Girl Meet says to Ram and Lakhan you two are big people, yet you came here to meet me. Ram and Lakhan says we were missing you, so we came to meet you and we were told by Amma that you are now a wife, and can’t come out of the house and we had to listen to everything, but I don’t understand, how did they let you out? Meet says today, I came without telling them, I don’t know was is right or wrong anymore.

Lakhan says I didn’t understand anything. Ram says I don’t understand why you have to listen to someone else, we should do what we love. Girl Meet says when you have to take everyone with you ,you have to listen, but sometimes, you have to listen to yourself.

Ragini is searching for Girl Meet and says she is not in the washroom. Sunaina walks in and ask did you find her, as Babita is asking for her again? Ragini says give me your phone and calls her, and says she is not answering her call, I don’t know where she is, is she out of the house? Sunaina says if Babita hears about this, then she will make a big fuss of it. Ragini says I know that Sunaina.

Girl Meet in the market takes the package from someone and goes.

Everyone in the hall is looking for Meet. Devikaji says I’m getting late, so I’m leaving, I will meet your daughter-in-law some other day. Raj says wait a little, she will here in no time and ask Babita to bring her.

Babita says why me, my guest are here, if I’ll go to call her, only then she will get that much ego. Meet Ahlawat says what if I bring her?  Devikaji says please try to understand, I’m getting late, sorry. She leaves.

Masum says this is too much, a guest came to our house and was waiting to meet her but now, what kind of impression is she going to have now? That Ahlawat’s family daughter-in-law has so much ego that she didn’t come to meet her, she will now talk to people and disrespect Ahlawat’s family!

Babita says this girl doesn’t have any right to insult us in front of everyone, now can’t we deserve a small greetings from her side to our guest, I don’t know what ego she has and says to Raj, is this your responsible daughter-in-law??

Raj says right now, we don’t know her reason of not coming down, and there could be a chance that she is not well, Ragini has gone to look for her, she will come and let us know, see Ragini is here, he then ask her what happened?

Ragini says Meet is not in the house. Babita says if she’s not in the house, then where she is?? Ragini says I called her, but she isn’t picking up. Sunaina says I’ll look for her outside.

Masum says there are possibilities that she might have gone to her house without telling anyone!

Raj ask Meet Ahlawat to call her house and says don’t ask directly, as there are chances she might be not there. Babita says can’t you see we are tensed? Meet Ahlawat says Mom please, and calls Anubha.

Anubha greets Meet Ahlawat and ask about how her daughter is? Meet Ahlawat says everything is okay and fine, I just called to know how you are and guest are in the house, so will call you back later. Anubha hungs up the phone and gets suspicious.

Raj says Meet is a responsible girl, she cannot do this. Babita says how much do you know her? Masum says if she is not here, then where is she? Did she go out to follow her passion, her delivery job??

Babita says I told her not to do that job, but she went, notwithstanding! Raj says Meet cannot do this.

Chavi says sorry to Raj and says while I was practicing with her, she got a call and she became upset after that call.

Manushi comes with a lot of shopping bags and says I’m so happy after doing this much shopping. Kunal says nice, I think you have your credit card on you, but you were saying you left your credit card at your home?  Manushi says yes, it’s at home, I did all this shopping from the hotel’s shopping centre and they were saying they will add this to the room’s bill. Kunal gets shocked and thinks she has raised more bar of the hotel bill, but no worries I’ll pay from Meet Alhawat’s credit card.

Sunaina comes and Ragini asks where is Meet?

Sunaina says I asked the guard and he told me when Babita left after 20 minutes Meet also went outside. Masum says what? So after Mom left, she also left in 20 minutes and says Babita, it’s clear she was waiting for you to leave so that she can resume her delivery job!

Babita says to Raj what did you say that she is a diamond? Today, she did a thing I strictly forbade her from doing! Today she took a step not for doing some job, but to betray us, sorry Raj, you lost in the test you have of her and ruined my son’s life!

Masum says Meet Ahlawat was shouting and saying she is not the right girl, but Dad didn’t listen to him!

Raj shouts at Masum and says I’m talking to your Mom! Meet Ahlawat walks away. Chavi says wait, I’ll look after him. Raj says my gut feeling is still saying if we say no to her working, then she won’t do it, I know she has different perspective regarding work, but if we draw a line, she will never cross it.

Masum says I don’t understand why you trust her a lot, I’m sure she  went out to do delivery!

Girl Meet comes and says I’m here with a bag and package in hand. Babita walks to her and says ask her where did she go and tell her we already knew she didn’t go to her house so there is no room for lie!

Raj says I cannot ask her any questions because I still trust her. Babita says but I need to ask after saying no, so why did she gp on her delivery job, she proved that she still belong to her house and not Ahlawat’s family and she has nothing to do with Ahlawat’s house reputation and if a person will disrespect this, then I don’t have any space for that person my heart and this house!

Girl Meet says but I didn’t disrespect you. Masum says first, you disrespected her and now, giving emotional speech??  We all know you went on your delivery, you are such a liar!

Duggu walks in with bandage on his head and says skilled Aunt is not a liar! Everyone is in shock and ask what happen to him and everyone ask what happened to him?

Girl Meet says he fell down during recess and the Teacher called Masum too, but she didn’t pick up, so the Teacher called on the landline, nobody was there, so I picked up the phone and went to his school to bring him. Babita says you managed everything rightly and went to his school and then took him to the Doctor, but you could have at least called us or drop a message? Girl Meet says I’m sorry but I was in a hurry, so told Uncle Mani (the Servant) and left.

Raj ask where is Mani? Mani says I’m here and says to Masum thank God I got here on time, I went far away to bring ingredients for your salad.

Raj says Girl Meet told you something, but what did you do? Mani says yes sir, she told that Duggu got hurt in school, so she is going there and nobody was in the house so I went to bring… Masum says okay, now you can go!

Raj says to Masum and Babita do you want to say something about this or is there any confusion? Girl Meet says it is true that I need to work to support my house, but I won’t do anything without your consent.

Meet Ahlawat goes to his room and thinks about his Mom’s words regarding how Girl Meet betrayed their trust.

Chavi goes behind him all touchy… Meet stands up out of discomfort. Chavi then says that girl is a liar and cheater and because of her, Aunty got insulted and I feel bad which is my reason for coming here and she tries to get close to him again by holding his hand.

Girl Meet stops Chavi. Meet Ahlawat asks where she went and why she didn’t answer his calls? Girl Meet says I forgot my phone at home and couldn’t think of anything after getting to know Duggu got injured. Meet Ahlawat gets shocked knowing Duggu was hurt and he’s about to leave but she asks him to borrow her money to pay the Auto rickshaw Driver. Meet Ahlawat leaves after giving her the money.

Chavi is about to leave but Girl Meet stops her saying I know you tried to spoil things behind me and she warns her to not try such things again by twisting her hand, then she leaves to pay the Auto bill.

Meet Ahlawat makes Duggu have his medicine by telling him stories. Meet says the Doctor asked to check the band aid once we reach home. Duggu says he is strong and can change it by himself.

Meet Ahlawat suddenly says Kunal took my car. Girl Meet asks him who’s Kunal? Rajvardhan asks Meet to call Kunal to know about the packet.

Ragini sends Duggu inside with Masoom then she tells Raj that their relationship may get spoilt more if they asks him about it. Raj says it’s a matter of Drugs so call him to know what happened without informing him about the drugs.

Meet Ahlawat calls Kunal, and Manushi who is closer to where the phone is on the bed is about to attend to it, but Kunal stops her on time and attends to the call and lies to Manushi that it’s a call from his Manager.

Boy Meet asks Kunal if he saw the blue packet in the car when he took it to the hospital for his wound? Kunal gets shocked then he lies to Meet that he doesn’t know as he left the car at the garage to set the punctured tyre, and left for the hospital. Meet Ahlawat asks him to meet them once he gets fine. Kunal thinks to change their hotel, since the goons are now frequency the hotel he’s at now.

Meet Ahlawat informs everyone about what Kunal said. Girl Meet says he is lying, as the car gets locked during that time of repair. Raj says she is correct. Girl Meet asks if they have his photo? Raj says yes and Ragini is about to show Kunal’s photo to her, but Meet Ahlawat thinks she may try to spoil Kunal’s image and he stops Ragini by taking the phone and says to Meet that Kunal is a part of this family and you can’t doubt him.

Girl Meet asks how he knows that Kunal is good? Both fights with each other. Raj stops them. Meet Ahlawat warns her to not involve in his matters and leaves.

Ragini asks Meet if she still wants to see it Kunal’s pics? Meet says no, as my husband doesn’t want me to see it. Raj asks Masoom and Babita to see her qualities.

Chavi cries seeing marks on her hands. Masoom asks what happened? Chavi tells her Girl Meet warned her, as she gets to know I’m the one who tried to spoil her Khichdi ritual. Masoom says smart. Chavi asks if she is on her side or Meet’sside and why are you appreciating her? Masoom says she gave us a way to deal with her!

Girl Meet gives money to him then he asks her to place it in his wallet. Meet receives a message and thinks tomorrow is the last day of paying the bill and how to pay it without a job and she comes out changing to her night wear.

Cream slips from Meet Ahlawat’s hand and Girl Meet mistakenly steps on it and the cream comes out from the tube. Meet Ahlwat comes to her angrily if she was blind and couldn’t see what was on the floor?? But he fell down because of the slippery floor due to the cream and he asks for her help, but she refuses, then he says he will call his family members or Chavi to help him.

Girl Meet asks him to call the, but he tries to get up but just couldn’t. Girl Meet enjoys his state while having popcorn and at last, he asks for her help saying she can get involved in his matters, then she helps him to get up with the help of the towel and she notices he is hurt then she applies her cream to his cut.

Suddenly, they hear Hoshiyar shouting at Masoom and comes down. Boy Meet asks Hoshiyar what happened then Masoom slowly asks him to slap her to implement their plan successfully. Hoshiyar slaps her and tells to boy Meet that he will divorce her too! Meet holds his collar.

The Family members comes out and scolds boy Meet for holding his collar. Boy Meet says he slapped Masoom and he’s talking about divorce. Masoom says you get angry at him because of me and in the same way, he got angry because of Chavi.

Hoshiyar asks Chavi to come. Chavi comes inside with hand brace. Everyone asks what happened to her? Chavi points at Girl Meet. Masoom says Meet pushed Chavi from the stairs, as she was asking her to learn well.

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