Raj asks her to never change her inner self and nature.

The Nurse says one of you must be with the Patient 24/7. Raj asks her to tell that to Girl Meet but Babita asks her to tell her instead. The Nurse informs her of the medicines and exercises needed for him, then she leaves.

Babita asks Chavi what exercises the Nurse spoke about? Ragini says she remembered only half of it and she says she will go out to ask her again then Girl Meet tells them that she recorded everything.

Kunal and Manushi performs Couple’s exercise. Kunal asks her to move as Dadi and her Mom may catch them. Manushi says they went to the Temple so let’s have breakfast post my shower. Kunal agrees and he thinks to steal her jewelleries when Manushi goes to take her bath.

Girl Meet returns home. Babita says I know we can take care of Boy Meet but I hired a professional Nurse for him.

Girl Meet brings medicines and fruits in a trolley then Babita asks where is the Nurse? Girl Meet says I sent the Nurse back, as I will take care of boy Meet and illness doesn’t know if the caring person is a Wife or Nurse, so don’t worry, I can do it as the Nurse can’t take care of him like me.

Ragini agrees and asks Babita to give Girl Meet another chance. Babita asks what about your job? Meet says I took leave as he is important to me. Babita says my Son is my life so take care of him. Meet agrees than Babita leaves after thanking her.

Kunal takes the jewellery boxes and packs it in his bag. Manushi catch him and asks what’s he doing? Kunal tells her he wants to keep them safely. Manushi says don’t worry, as I already kept my Jewelleries and these boxes are empty. Kunal gets shocked. Manushi sends him out. Kunal thinks he has to take the jewelleries from her.

Girl Meet says to her husband that she will make him have sponge bath but he refuses saying he will do it himself, so she asks him to do it, but he couldn’t, she then helps him to have his sponge bath.
Chavi sees them and thinks when did they get this close?

Girl Meet plays with the veggies as she doesn’t know how to cut them. Duggu tells a live commentary.

Babita comes to the Kitchen and notices everything is messy then she questions what’s she doing? Duggu says Aunt is trying to make soup as thr Cook went to the Market. Babita says you don’t know how to cut veggies then how can you cook? She makes healthy soup for her Son and then asks Meet to learn cooking if she wants to feed her Son!

Girl Meet takes the soup. Chavi takes pizza to Meet Ahlawat and he feels excite. Girl Meet says the Doctor has advised to eat home made soup, so take the Pizza and give it to poor kids as I will take care of my husband!

Meet Ahlawat sighs then Girl Meet says he is my responsibility, so you don’t need to worry. Chavi tells her she’s the poor kid when it comes to Pizza and leaves from their room.

Meet Ahlawat refuses to have soup, but Meet makes him have it saying he has to eat it according to the Doctor’s advice for quick recovery. Meet Ahlawat says Mom is not allowing Deep to meet me thinking I’m stressed with work related discussions, but I need to work so give me my laptop.

Girl Meet says I’m with Aunty in this matter as you need complete rest. Meet Ahlawat says you’re feeling good by baby sitting me right and what’s this dull colour bed sheet and curtain?? Girl Meet thinks Mr Hasty is getting bored, so I have to think of something fun for him.

Girl Meet meets Babita and tells her that Meet Ahlawat may feel happy if he spends some time with his family. Babita says he needs bed rest at this time, not company of family members and I shifted my work to home, as I want to check on my Son so leave from here!

Babita thinks why has Chotu not arrived and she calls Chotu over the phone to come soon. Chotu tells her he will come soon, then he thinks why did daughter‐in-law, Girl Meet told him to hide for a while?

Girl Meet asks Babita to peel the peas. Chotu brings things and Girl Meet takes them. Babita asks where is she taking them? Girl Meet asks why is she working when she has everything? Babita says I feel happy working. Girl Meet says your Son is like you and works also makes him happy, but we can’t afford him to work so allow him to spend time with the family members. Babita agrees and she takes promise from Girl Meet to take care of her Son.

Girl Meet brings Meet Ahlawat to the lawn then the family members surprises him and they play passing pillow game and later plays dumb shall arts (Dumb Charades). Babita worries for her Son. Meet Ahlawat tells Girl Meet that he can play the game by standing up, but she won’t allow him then he stands up suddenly and loses his balance. Everyone shouts his name. Girl Meet holds him in time and ketchup falls on his shirt.

Babita rushes out to them and thinks it’s blood then she scolds Girl Meet for not taking good care of her Son! Everyone asks her to relax then Babita says I lost my elder Son and I don’t want to lose Meet too and call the doctor or at least, get the first aid box then she notices he is not hurt.

Meet Alhawat says it’s ketchup and I’m fine. The Family members says Girl Meet saved Meet Alhawat on time. Girl Meet says I won’t let anything wrong happen to him. Babita says he may get hurt so I can’t take any risk and from now onwards, he will take complete bed rest!

Meet Alhawat thinks he has to go out for that work and he tells his Mom that he is fine but Babita won’t listen and she asks Girl Meet to not let Boy Meet go out from the room! Girl Meet agrees. Meet Ahlawat thinks this will be a big problem now, as Girl Meet will be extra alert, which means he has to search for a way to go out at night!

Meet Ahlawat and Girl Meet are sleeping. Meet Ahlawat is playing a recording of snoring and thinks it’s too loud, which means she is in deep sleep and gets out of bed and realises his leg is tied to a scarf and turns around to find Girl Meet staring at him holding the other end she ask where to? She turns on the light. Meet Ahlawat says washroom and why did you tie me up? Girl Meet says then you don’t need to walk for that, just wait, I’ll open the washroom.

Meet Ahlawat thinks I was playing loud noise of snoring so she could go to sleep, but she didn’t, I have to plan something else to go out.

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