Rajvardhan asks Ragini to bring the Daughter-in-laws to take their sargi. Ragini asks if Babita agreed to give them Sargi? Raj asks her to call Girl Meet and Sunaina. They come to Raj. Girl Meet says Sargi will be given by Mom-in-law, right? Raj says I’m also like you who fulfills both duties and he gives them Sargi. Girl Meet and Sunaina takes his blessings.

Rajvardhan says it’s fine even if you don’t want to keep fast. Girl Meet say she will fast with her heart. Sunaina too agrees. Rajvardhan says they will get pindiya with hapiness then Ragini gives them food plates and asks them to have it fully.

Babita says to Girl Meet that you have to do Karva chauth with dedication and if you can’t do it, then back out, as you still have time and I don’t want my Son to face any other problems because of you. Girl Meet takes her blessings and assures her that she will keep the fast with dedication.

Meet Ahlwat wakes up and notices Meet is eating her food and says people wake up to exercise, but you’re eating heavily. Girl Meet says Aunt Ragini prepared good sweets. Meet Ahlawat gets tempted seeing pindiya, but Girl Meet won’t let him eat it saying she has to eat them to do Karva chauth.

Meet Ahlwat says I don’t accept you as my wife and their is no love between us, so don’t think that I will give you right as wife, as you’re my unwanted guest, so remember it and don’t do it for me! He goes to freshen up.  Girl Meet get teary and she puts the sweet back in the plate.

Manushi asks Kunal to bless her and tells him that she is keeping fast for his long life. Kunal tells her love you. Manushi expects exciting gift from him. Kunal asks her to have food saying he can’t see her in hunger, but she refuses to eat anything, then Kunal thinks to tempt her with food.

Chavi meets Masoom and request her to forgive her and I will impress Meet and I’m fasting for him. Masoom gets surprised. Chavi says she can do anything for her. Masoom asks her to keep the box under Meet’s bed without questioning her. Chavi agrees.

Hoshiyar gives bill of cookies to Babita according to Masoom’s plan. Babita says it might be Girl Meet who ordered them and she calls Meet and scolds her for ordering cookies. Meet says I didn’t even have water. Babita asks her to not lie! Raj says she won’t lie. Masoom says let’s check her room. Girl Meet asks them to check.

Duggu comes down with the cookies box. Babita asks him if he got it from Girl Meet room?  Duggu says he got it from his Mom’s room and it’s revealed how Girl Meet makes Chavi keep that cookies box under Masoom’s bed.

Masoom asks how can it happen? As you guys know how seriously I do this Karva chauth? Duggu says I bent to take my ball then I got this cookies box under the bed and it’s yummy.

Babita asks him to go play. Chavi asks Masoom to give her gift. Masoom says I get it that Hoshiyar ordered it for Duggu, but why did you give Mom’s name? Hoshiyar says he forgot.

Raj says you blamed her unnecessarily, so take her with you to the Karva chauth fair. Babita agrees and she asks Girl Meet to behave well and not do anything without her permission, as her friends will also be there. Meet agrees.

Kunal brings Manushi to the fair and he asks if she wants to have something? Manushi says she won’t break her fast until she gets good gift from him.

The Organizers shows Parande (fluffy design that could be attached to the hair) to Babita and her family members and they chooses it.

The Organizer lady says Meet will have to wear Wig to use Parande. Meet says it’s tough to handle both so get me some cap fitted with Parande. The Ladies mockingly says Meet’s sense of humour is good. The Ladies braids their hair with Parande. Meet takes permission from Babita to play some interesting games at the fair.

Manushi left her bag at the henna store. Meet comes to the same henna person and buys the henna cones but the shop owner ask if the bag belongs to her then Meet says no and asks the ladies aroundif it belongs to them?  Sunaina calls her on phone to join them now, so she tells her she’ll be with them soon.

Manushi realises she forgot her bag and she returns to get it.

Meet asks the Shop owner to return the bag to the owner and leaves to join Sunaina and the others.

Manushi takes her bag, and tells the henna man to thank the lady for her as she must be a nice person to be searching for her the owner to return it.

Girl Meet notices a boy that’s sad because of his injured hand, making him unable to win a teddy bear gift for his Sister. Meet then wins the teddy bear and gives it to him, the boy thanks her.

Babita sees Kunal.and asks what’s he doing in Karva chauth fair? Kunal says he came to collect some important papers from his married friend, who’s going to be here with his wife, then Babita asks him to come with her, so he can meet everyone but he refuses, saying his friend won’t know where he is and asks her to bring them here instead. Babita leaves the  bring the family members. Kunal quickly leaves the fair with Manushi as soon as she returns to him with her purse.

Babita brings everyone and notices Kunal is gone from there, then she receives a message from Kunal saying he went as receive an important call from his friend.

Girl Meet thinks she has to meet this guy.

Sunaina says Girl Meet promised to get gifts by winning in a game. Babita asks what is in that stall that they can’t buy? Girl Meet says the hapiness of victory and she takes them to the stall. Two Eveteasers teases Chavi and Isha there.

Girl Meet asks for Babita’s permission to teach them a lesson. Babita says she will handle it in her own way and she says to the Eveteasers that she will make a viral video of them. She start making their videos and they pushed her away, but Girl Meet holds her in time from falling.

Girl Meet gets angry and says she can’t wait for her permission and starts beating them up. One of the goons, who they refer to as Uncle is about to slap Girl Meet for beating up the two guys, but Meet Ahlawat who cames to the fair because of Sunaina’s call saves her by beating the goon up.

The Goon asks who’s she to him? Meet Ahlawat says she is my Wife. Girl Meet feels happy.

Everyone returns home. Meet Ahlawat takes blessings of Anubha and leaves immediately for his room. Girl Meet hugs her Mom. Babita sees the Karva chauth gifts bought by Anubha and asks why she bought it? Your daughter didn’t change her insolence? Anubha asks Girl Meet what she did? Meet says she just taught some goons lesson.

Babita says you’re a daughter of a Policeman and not a Police, who has the right to teach some goons lessons! Anubha says Meet’s childhood dreams has always been to become a Police Officer. Babita says she has to achieve it with her hardwork and she asks Meet not to teach lesson to goons until she wears a Police uniform and warns her to stay respectful as their daughter-in-law and she leaves for her room on anger. Masoom smirks and she and Chavi also leaves there.

Anubha asks Meet to become just like Babita wished. Ragini asks Anubha to not take Babita’s words seriously and tells her that your daughter is unique and they just need sometime to accept her and they will come to your house for post Diwali for the paagphera. Anubha agrees.

Meet Ahlawat on his way yo his room notices Masoom in tears amd asks her what happened? Masoom says Girl Meet kept cookies box under her bed to prove that I broke my fast but your Brother-in-law handled it and I feel she may ruin my life! Meet Ahlawat says nothing of the sort will happen and he asks her to give him sometime. Masoom agrees and leaves.

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