Girl Meet says it’s confusion and she is lying. Babita asks why will she lie about that and just tell us why you did it?

Chavi says I taught her just as you have said Aunt, but she did this to me.

Girl Meet asks Raj if he feels she can do it?  Meet Ahlawat says she becomes a goon in while angry, so I believe she may have done it. Babita says she trust her Son.

Hoshiyar says I can’t stay in this place, so I’m leaving from this place tomorrow with my sister and will divorce your daughter. Everyone tries to stop him, but he doesn’t.

Masoom creates drama saying how would Duggu be raised without a father or what if he takes Duggu at post divorce and she breaksdown then Babita assures her that they will talk with Hoshiyar and she sends Masoom inside with Ragini.

Ram says let’s talk with Hosiyar before he takes any drastic step, as it’ll only spoil our Masoom’s life.

Babita says I don’t know whose evil eyes has fallen on our happiness, as my kids are facing problems and I’m not able to do anything.

Boy Meet consoles his Mom saying he will talk with Hoshiyar and he takes his Mom to her room.

Girl Meet asks Raj if he feels she did it? Raj signals no and leaves.

Next day, Boy Meet goes to Hoshiyar room taking his food and he notices Chavi in the room then he asks her about Brother-in-law? Chavi says Masoom took him to a restaurant to manage him and she asks him to make her have food, as she have to take her medicines too. Meet Ahlawat feeds her. Girl Meets notices them.

Ram says let’s gift Hoshiyar car. Ragini says let’s impress him with food and I feel he may forget his anger. Isha says stop it, as it won’t decrease his anger. Sunaina says it’s good if we send them out to enjoy. Babita says our kid’s life is struggling because of this girl.

Masoom returns home. Babita asks her if Hoshiyar changed his decision? Masoom says Hoshiyar decided to not leave from this place.

Boy Meet apologies to Hoshiyar and hugs him. Masoom says he has a condition i.e., Girl Meet has to apologize to Chavi by holding her feet and touching her nose to the floor. Chavi says no, as I can’t insults her even though she insulted me.

Babita says you’re good, and that doesn’t mean anyone can hurt you so she has to apologize. Boy Meet too agrees. Masoom thinks her plan is moving successfully.

Girl Meet says I’m ready to apologize to her, but first have breakfast then I will seek apologies in front of everyone. Everyone goes to have breakfast. Chavi praises Masoom.

Manushi receives a call from the Receptionist that they have to pay 350,000 bill. Manushi scolds him, then she asks him to come to the room by getting the swiping machine and she takes the credit card from Kunal and pays 400,000 to the Manager and asks him to keep the 50,000 as tip.

Boy Meet receives a message that 400,000 got deducted.

Kunal asks the Manager to settle all bills. Manushi thinks finally, she is going to her in-laws. Meet says how can 400,000 transaction happened from his card? Masoom says the card must be with you right? Boy Meet notices card is missing from his wallet.

Masoom says Girl Meet must have stolen it, as she’s in need of money. Meet Ahlawat thinks of Girl Meet taking his wallet and then rushes out. Masoom feels happy.

Meet Ahlwat goes to Girl Meet amd asks her about his Credit card which she stoled from his wallet? Raj asks what’s he saying? Boy Meet says I asked her to keep change in my wallet, but she stole that card and gave it to her team and I received a message of 400,000 transaction. Girl Meet looks on.

Boy Meet says you are big manipulator, first you said to do job, then Dad offered you money, yet you stole money from my Credit card??? Raj says to Meet Ahlawat don’t accuse her.

Babita says how much will you keep supporting this girl, if my Son is saying something, then he must be right.

Meet Ahlawat says to Girl Meet why are you standing numb, say something,  tell them the tru h that you did this! Girl Meet says yes, I did this, drink water and says what happened,  why are you looking at me like this? I said I took your card and says to Raj can I get your card, I need to do shopping and you must be having huge limit? Raj says my card limit is 2 millions, while that of Mest Ahlwat is 500,000. Girl Meet says I must have stolen your card, then no worries.

Meet Ahlawat says to Girl Meet you are acting smar, it will ask for pin! Girl Meet says then who told me your pin, or you were chanting your pin, so tell me when this happened? What happened? Why are you quiet? Tell me, as you were shouting that I stole your card now, so what happened? So without your pin, how was I able to steal your money as you claim?

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat give her an answer, when people are angry, they forget important things and same happened to you.

Girl Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you should have thought of it one time, so when was the last time you used your card?

Raj asks Meet Ahlawat to check the records. Meet Ahlawat looks at his phone and says it’s my mistake, this transaction is been done before she was in the house.

Ram says where are you lost? First, you give your car keys to someone, then drop your card??? Isha says don’t scold him, it was because of me that brother gave me his card for shopping, so someone might have seen the pin while I was shopping and might have stole it from my purse and honestly, I don’t even remember I returned him the card.

Ragini ask why did you take his card?? Isha says he gave me during the time of marriage and ask me to buy a dress from his side and Kunal was also with me, I’m sorry brother.

Girl Meet says first block your card, and takes his phone, saying I will help you with that. Chavi says by that is my phone. Girl Meet says it’s your phone, then come catch it and throws it away. Chavi catches her phone with both hands. Everyone is in shock. Chavi says it’s saved!

Girl Meet says nice catch, I’m sorry I’m bad at throwing but you should say thanks to me because you are all fine now, imcluding your bone and neck.

Sunaina says to Chavi that the Doctor told you, you are injured, your bone is broken, then what is this?? Girl Meet says do I need to say sorry to her again? Raj says no, because you proved you were right and Chavi lied!

Masum shouts at Chavi and asks is this a joke to you?? You should have told me earlier and what if Hoshiyar had taken a big step, he would have been hurt. Chavi said you only told…  Masum says shut up! Tell them it was a prank and says to Girl Meet no need to say sorry to her.

Hoshiyar says if Chavi did a prank, then no need to be sorry, I apologise for that.

Babita says no, it’s okay. Ragini says but someone needs to apologize to Girl Meet.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat come here and say sorry to her. Girl Meet says no need to be sorry, you thought I’m a Thief because I need money, you were no different from other human beings and says to Babita it’s true I need money and because of that, everyone thinks of me as a Goon or Thief and only you can save me, please allow me to do this job, I’ll send my hard earned money at my home, then nobody will be able to accuse me of what I’m not.

Babita says when did I say no to you, look, I told you earlier that I have no problem with you getting a job, it’s just that I cannot permit you to do delivery job, do you have any idea we are Ahlawat’s and if you will do this delivery job, everyone will disrespect us.

Meet Ahlawat says to Babita please give her permission to do the job, we are not famous because of our business, Ahlawat’s reputation is because my father did marketing job and made an empire and when his Son can do a small Assistant Manager job in his company, nobody made fun of me, then I guess nobody will make fun of her on her delivery job, so please give her permission.

Babita says try to understand. Meet Ahlawat says please permit her because of me.

Masum says yes Mom, Meet Ahlawat is right, please allow her to work, you already gave her 6 months and if she doesn’t prove herself, and won’t be with her job, then what will happen is she goes out of this house?

Sunaina says to Masum if she proved her worth in six months that she deserves to be in Ahlawat’s family then?

Babita says to Sunaina no need to stretch out, I permit her to do her delivery job because my Son requested me. Girl Meet touches her feet.

Raj says to Babita a tleast bless her. Babita give her blessings and says you can resume your job after Diwali. Meet takes the blessings of Raj too. Raj says to her to stay happy and ask everyone to have their breakfast.

Girl Meet on phone with her boss says I’ll resume after Diwali, please give me 20,000rs in advance. Her Boss says if you are joining, then I’ll transfer the money into your account. Meet says thank you, you offered me a great assistance.

Someone is knocking on the door. Amma asks Anubha to check who is breaking down the door. Anubha opens the door and two men from electricity board gets in and ask for meter, and says we are here to cut your connection because you have not paid the electricity bill and the last date is also crossed, so we need to cut the electricity.

Anubha says there must be some misunderstanding, my daughter takes care of everything, this can’t be possible. The Man says we don’t care at all, read this!

Amma says look what your Son-Daughter did,  now she’s of different family, till when will she take care of us, now do you believe me, that if a Son had been here, then this situation wouldn’t have happened, I don’t know when you will understand this!

Anubha says be quiet! I won’t let this happen, and ask them about the bill. The Man says 25,000.

Girl Meet gets a message of money and pays her bill online. Girl Meet opens the electricity website and says why is the website not working, and says the internet is not working now, so what should I do, from where should I get internet?

Meet Ahlawat walks in. Girl Meet says to him, I need your help, I need to pay for electricity bill, please give me your WIFI password. Meet Ahlawat says it’s not working, I broke it by mistake, the repair man took it with him and will give it by evening, he says I cannot give you my phone, but here take my Hotspot.

The Man says there is a meter, come with me. Anubha true to stop them. Amma says it will be a big disrespect for us in the colony as everything is happening because of your daughter! Amma and Anubha says please don’t cut. Anubha says try to listen us.

Girl Meet says it’s connected and don’t move or the Hotspot connection will break. Girl Meet pays the bill and hugs him and says thank you. Meet Ahlawat gives her a look and goes away.

Girl Meet gets a call from Anubha and says you know few minutes back, the Electricity board people were here to cut the electricity, but they received a message that bill is paid, so how did this happen? Meet says don’t worry, nothing will happen like this in the future. Anubha says I called you to tell you this, bless you my dear and hungs up.

Girl Meet says nothing bad will happen and after Diwali, I can resume my job.

Rajvardhan wakes up Babita saying today, is karva chauth. Babita says I have to be excited, but here you’re excited. Raj says Ragini prepared everything and you just have to give Sargi to our daughter-in-laws. Babita refuses to give them Sargi. (Sargi is the food that’s eaten by the woman who fasts through the day, after taking a bath in the early hours of the morning. This food is prepared by the Mother-in-law. The sargi has both sweet and savoury dishes. The sargi thali includes pheni or meethi seviyan, fruits, coconut, meethi mathri, dry fruits, mathri, paratha, sweets, and tea/juice).

Raj says Meet will win our Son’s heart with time and because of this rituals, our Tej may return home as well. Babita gets emotional saying I don’t know if Tej is alive or not and she leaves to freshen up.

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