Girl Meet comes to Babita’s room and says my Parents named me Meet with love just has you have named your Son and I have a solution to this problem and we don’t even need to change names, you can call me Meet 2.O. Babita says it’s not any movie sequel, so stop joking. Meet says I’m not joking, girls have their name as their Parent’s love so please think about my Parents and I can’t change my name.

Babita says you’re thinking about your Parents, but obviously, you don’t care about your in-laws a bit! Girl Meet says I’m changing myself to become your daughter-in-law and I don’t have problem grooming myself, but I don’t want to change my name as it’s like going away from my Dad’s love, so please don’t think about changing my name, as I want to become a good daughter and daughter-in-law. Babita refuses.

Raj stops her saying Meet 2.0 is weird, but think of Meet as our daughter and let’s break this ritual of name changing. Girl Meet request her.

Meet Ahlawat wildly shouts at a person. Everyone rushes out and asks what happened? Meet Ahlawat asks who gave you permission to change the name to Manushi?? Chavi recalls how she asked that man to write Manushi’s name according to Masoom’s order.

The Officer lied to them saying he changed it seeing the wedding card. The Family members tries to control him and Ram asks Ragini to get water. Meet Ahlawat breaks the glass while recalling how Manushi escaped from him throwing the water at his face. The Family members gets shocked.

Meet Ahlawat warns the Officer to change that name immediately! He leaves to his room by kicking a vase. Raj apologies to the Officer and he leaves.

Rajvardhan tells to everyone that he doesn’t want anyone to change names and we have to think whether our daughter-in-law is fulfilling her duties or not and name changing is irrelevant, so it’s my final decision that no one will talk about it! He then asks Deep what happened to Boy Meet? Deepa says Meet met Manushi at the market and since then, he’s been angry.

Babita in tears says Boy Meet used to make everyone happy but now, he lost his happiness and do you know who’s responsible for his change?? It’s because of your sister Manushi and we lost our Meet Because Manushi killed him and you want to keep everyone happy right? Can you get back my Son’s happiness and can you heal his wounds by applying ointments??

Girl Meet says his broken heart may take times to heal, but I will definitely apply cream to his injured hand. Chavi feels happy.

Girl Meet goes to Meet Ahlawat’s room with ointment where she notices broken things and Girl Meet feels bad seeing him in tears, then she sets everything right in the room and he raises a vase and leaves it downstairs, he’s about to move, but Meet holds his feet and clears the glass pieces. He’s about to go, but she stops him holding his hand and bandages his hand.

Amma ji asks Anubha where she’s taking the sweets? Anubha says Asha named her new born daughter Meet and I’m taking these sweets to them. Amma ji mocks them. Anubha is about to leave with the sweets but stops seeing Babita and Rajvardhan and she invites them inside.

Babita says your daughter… And Ammaji says Meet must have created some issue now! Rajvardhan says it’s about Manushi, and not Meet. Amma ji looks shocked.

Boy Meet sees his mobile and recalls his moments with Manushi then he thinks why did she ask me to propose to her and who gave her the right to play with my heart?

Girl Meet sits near the idol and thinks her Sister ruined her life by leaving good alliance, but what’s Meet Ahlawat’s mistake, and I can’t see him in this state.

Rajvardhan says we accepted Meet and we came here to talk about Manushi. Babitha asks of they are in touch with Manushi? Anubha says no, she hasn’t contacted us and we didn’t search for her, but why are you asking about her?

Babita says we didn’t ask you guys anything, but now we are asking that you don’t keep any relationship with Manushi and you shouldn’t even allow her in your home! Amma ji and Anubha gets shocked. Babita says my Son is suffering because of Manushi, so promise us that you won’t allow her in your place? Amma ji says I agree that she made a mistake but how can we promise you in this matter?

Kunal asks Manushi to return to her home. Manushi says my family won’t allow me so please take me to your home. Kunal says my father wants me to get married to a rich girl and he will never accept a middle class girl like you.

Girl Meet thinks someone may have deceived Manushi and she ran away believing that guy’s words.

Amma ji takes Anubha aside and says we can’t punish Manushi for Girl Meet’s mistake.

Girl Meet thinks Manushi didn’t think about her family members before running away from home.

Kunal asks what she gained by lying to him?? Manushi says she did it for her love.

Anubha says Manushi is selfish and she didn’t think about her Dad and in-law’s respect, so don’t stop me from doing it otherwise, you will see me dead! Amma ji gets shocked.

Meet prays to the goddess to give Meet Ahlawat his hapiness back, as his family’s happiness depends on him.

Babita says your daughter cheated my son and he forgot all about his happiness, hope you notice my pain, so promise me that you won’t keep any relationship with Manushi? Anubha says I’m promising you that from today henceforth, I won’t have any relationship with Manushi and I have only one daughter from now henceforth which is Meet!

Kunal says your family members will accept you by breaking their promises, as Moms can’t see their children’s pain, so do it like I said and he tells something to her. Manushi says it’s a big lie. Kunal says she has to return to her family if she wants to get him.

Meet Ahlwat thinks he won’t leave Manushi until she answers his questions, so I will definitely find you!

Girl Meet asks God to help her to reach Manushi, as I want my friend’s happiness back then she goes to Boy Meet’s room and notices how he is bearing the pain without showing it to anyone then she takes his phone without his knowledge and messages Deep to meet her then she deletes the message.

Meet Ahlawat questions why she touched his phone and takes it from her. He then warns her to not touch his things! Girl Meet says fine, I can’t find my charger, so I’m checking your phone to check if the charging port is same, then she goes out saying she will get another one.

Chavi excitingly goes to try the dress that Masoom bought for her.

Girl Meet asks Deep where they found Manushi and she tells Deep that she wants to bring Manushi to Boy Meet, so he can get his answers, that ways, he will feel better. Deep says it’s tough to believe you guys are Sisters, then he tells her where they last saw her. Meet asks if he notice any marital signs on her? Deep says he saw wedding bangles in her hand.

Kunal makes Manushi remove her marital signs. Manushi sees her face and says she became previous Manushi prior marriage. Kunal says from here henceforth, I’m your friend Parth not Kunal, so remember it.

Girl Meet says it means she ran away from home to marry that guy. Deep asks if she knows that Manushi had an affair? Girl Meet says she once saw him and she’s about to say his name, but Deep leaves,  as he gets a call from his working site. Girl Meet thinks to find Kunal to reach her sister.

Anubha asks Amma ji to drink tea, but she refuses. Anubha asks her to not spoil her health and it’s not easy for me to break my relationship with Manushi, as I’m her Mom, but it’s needed, as Manushi cheated those people and I can’t keep Girl Meet’s happiness at stake, so please support me, as I need your help. Amma ji takes the tea.

Anubha gets milk then Manushi stands near the door calling her Mom. Anubha recalls her promise to Babita and closes the door on Manushi’s face. Manushi knocks the door but Anubha won’t open it.

Meet Ahlawat searches Girl Meet’s bag to get some information regarding Manushi. Girl Meet catch him in the act.

Girl Meet notices Meet Ahlawat checking her bag, then she asks why he’s checking her bag, then Meet Ahlawat says I’m keeping your clothes in the wardrobe, as your suitcases are making the room messy, so try to keep the room as neat and clean as possible, for as long as you are still here!

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