Kunal asks Manushi to get ready quickly, and he plans to take her out through the backdoor to escape from the Police.

Meet And Meet Ahlawat gets ready. Meet takes her Dad’s blessings seeing his photo in her mobile. Meet Ahlawat asks is it special day to take her Dad’s blessings? Meet says no need of special day to take blessings of our Parents, as they are gods to us and I won’t start my day without taking their blessings. Meet Ahlawat gets impressed.

Manushi asks where is he taking her? Kunal says it’s a surprise to her. Manushi thinks she will win her in-law’s heart with her beauty and she feels excited. Kunal ties her eyes saying they are close to the surprise.

Rajvardhan calls everyone and tells them that he arranged a surprise for their daughter-in-law just as he has arranged for their Son. Ragini smiles.

Meet Ahlawat takes the elders’ blessings. Ragini asks what happened to him suddenly? Meet says their is no need of special day to take blessings. Raj agrees.

Masoom mocks her dressing. Girl Meet says it’s needed for her work. Babita says let her wear what’s comfortable for her. Raj smiles then he tells Meet that he arranged a surprise for her and takes her out.

Kunal brings Manushi to the bungalow which he thinks belongs to her and she gets shocked seeing the house.

Girl Meet opens the cloth and she feels happy seeing her Dad’s bike. Masoom asks why is she so happy about getting an old bike? Raj says it’sher Dad’s bike which is why it’s valuable to her just like how Boy Meet uses my Car.

Girl Meet thanks him saying it’s the best gift to her and she offers to take him for a ride but he asks her to take Babita. Babita looks angrily at him.

Ragini asks Meet to perform prayer and Aarti on her bike and she asks Meet Ahlawat to record the video and she tells the prayer procedure to Meet.

Manushi insists that Kunal takes her to his place, but Kunal says my Parents are angry, so let’s make your Parents agree.

The Watchman comes to them and throws the luggage away. Kunal asks why he’s treating their owner’s daughter in this way??  The Watchman says he knows everyone at home and she is not my owner’s daughter or in anyway related to this family!

Manushi asks him to come saying she will tell him everything, but he gets shocked.

Ragini asks Boy Meet to break a coconut, but Girl Meet breaks it. Babita scolds her for snatching her Son’S right and questions if she doesn’t know that a woman can’t break it??

Girl Meet says Aunt asked to break it so…  Ragini says she meant their Meet.

Girl Meet and Raj says it’s confusion then Babita decides to change Girl Meet’s name! Babitha says they have to change their Daughter-in-law’s name to avoid confusion!

Meet calls Duggu as Chintu and asks him to get water. Duggu says his name is not Chintu. Meet Ahlawat says we kept his name as Duggu with love. Girl Meet says that’s what I’m trying to explain, as my Parents kept my name with love and I can’t lose my recognition.

Babita says I won’t let you change my decision, as your names are confusing us and I won’t let you snatch my Son’s rights!

Rajvardhan says let’s change our Son’s name, as you wanted to name him Subodh, so let’s rename him as you got the second opportunity to name your Son. Duggu smiles.

Meet Ahlawat refuses to change his name. Girl Meet also refuses then Babita says I gave permission to go for your job and you’re doing everything for your mother’s place, then won’t you have any responsibility towards your in-laws? This is the first time we are asking you something, can’t you change your name for us?

Girl Meet tries to say something but Sunaina takes her aside and tells her that they need to sacrifice somethings to get acceptance at in-law’s place, so think about it. Girl Meet looks on.

Manushi says sorry for lying to you Kunal, I’m not a rich girl, but I love you so much and you’re the one who considered me as a rich girl and I don’t want to lose your love which is why I didn’t inform you about my status. Kunal smiles and says you’re lying to me right? Manushi in tears says no.

Kunal gets shocked. Manushi says don’t worry, as I will convince your Parents and from childhood, I maintained myself as a rich girl, so I won’t let you get insulted and I will stay at your place as a rich and elegant lady and I can even spend 10,000,000 in an hour if you allow me,  so understand that I love you. Kunal remembers the warning of money lenders and he falls unconscious.

Meet Ahlawat wishes good luck to Meet for changing her name and he suggest some names for her and mocks her that it’s her Karma for wanting to change his name then he tries to start the Car, but it won’t get started. Girl Meet says it’s true that Karma is hitting you and she offers to help him out, but he refuses, than she goes to work after wishing him good luck. Meet Ahlawat calls his friend Deep.

Anubha calls Girl Meet. Meet tells her that she delivered her first order post marriage. Anubha tells her their neighbour named their new daughter Meet after you and I felt proud. Meet thinks what to do when these people wants to change my name?

Manushi buys water bottle and she’s about to leave, but Meet Ahlawat stops her. Manushi gets shocked seeing him.

Girl Meet notices a beggar father who’s feeding his daughter without having food himself. Girl Meet then thinks that all Dads are great and she gives her food to them. The man blesses Girl Meet. Meet says a girl have to become a good daughter and daughter-in-law in post marriage.

Meet Ahlawat says you love to run right???  Manushi says let me leave and forget the old scores! Meet Ahlawat says you filled my life with sadness and humiliation and why did you do this to me and why you cheated me??  Manushi thinks today is a bad day for her. Meet Ahlawat asks why she cheated him by playing with his feelings and what’s my mistake? Manushi leaves from that place pouring water on him.

Meet Ahlawat tries to stop her, but Deep stops him and asks why he wants to stop her, as she doesn’t deserve your hate too. Meet Ahlawat shouts for Manushi??? Deep feels bad seeing his friend’s state.

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