Girl Meet tries to catch him, but Kunal runs away. Ram and Lakhan calls Girl Meet to play the match.

Manushi sees Meet’s wedding photos and says so Meet Ahlawat married Meet for his Dad’s sake otherwise, who will marry her? Dadi says you wanted it to happen right?  Manushi says marriage can’t be sustainedn without love, and does Meet Ahlawat loves her? Dadi says seems like everything is fine, as he comes to Paghphera.

Manushi says he may try to show that everything is fine between them, and I have solid idea to know if everything is fine between them or not and she tells her idea. Dadi says she can’t do it at this age, but Manushi makes her agree.

Finally, Girl Meet takes the wicket then Meet Ahlawat starts bowling. Ram and Lakhan calls him Brother-in-law and he agrees thinking to get information regarding Manushi from them.

Girl Meet is lost in thoughts thinking of Kunal and Meet Ahlawat throws the ball which hits her head and she feels dizzy. Meet Ahlwat holds her in his arms. Girl Meet asks him to drop her saying everyone is looking at them, l but Boy Meet says let them stare, as we are husband and and wife and he takes her home.

Manushi by mistakenly throws popcorn on them. Anubha manages the situation saying it must be a monkey. Meet Ahlawat rushes upstairs to get energy drink for her. Amma ji tries to stop him, but couldn’t then she calls Anubha and tells her that Manushi is upstairs. Manushi runs to the store room.

Anubha goes upstairs saying she will get a spray. Meet Ahlawat hears some sound and goes towards the store room.

Meet Ahlawat stops near the store room hearing the sound. Manushi hides from him and he’s about to open the door, but Anubha stops him and sends him to Girl Meet then she locks the store room.

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to take sips of drink and he goes to get the medicine prescribed by their Doctor for Girl Meet. Anubha asks if Girl Meet is fine? Girl Meet says fine and I was just about to get to Manush, but I missed in catching the guy whom she used to roam about with. Anubha asks her to not to take Manushi’s name.

Outside, Boy Meet hears them and thinks how will he know about Manushi if they won’t talk about her?

At night, the ladies leave after locking Meet and Meet Ahlawat in a decorated room for their First night. Manushi thinks tomorrow, their secret will be out!

Meet Ahlawat says to Girl Meet that he can’t sleep on flowers and asks her to do something, then Girl Meet removes the flowers and they notice some bubble wraps and he asks what’s all this? Girl Meet says how to tell him that it’s a prank from neighbours for newly wedded couple to know the bonding, then she manages him telling it’s for the time pass and she breaks them then he asks her to separate their bed saying he wants to sleep.

Girl Meet separates the bed and she tells him that she will sleep after breaking them and she breaks them. Boy Meet takes them from her and jumps on them. Both of them breaks it by jumping on them.

Manushi hears the sound and imagines that they are spending their first night like normal couple then she thinks how did this Girl Meet become lucky suddenly and leaves to her room.

Girl Meet is about to fall down, but Meet Ahlawat holds her. Girl Meet goes to change her dress. Meet Ahlawat thinks he has just one day left to know about Manushi.

Next day, Girl Meet noticed the bed is not comfortable for Meet Ahlawat’s height then she joins the bed and makes him sleep comfortably and in this process, he drags her towards him, both of them shouts. Meet Ahlawat asks what’s she doing? Girl Meet says your leg was going out of the bed which is why I’m helping you, as I promised your Mom that I won’t let you face any problem. Meet Ahlawat says she’s his problem!

Anubha asks Girl Meet to come downstairs immediately.

Girl Meet comes down and Anubha tells her that the Tank is emptied so fill it through the neighbour’s pipe. Meet Ahlwat says no need, as I will take bath using hand pump. Anubha says he can’t do it. Meet Ahlawat says Dad used to tell us about it, so let me experience it. They agree. Anubha says he is from a rich family, but he is simple with adjusting mentality. Amma ji amd Anubha leaves asking Girl Meet to help him.

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to leave. Girl Meet says she will stay to help him with water and she closes her eyes. Meet Ahlawat needs more water then Meet helps him with water to finish his bath with the shower arranged by her.

Girl Meet thinks Manushi had hurt you, but I will make you get back your hapiness in instalments!

Meet Ahlawat thinks to go to the colony to know about Manushi, as he’s not getting any information at home and he goes and notices Anubha’s phone then he thinks to message Manushi that Dadi’s health is not good to reach her.

Manushi waits for her coffee and breakfast and she thinks to throw something to alert Dadi, so she can get her tiffin.

Meet Ahlawat takes the phone, but he keeps it down when Manushi throws something then he again takes it and types the message.

Girl Meet takes the phone and notices his message then she asks if he thinks to reach Manushi in this way and questions if he came with her to find out about Manushi? Meet Ahlawat says yes, I came here to find out about her, as you guys are not telling me anything about her and Manushi has to answer my questions, and only then, can I get relaxed!

Girl Meet says I know that you wanted to confront Manushi, but it’s a wrong way to come here in the name of Paghphera to find her and I myself is trying to make you meet Manushi di and did you think of how Mom would feel if she had caught you in this way? What will others think seeing it in this way?  Manushi overhears their conversation.

Meet Ahlawat questions why he has to think about other’s feelings when they don’t care about his feelings?? Meet asks him to talk softly, as her family members may hear him. Meet Ahlawat says I can’t act like you, let them know the reality of our relationship and I’m feeling suffocated in this marriage and you can’t become my wife and daughter-in-law of my Mom and remember, that I will never give you the right as my wife and you wanted to keep everyone happy, righ? Then don’t show your face to me and don’t return to my place! He leaves from Girl Meet’s place without listening to anyone.

Manushi celebrates in the Store room.

Girl Meet says to Anubha that he is angry that’s why he was talking in that way. Anubha says then why did Rajvardhan made you get married to his son when they can’t accept you as their daughter-in-law and she asks her to call Rajvardhan. Meet says it’s neither kind hearted Uncle’s mistake nor Boy Meet too, our Manushi has broken his dreams which is why he is angry and it takes time to heal his wounds, so they need time to accept me.

Anubha says you’re bearing everything alone without confiding in us and wish Maata rani gives you strength to set everything right.

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