Girl Meet says what are you staring at? Go. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to go again. Girl Meet says how confused are you, now let me tie you again. Meet Ahlawat says you will not tie I feel itching, you ties it that was what woke me up, otherwise, I will still be asleep now!

Girl Meet says whenever you want, I’ll open it, but I’ll not take any risk, so go to bed please. Meet Ahlawat lies down and she ties him again. Meet Ahlawat thinks now I have to think of something to send her out of the room, only then can I leave! Girl Meet switch off the light, and stares at him. Meet Ahlawat says if you keep staring, then I won’t be able to go to sleep so go now.

Kunal goes to the store room and see it’s locked and says why is it locked? Everyone is in their room, now where will I sleep?

Anubha stands behind him and says this room is full so I had to lock it afterall, countless of Thieves has increased in Shahbadh, you can sleep in the varanda here, and this is a bedsheet for you and leaves.

Kunal says she definitely hates me! She sent me away from the store room to the varanda, next will be outside the house, I quickly need to steal her jewellery and leave!

Meet Ahlawat pours water in a flower pot and says listen, if you aren’t sleep, can you bring water for me, it’s empty? Girl Meet get’s out of the bed and checks the bottle. Meet Ahlawat says listen, I want to sleep peacefully so I’ll be fully covering myself. Girl Meet says is that all? Meet Ahlawat yes. Meet says okay and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat cover himself and count till 5, and says she might have gone, it’s time to leave, and puts pillow under his blanket.

Girl Meet walks in and says tell what important work it is? Meet Ahlawat says nothing important, I was getting bored, so I thought of going on a walk. Girl Meet says so you poured water in the flower pot and planned to use pillow as a disguise and go on a walk? No, I think there must be a reason you did all these things so tell why you did it?

Meet Ahlawat ignores her. Girl Meet says okay, I’ll tell Aunty if you are not saying anything? Meet Ahlawat says it’s very important and I don’t want anybody to know about it, so it will be between you and me and tells her what it is.

Amma is feeling cold. Anubha gets her warm turmeric milk and says it’s good in winter, so have it and says I cannot understand Manushi, I don’t know what she wants from her life. Amma says I cannot have it, it’s bitter! Anubha says Amma please do not trouble me, you have to drink it and Parth already has been another tension for me, I booked his ticket, but he came back, and Manushi is looking after him, and as much as I know her, she doesn’t do anything for free,so I don’t know what she’s hiding!

Amma says you are right, I also don’t like that boy, we need to do something! Anubha says I have a plan, let’s send Manushi to Delhi, my friend Mamta own a Salon there, and working with her will help Manushi. Amma says I’ll go with her. Anubha says that’s a very good idea. Anubha says I’ll make arrangements.

Meet Ahlawat says in every 20th day of the months, I go to donate clothes, foods for the needy in name of Tej Veerji, so that he returns home safely. Girl Meet says why hide such good act? Meet Ahlawat says it was an oath I had taken and you know this is my thing with my god, asnd nobody knows about this in the house.

Girl Meet says but I have an order from Aunty that you should face no discomfort, but to help you, how about I go with you? Meet Ahlawat says NO, this is my thing, and I have to go alone and whenever I do it, I feel happy and peaceful and feel like someone is taking care of my brother and you know when we were together, people used to think of us as twins, when people are so close to you and when they are not near, you feel bad which is why I’ll go and donate.

Girl Meet says it’s a big risk, I’ll help you and thinks I’ll complete both the promise of Aunty and Meet Ahlawat’s.

They both get ready to leave. They come downstairs and stumble as they hit a table and drops the vase, but Meet Ahlawat catches it in between. Meet Ahlawat says tell me one thing, are you going on a picnic? Girl Meet says it contains everything that is important for you.

Masum sees them and says Babita ask Meet Ahlawat not to leave his room and Girl Meet is helping him to get out of the house, that too at this time of the night?? I need to find out where they are going and follow them!

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat get into the car and Girl Meet says I’ll drive, you will sit at the Passenger’s sit and keeps a pillow for his support and helps him to settle down.

Masuum gets out of the house and says Babita strictly says proper bed rest for Meet Ahlawat, so where is she taking her this night? I’ll follow and record it to show it as evidence to Mom!

Girl Meet thinks Meet Ahlawat is so kind hearted and Manushi did wrong by breaking his heart, tonight, I’ll make Manushi meet Meet Ahlawat and give him all the answers for his question to heal him and says to Meet Ahlawat, I’ll put the location on the GPS so as to get there faster.

Girl Meet sends a message to Manushi asking her to meet at Highway no.5 near Aman Preet Sing Chawk, it’s important, I’m sending you the location.

Masum tries to sneaks into her car as Girl Meet was sending the message. Meet Ahlawat ask Girl Meet to go.

Masum at the backside of the car thinks I’ll show Mom what she’s doing tonight and Mom will throw her out of the house!

Babita and Raj are sleeping. Babita wakes up, puts on the lights and says my Meet Ahlawat is in pain and it’s hard to rely on Girl Meet to stay awake all night and take care of him, only a Mother can do this and no one else, and so I have to see my Son now and leaves.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat are on their way, he says listen, we are going today not tomorrow, we cannot reach before 12 with this speed, Girl Meet says I won’t speed up, you will scold me later, he says I won’t, give me, I will try. Girl Meet says funny, have water and gives him a sipper, Meet says you are injured, so just drink it.

Babita is about to knock, Raj stops her and says Girl Meet is trying hard to take care of our Son and doing good with it too, a Doctor can’t also be more careful than that, Babita says I agree but it’s not fair to rely on her totally and let’s go to sleep. Raj says I know that but even Doctors are not perfect at times, I know you don’t rely on her, but you can show that you have faith in your Son and takes Babita back to their room.

Masoom follows Meet’s car and she notices Meet Ahlawat is donating clothes,other things and fruits to needed people and kids, with the help of Girl Meet. Masoom feels bad for following them and thinks she didn’t even bring shawl too?

Manushi outside in cold waits for an Auto and says she sends me the location but didn’t tell me why I have to come, but I have to go or else, she will tell everything to Mummy and Mummy will throw me out of the house! She stops an Auto and she messages Girl Meet that she is coming.

Girl Meet thinks finally, she is going to make Meet Alhawat meet with her sister. Meet Alhawat asks can they leave? She then asks him to wait for sometime to enjoy the weather and to know what your heart thinks. Meet Ahlawat says my heart is questioning why I fought with you that day and I even hurt your Mom and Dadi and I don’t know how many times I have to apologise to you?

Girl Meet holds his shoulder and she thinks my sister will apologize to you and your heart will get healed after talking to my sister then she sees an Auto, and thinks her sister is scared to face Meet Ahlawat so she goes to the Auto lying to Meet Alhawat that she is going to have water.

Gir Meet goes to the Auto. Masoom too follows her. Girl Meet asks Manushi to come out. Anubha shows her face by removing her shawl. Girl Meet and Masoom gets shocked.

Girl Meet asks what’s Anubha doing? Anubha asks Girl Meet to never take Manushi’s name in her in-laws and tells her how she made a promise to Babita.

Masoom goes near to listen to their talks but she couldn’t hear a thing.

Anubha asks Girl Meet to make Meet Ahlawat forget Manushi and she takes a promise from Girl Meet to not reveal anything about Manushi to Meet Ahlawat and his family, then she leaves in the Auto. Girl Meet leaves sadly.

Masoom thinks which promise did Anubha take from Meet, I won’t leave them until I expose them!

Kunal feels shivered. Anubha returns home. Manushi asks Anubha if she knows why Girl Meet called her? Anubha says forget about your sister and brother-in-law and pack your bags as you’re going to Delhi! Manushi says I won’t and don’t forget that I’m your elder daughter? Anubha says you never think about our respect and besides you said you went to Mumbai for work, so leave to Delhi with your Grandmother after 4 days and my friend will train you for a job and please, make this Parth leave from here too!

Meet Ahlawat thanks Meet for helping him to finish his wish. Meet thinks she is lying for her Mom. Masoom shares everything with her husband and then tells him that she will execute her plan to expose their secret!

Next day, Meet wakes Meet Ahlawat up and gives him tablet then he says his skin is getting dry, as he’s unable to do his skin routine. Meet takes him to the sofa and she does his skin routine according to his suggestions.

Maasoom comes to Meet’s room and asks how’s he feeling? Meet says he is good then Babita says this Madam must havd slept fully as no one can take care like the Mom. Bot Meet says no, she slept after me and took good care of me. Babita looks on and says she might have forgotten the tablets. Boy Meet says no, she gave me so don’t worry about me as Girl Meet will take care of me. Babita leaves seeing Girl Meet is applying cream on him.

Babita goes to the dining table. Raj asks how’s Meet? Babita says he is fine and Boy Meet told me that Girl Meet is taking good care of him. Raj says you gave her 6 months time, but with this speed, she will become your favourite daughter-in-law. Babita looks on. He asks Isha to book movie tickets for him and his wife, but Babita refuses and she gets shocked seeing Meet Ahlawat coming to the dining table and joins his family.

Girl Meet gets shocked seeing her article in the newspaper.

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