahlawat and says these three car were at the function, but the one with drugs was here at the parking lot.

Raj say what she meant is that someone came inside and kept the packet in our car. Girl Meet says yes, you understood it, l and ask Meet Ahlawat to think who you gave your car to last time and circles around him. Meet Ahlawat says stop moving around, and let me think and speak, I’m so confused.

Girl Meet ask Babita didn’t you give him almond when he was a kid? Ragini says to Babita she is right, but you should question her, now give her a answer and forget it. Raj says we will investigate this tomorrow with fresh mind. Meet Ahlawat says yes, I’ll give you an answer then. Raj says now everyone go freshen up, we will have dinner together.

Girl Meet walks with Meet Ahlawat and stumble, both argue over who will go first.

Raj sees them and smiles and prays to God to stop taking her test and give her all the family happiness. Sunaina gets tea for him and says don’t worry about the family tension.

Anubha walks to Amma and ask her to take medicine. Amma says take it back, I don’t want anything from Girl Meet! Anubha says because of your anger, we have already missed her reception and it’s because you think Manu’s letter is real, you think it through that if Manu really wanted to help he, then why did she take all themoney and jewellery with herself in her elopement?

Amma says for a mother, all kinds are equal, but you always keep running behind Meet, did you think where my Manu must be, the way she ran, she might not know that the suitor have jewellery and money, she isn’t even answering her calls.

Anubha says that is because she doesn’t want us to track her and you are worried about her, but the Girl who helped our family’s reputation, you don’t care about her, she is dying to hear from you, and this is injustice! She leaves. Amma says God, where is my Manu?

Girl Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and both are wearing twining T-shirt. He sees the T-shirt and remember giving it to Manu. Meet Ahlawat remove his T-shirt and throws it and burns it. Girl Meet is shocked. Meet Ahlawat looks for a match and burns the T-shirt. Girl Meet removes the shirt and says what madness is this?

Meet Ahlawat shouts at her and says I gave this to Manushi when I proposed to her, but you are standing in front of me with this T-shirt and I’m angry, and I don’t know what I will do!

Girl Meet remembers Manu gave her the T-shirt as gift. Girl Meet says no need to be angry and this T-shirt was given by Manu and I didn’t have any idea that you gave this to her. Girl Meet thinks God knows what more lies she told us, but why are you awake till now?

Meet and Meet Ahlawat comes back with change T-shirt. Girl Meet ask him where is he going? Meet Ahlawat says going to sleep in the guest room, any problem? Girl Meet stops him and says what will you get from this? If you sleep outside, it will creat issue, you can sleep on the bed, while I’ll adjust myself somewhere in the room. Meet Ahlawat says I cannot be with you in same room, whenever I see your face, I get angry! He leaves.

Girl Meet looks at her mother’s gift and says my house is changed but habit shouldn’t, I used to sleep putting you to rest. Meet goes to pooja ghar and starts cleaning and sings devotional song.

Raj stands behind Girl Meet and closes the curtain. Raj ask you decorated all this? Meet says yes, I have this habit of resting god first, after which I will go to sleep, but why are you awake till now?

Girl Meet calls him “Kind Hearted uncle” and says Oh sorry, I know I should not call you Uncle but whenever I see you, it just comes out of my mouth. Raj laughs and says yes, l you should call me Dad or Papa or anything, but take your time as you wish. Meet says now, I feel like I have someone.

Raj says I thought you will go away, as everyone insulted your family but you stayed back, why?  Meet says when I was in the lock up, even you could have gone, but you didn’t, can I ask why? Raj says I’m your Dad, so how can I leave you alone in times of trouble?  Meet says then I’m your Son and daughter, so how can I just leave?

Raj says that’s right, a Son, Daughter and Daughter-in-law and no one loves you here, but you still stood for them, and this favour?

Girl Meet says stop please, on one side, you called me daughter and on the other side, say thank you, as there is nothing more important than my family.

Raj is about to thank Meet, but Meet stops him saying she did for their family. Rajvardhan says your hair is short but your heart is big. Meet says your heart is big too and why you’re awake at this time? Raj says he wants to enjoy sugar tea. Meet too gets excited and they become tea partners.

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