Meet receives the blood for Meet Ahlawat’s surgery and she hands over the blood to the Doctor in her dizzy state. The Doctor tells her that  the blood is enough and goes to the OT. Girl Meet passes out.

Girl Meet regains consciousness in a room because of her Wedding Necklace that has slipped from her neck and she shouts saying Meet and rushes out taking her Wedding Necklace without listening to the Nurse words that her condition is not good.

Girl Meet meets Raj and asks about Meet Ahlawat’s condition and she blames herself for Meet Alhawat’s condition saying I broke my promise to Aunt Babita as I failed to take care of Meet and you trusted me so much Uncle, but I failed your trust, so slap me hard!

Raj says you didn’t fail as he’s out of danger because of you.

Girl Meet thanks Maata rani for saving her husband. Rajvardhan says you saved him from the goons and brought him to the hospital and gave your blood to him and you stood like protection to him, so please smile and don’t cry, as I can’t see my children’s sadness. Girl Meet says I’m not the crying type, but I get emotional sometimes. Raj says I know you get emotional in front of Dad. Girl Meet hugs him saying he is her Dad.

The Doctor Sends Raj to get medicines.

Girl Meet comes near Meet Ahlawat’s room and wears her Wedding Necklace seeing him.

Kunal thinks no need to hide from those goons plus they may have taught that Meet a lesson as well! Kunal receives a call from the Drug dealer and he happily attends to it and asks if they taught her a big lesson? The Drug Dealer says that girl gave our sketches to the Police which is why we are roaming about the whole city and all this happened because of you, so remember that you won’t get saved if we are caught by the Police! He then ends the call.

Kunal thinks to run away from the City to escape from the Police and Goons!

Raj in tears says why did they attacked our Meet? Girl Meet says I filed a FIR and gave sketches of them to the Police so they can’t escape now.

Kunal plans to leave from the City by taking the jewellery and Diamond set from Manushi, as he doesn’t have money.

The Nurse says the Patient’s condition is stable so one of you can leave now. Rajvardhan asks Girl Meet to leave for home to rest saying he will take care of Boy Meet. Girl Meet refuses saying she is fine. Raj says you need rest too and if you get hospitalized, then I will be broken.

Girl Meet says she will leave for his sake and she tells him how to take care of Boy Meet then she asks him to call her anytime he wakes up, then she notices Boy Meet moving his feet and she massages his feet and covers him with a blanket from every side and again she says she will leave, but she just couldn’t, so Raj asks her to stay with Boy Meet saying he needs her the most and Babita needs me at home as well.

Girl Meet out of worry asks what happened to her? Raj says migraine attack, so I couldn’t l inform her about Boy Meet and I will inform her tomorrow. Girl Meet asks him to leave saying she will take care of Boy Meet. Raj leaves.

Girl Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to fight with her, as you won’t look good in this silent way so please wake up. The Nurse checks Boy Meet and tells Girl Meet to take care of Boy Meet’s hand so the bleeding won’t reoccur. Girl Meet holds his hand to save him from further injury and she’s about to leave his hand in her sleepy state, so she slaps herself and notices her wound has started to bleed again so she ties Boy’s Meet hand to stand for protection and keeps the pillow under his hand and holds his hand in tears.

Meet sleeps off while holding Meet Ahlawat’s hand. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and sees Girl Meet holding his hands and sleeping and how his hands are tied to hold it in air. Meet Ahlawat remembers what he said to her about not showing her face to him ever again!

Anubha prays to God and says you helped Meet Ahlawat in not getting badly injured but I have one question, why is all this hardship in my Meet’s lif? How much will you test her?

Someone rings the door bell, Anubha goes to open the door and sees Kunal and ask didn’t you leave? Kunal says I have some important work, so thought to first finish them and then leave, and for that, I will need to stay here. Anubha says but there are many hotels here.

Manushi rushes to Kunal, and says Parth you are here and how did this happen? Parth say I met with an accident. Manushi says so sad and says mummy, he saved my life in Mumbai and you are insulting him?? Parth says it’s okay, I’ll stay somewhere else and starts leaving. Manushi holds his hand, Anubha finds it suspicious.

Manushi says Parth, you helped me in an unknown city and so you can stay in my small house for however you want and goes inside with Kunal. Manushi gives Kunal water and whisper thank God you are back, I was worried.

Anubha thinks why is he back?

Raj ask Isha where is Babita? Isha says she went with Chavi and mummy to meet a specialist Masum suggested. Raj says good, where did they go? His Clinic?  Isha says no, but to Lifeline Hospital near the Highway. Raj gets worried and thinks Meet Ahlawat is in that same hospital and says to Isha you carry on having your breakfast. Isha says come and have some with me. Raj says no and thinks what if Babita sees him?

The Nurse walks in and greet Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Girl Meet wakes up worried and says is your hand bleeding? God knows how I slept off! She looks at Meet Ahlawat and says you are badly injured here, so don’t move this hand.

The Nurse says you are such a caring wife and used a good idea and says we need to take him for test. The Nurse helps him to get up. Girl Meet is worried for Meet Ahlawat and sees him struggling with the slipper and helps him to wear it. The Nurse takes him out.

Babita, Ragini and Chavi walks into the hospital. Babita is on call and Meet Ahlawat is near her with the Nurse but she doesn’t see him and Meet Ahlawat gets inside the life.

Babita and Ragini sees Meet Ahlawat inside the Doctor’s room and tries to rush inside. The Compounder stops her. Babita says he’s is my son, what is he doing here? The Compounder says you are his mother and you don’t know? His wife got him here, as he was badly hit by some goons.

Babita thinks the goons must be the ones Girl Meet fought with in the fair and says to Ragini I’m very sure these are the goons Girl Meet had fought with and my Son tried to save her from them, and so he was hit so  badly!

Babita sees Girl Meet and gets angry, she walks to her. Girl Meet says to Babita he is better, I’ll go check. Babita slaps her and says look what you did to my Son?? I ask you to take care of him, I cannot tolerate this, you just bring problems for us and we can’t tolerate this anymore, so get out!

Ragini is shocked while Chavi is happy. Babita says don’t dare to return to our place and pushes Girl Meet away. Babita rushes to Meet Ahlawat.

The Doctor tells Babita, Ragini and Chhavi about Meet Ahlawat’s condition and says his hand is badly injured and has some stitches too, he is not bleeding which is a good sign. Ragini ask can we take him home? The Doctor says sure, I’ll get ready his discharge papers and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat enters the room, and Raj follows. Babita breakdowns seeing Meet Ahlawat and ask what happened to you?

Raj says I was going to tell you but you were unwell, so I didn’t tell you. Babita says you again kept me out of things and hid things from me, Why?? Raj says I wasn’t hiding it, I was going to tell you today’s morning when you feel better and that Meet Ahlawat is recovering and we are going home.

Meet Ahlawat says yes, I’m recovering and ask them to go ahead, I’ll come later. Babita ask why? He says I’ll come with Girl Meet, she will get worried if she doesn’t see me. Babita says she won’t come! He ask why? Babita says I threw her out of our lives for good!

Raj and Meet Ahlawat are shocked and ask why? Babita says because she only brings problem and you don’t even like her, you should be happy because I closed this chapter once and for all! She adds that Girl Meet doesn’t deserve to be your wife, she is the reason you are injured!

Meet Ahlawat says you are wrong, as I’m alive only because of her, how could you? We should not do this to her, the whole night, she took care of me even when she was injured and instead of saying thank you, you insulted her?? I have to go and find her!

Meet Ahlawat tries to stand up, but he trips and Girl Meet saves him in time. Girl Meet makes him sit on a wheel chair and scolds him, that the Doctor ask you not to move, so stop being so stubborn please!

Babita says you didn’t leave? Meet says I went to get him slippers and makes Meet Ahlawat wear it.

Chavi says can’t you see, he was already wearing one? Girl Meet says stupid girl and says to Meet Ahlawat I brought big size slippers for you because your legs are sore, it’s not branded, but it will help you, is it comfortable?

Meet Ahlawat says listen, Mom insulted you and you don’t deserve it, as you risked your life to save me, so we have to thank you and he’s about to apologise to her by holding his ears, but Girl Meet stops him and says the Doctor asked you to not move your hand so don’t and your Mom scolded me, but she is like my Mom and Dad, besides, what we speak in anger is not from the heart so I won’t leave from home.

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