Meet says you’re soft from inside like coconut and you solved my dress problem, so solve my work problem too. Babita says don’t talk with me about your delivery work and change the dress and you have only 6months time to prove yourself and you can hire personal trainer for your improvement. Chavi comes to Babita room and handovers the gift she bought for her than she tells to Babita that she will train Meet. Babita agrees than She tells to Meet that Chavi helps her in her grooming. Chavi asks Meet to comes to hall after an hour.

Manushi asks Kunal to take her to honeymoon to Switzerland and Kunal tells her that he forgot his passport at home and asks if she have her passport. Manushi says even she forgot her passport. Kunal says we can’t go to Switzerland so I will order swiss cake. Manushi agrees.

Meet feels happy wearing her dress which looks like saree and she can do anything wearing that dress and she rotates holding her pallu and it falls on Meet Ahlwat face than she apologies to him. Meet Ahlawat says better be and it’s not garden to rotate and she fails to pin her saree than he helps her to pin it. Meet thanks him.

Meet Ahlawat says I helped you so you will leave from here immediately. Meet says I’m not dying to bear your sweat smell and Meet Ahlwat says it’s common when we return from gym. Meet about to talk about her delivery job than stops remembering Babita warning and goes out.

Chavi asks Meet which one she wants to try in foot wear. Meet says we have to wear according to comfort. Chavi makes Meet wear her sandals and she reads Masoom letter and she makes Meet walk and tells to Meet that she can start her job without informing to Babita as she will be in her office. Meet says she can’t lie. Ragini asks Meet to go to her room saying Meet is calling her.

Masoom asks why Meet calling her. Ragini says Meet is calling you and Isha but he needs to understand that his wife will do the work. Meet comes to room. Meet Ahlwat thinks it’s Masoom who entered than he asks her to choose dress to her. Meet takes one shirt than Masoom says he don’t like this dress that’s why he never wore it thsn she chooses another shirt ti him. Meet takes 2shirts without seeing them than he comes out wearing shirt given by Meet and Masoom gets shocked seeing him.

Meet and Masoom handovers shirts to Meet Ahlawat and he comes out wearing shirt choosed by Meet which makes Masoom gets shocked. Masoom asks why you wear this shirt as you don’t like it right. Meet says he started liking the shirt gifted by his Dad and tells her that it makes his favourite shirt and he goes to his work.

Meet smiles than Masoom says don’t feel happy as it impossible to accept you in his life. Meet asks what I did to you that you have problem with me. Masoom says I don’t like you as you dont have grace and class plus your parents didn’t teached you anything. Meet warns her to not point my parents as I won’t stay silent. Masoom leaves from her room. Meet thinks she have to rejoin work to pay the current bill.

Dadi gets headache. Anubha says she is unable to fix cylinder as Meet used to do it. Dadi says that’s why I used to say girl can’t become boy than that hear knocking sound. Ammaji asks Anubha to open the door. Anubha opens the door and Ammaji gets shocked seeing Rajvardhan and thinks Meet might did something wrong.

Chavi asks Meet to walk in heels without taking any help. Meet walks slowly. Chavi tells to Babitha that she started grooming session than Chavi sees her phone is ringing and asks her to take call. Meet slowly goes thsn Babita leaves.

Meet asks Ram and Lakhan if her Mom and Dadi are fine. They tells her they are fine. Meet cuts the call and dreams that her Mom and Dadi are facing problems because of lack of current and gas. Chavi makes her comeout from her dream than she asks her to walk. Meet walks but she fell down in the middle. Meet Ahlawat notice her.

Anubha asks what’s the reason of his surprise visit. Rajvardhan says let’s talk while having tea. Anubha looks on than he says I will connect Cylinder as I heard your conversation and he sets cylinder. Anubha thanks him. Raj says let’s talk while having tea and pakoda. Dadi asks Anubha to prepare. Meet feels the pain but she standup and about to fell down but Meet Ahlawat holds her than he makes her sit and sets her sprain.

Chavi leaves from that place thinking she can’t see it. Meet Ahlawat asks her to walk thsn she walks normally. Meet Ahlwat leaves saying one have to do what they needed and it’s not needed to become someone else. Meet thinks he is correct and leaves her heels.

Anubha gives him pakoda and tea. Raj asks them not let Meet know their discussion. Amma ji says what Meet did. Raj says Meet didn’t do anything and I know that Meet used to take care of your family but I take her from here so I wanted to help you financially and so please take this money as we are family.

Anubha tells him that they can’t accept it as it raise question on Meet kind of girls and I trust her and she will definitely think someway for us. Raj thinks how they can run their house as Babita denied to allow Meet to her work.

Manushi thinks her stomach ache will be gone if she knows if her letter worked or not than she calls Meet office from landline and gets to know Meet is not coming to office because of her family problems. Manushi feels happy knowing her letter plan got successful and my stomach pain gone after hearing it and Mom, Dadi may scolded her.

Chavi tells to Masoom that she implemented their plan than she asks Masoom to attend her call but nshe says let’s concentrate on our plan as it can be some telemarketing call. Meet gets to know from servant that noone is at home than she thinks she have to leave.

Masoom and Chavi hides seeing her and they notices Meet is going out. Masoom tells to Chavi that Meet is going against Mom so she wil be out from Ahlawat house.

Meet walks out of the house. Chavi says finally Meet is in yrap. Masum says she is standing near trap, mom yold her not to go on jib but still she went now I’ll trap her and calls Babita says you were saying you want yo donate something in NGO with brother so I called everyone, you also come fast.

Babita says you did this good and listen as Meet to be presentable and take care of guests. Masum says call dad too it will be good if whole family is here. Babita says okay I’ll let him know and ask her driver to take hime. Masum says now she is in trap and today will be her last day in Ahlawat house.

Babita greets Devika and says I’m sorry for getting late and ask Masum what about thete hospitality. Masum says don’t worry. Meet Ahlawat walks in. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat she is Devika and her NGO helps women in need and Devikaji he is Meet Ahlawat. Devikaji says so because of his marriage you are giving donation and ask where is your daughter-in-law.

Babita says she might preparing for snacks and asks Meet Ahlawat to sign check. Meet Ahlawat says okay and ask servent to bring check. Babita gets call and says its urgent I need to answer it. Chavi give signal to Masum to come inside. Masum give her signals to not to come and go back and bring snacks. Chavi keeps snacks and Devikaji congratulate Chavi and says here is gift for you and ask Masum to take a picture.

Meet Ahlawat says to Devika it’s a misunderstanding she is not my wife she is Chavi Masum’s sister in law. Devikaji says I’m sorry. Babita disconnect her cal and says to Masum I asked you to appoint Meet for hospitality why did you ask Chavi. Masum says I looked for her but couldn’t find so asked Chavi for hospitality as it is also important.

Raj walks in and greets Devika how’s you. Devikaji greets him back and congratulate him for his son marriage. Raj says did you meet our daughter-in-law she is such a good child and ask Masum to call Meet. Devikaji says but your son name is Meet. Raj says our daughter in law name is also Meet. Raj ask Masum to call Meet. Masum gets up and think everything us going according to plan now I have to go to her room and creat mess that Meet is not in her room.

Ragini walks down the stairs. Babita says Masum come here, Ragini will call Meet and ask her to call her down.

Masum walks back thinking whoever goes to call Meet, but news will come down that Ahlawat’s family daughter-in-law is not here!

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