Ragini asks Girl Meet to give the first aid box to Meet, he takes it to their room.

Meet Ahlawat says it’s not your place to fight with goons and my Mom took you out, trusting you, but you started a fight at the fair without thinking about the reputation of my family and you’re a goon!

Girl Meet tries to tell him something, but Meet Ahlawat stops her by closing her mouth, then Girl Meet says they teased Isha and pushed Aunt Babita and you want me to be silent seeing it which I just couldn’t.

Meet Ahlawat asks her to sit, then he cleans the scratches on her hand. Girl Meet asks why he fought with the goons for a goon like her? Meet Ahlawat says he wants to keep plaster on her mouth! Girl Meet asks why he said in front of everyone that she’s his wife? Meet Ahlawat says I need to respect this relationship in front of everyone for Dad’S sake and you’re doing inonly name sake Karva chauth as well, and remember that I won’t break your fast!

Girl Meet feels bad then she puts plaster on her lips and cries.

Boy Meet  the pair of Raj and Babita. Ragini says we still have time to break fast, so let’s play antyakshari before the Moon arrives. Everyone agrees and plays antyakshari. Raj praises Meet’s voice and he asks her to sing.

Meet Ahlawat is about to leave, but Raj stops him to listen to Meet’s song. Babita says it’s time for prayer so let’s end it and they go out and takes their Prayer tray and sees their husbands through the sieve.

Meet Ahlawat goes aside before Girl Meet could see him through the sieve.

Babita asks her husband to not force Meet Ahlawat. Others breaks their wife’s fast. Chavi suggests Girl Meet to break her fast like Sunaina who does so with the photo of Tej and tonight, Boy Meet will break my fast and she goes aside and acts like she’s dizzy.

Masoom asks Meet Ahlawat to get water for,  Chav as she was fasting. Girl Meet asks Chavi to drink water. Babita asks Chavi to drink it, then Chavi drinks thE water reluctantly. Girl Meet says you want to drink with Meet’s hand which was why I made you have it. Everyone breaks their fast and takes their husband’s blessings.

Sunaina asks Girl Meet to have something, but she refuses and asks Sunaina what happened to Tej? Sunaina says I don’t know, one day, he left and didn’t return home, but I believe he will come for me, as he loves me and I trust my trust  him. Meet says her love and trust will definitely bring Tej to her.

Girl Meet uses Meet Ahlawat’s anger on himself and she makes him pour water on her face and she drinks that water and breaks the fast. Everyone praises Meet for her unique Karva chauth. Meet Ahlawat looks shocked.

Girl Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and says, listen, thank you for taking permission from Babita for my job and saving me from the goons. Meet Ahlawat Says if it was someone else, he would have done the same! Girl Meet says I also came to say thanks as a person, not as a wife.

Meet Ahlawat says welcome and breaks his button by mistake and says wherever you go, things starts breaking and goes to the wardrobe to try to open and break its handle and ask Girl Meet for keys. Girl Meet says I don’t know.

Meet Ahlawat starts calling for everyone. Girl Meet ask him to stitch it, he says I don’t know how to do it. Girl Meet says you will trouble everyone, as your whole life, you never learnt how to do it?

Ragini walks in and says you called. Meet Ahlawat says yes, where is my wardrobe key and please fix this button too. Ragini says I have work to do and you are married, now ask your wife to do it, I can give you needle and thread. Ragini gives it to Meet and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat says what are you looking at??  Do it! Meet says I don’t know how to put thread in a needle, Meet Ahlawat says Oh,  Wow! What now??

Girl Meet says I have a solution, and brings a Stapler, Meet Ahlawat gets scared, Girl Meet says I will staple it and the place will get covered by tie, now come, Meet Ahlawat says slowly please. Girl Meet itryings  to staple it, but couldn’t because of her short height, so stands on the bed and staples his shirt and says look…

Ragini calls Meet, GI Meet and Meet Ahlawat starts fighting on who she is calling, Meet Ahlawat fights and says she is calling me and leaves. Ragini says I meant her.

Ragini says Meet, you have to cook sweet today as per ritual, Meet Ahlawat and Meet start fighting over names, he leaves.

Masoom says you should be worried, Ragini asks why? Masoom says Mom’s friends who are cooking experts are coming, and she already insulted her during Muh Dikhai (post wedding).

Girl Meet says Ragini Aunty, I can’t cook. Ragini says I will help you don’t worry, I have to go out for some work, will do that and come back.

Masoom hides Ragini’s papers, Ragini leaves, Masoom says now, Aunt won’t come back soon, will need 4 hours more to come back.

Ragini calls Girl Meet and tells her she will be late, Meet says okay, I will watch a cooking video and cook. Masoom and Chavi discuss that this will be a disastrous day for Meet!

Girl Meet is in the kitchen, She says it’s easy to do all other works , I wish cooking was so easy too, and starts looking for things.

Duggu comes to help Girl Meet with the ingredients, Meet asks why are you here?  Duggu says me and Uncle are here to help, Meet says you have important meeting? Meet Ahlawat says Dad sent me here to help you. Meet Ahlawat says let me help you open the jar but couldn’t. Girl Meet opens it easily, Meet and Meet Ahlawat start fighting on who has attitude, Duggu scolds them and asks to focus on the cooking!

Duggu starts giving instructions, Meet and Meet Ahlawat start working as per Duggu’s instructions.

Masoom calls all Babita’s friend, Chavi says Aunty said just her best friend and her daughter, so why call others? Masoom says more people more insult and she will be out! Chavi says and I will get to marry Meet Ahlawat.

Duggu says Aunt, you haven’t put on the gas, Meet Ahlawat says senseless woman! Girl Meet puts on the gas and starts cooking, it starts burning, Meet Ahlawat says it said low gas, you kept it high.

Babita’s friends arrive, Duggu goes out.

Babita says Masoo, I hope she doesn’t insult me today, Masoom says Aunt is helping her don’t worry, all will be fine.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet because of you, Mom will be insulted!

Ragini walks in, Babita says where were you?  Ragini says I had work in the Bank, Babita says God, she is going to insult me now!

Girl Meet walks in with the sweet. Babita is praised by her friends and calls Girl Meet magical, Babita is very happy. Masoom gets angry and leaves.

Masoom goes into the kitchen to find some proof, she finds receipt in the dustbin of a sweetshop and says now, Meet will see some insult and all will know she is a liar and a cheat!

Masoom walks to everyone, Girl Meet says I have to say something. (Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, she has to lie to save Mom from insult).

Girl Meet says to everyone, I didn’t cook this, I ordered it, Masoom is shocked. Masoom scolds Meet for breaking the ritual! Girl Meet says I tried, but couldn’t cook, I got scared.

Babita’s friends says Babita, what’s all this? If all daughter-in-laws start ordering, soon, our Sons will go bankrupt!  Girl Meet says I ordered it from my money, I can’t cook, but can earn and so I ordered it.

Meet Ahlawat says Aunty, remember when your Son first got his first salary, you threw a lavish party and if we can enjoy that, why can’t we enjoy daughter-in-law’s success? This sweet is from the daughter-in-law’s hardwork, she didn’t change the ritual, but just made a little adjustment and her intentions were very pure and honest. The guests agree with him. He then tells them to sit down and continue eating, which they did.

Manushi keeps packing her things out of excitement regarding going to her in-law’s place, while Kunal is tensed on what to do. The hotel staff comes in with her dry cleaned clothes, she then scold him for bring five minutes late with it. The hotel staff apologized and said it was because of the cops.

Manushi out of shock asked if he means the Police are in the hotel? The hotel staff say yes, and it’s because of an ATM card that was swapped at their hotel. Manushi asked Kunal if that even makes sense, a Criminal in such a big hi like this?? She asked the Hotel Staff if they have found the criminal? He says all he knows is that the ATM card being stole belongs to to Alhawat.

Kunal gets scared hearing that, while Manushi seems tensed, hearing Meet’s name. She gives the hotel staff his payment, while being unaware that the ATM card has fallen off from her purse, and lying on the floor of the room of her hotel.

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