Everyone is at the dining table. Girl Meet sees her photo in the newspaper under the headline that reads;

A lady saved many people from falling into manhole.

She prays to God and says what to do now, as everyone will know we were not in the house and will question me and Meet Ahlawat. Babita walks in.

Meet tries to hide the Newspaper. Raj says please give me a minute and says let’s go for a live event where we can go have our dinner. Isha says to Raj what are you looking for in the newspaper’s era of application, and isn’t that old school, though it will save time? Babita says I’ll go only when Meet Ahlawat is alright. Raj keeps the newspaper on the table. Babita sees the article and starts reading it in front of everyone. Raj see her photo. Masum is in shock.

Meet Ahlawat thinks that some journalist covered her news yesterday. Babita ask Girl Meet where were you last night and left my Son alone? Meet Ahlawat says no Mom… Meet says yes, I had to go for an urgent delivery. Babita says how dare you leave my Son alone, and if your delivery job was more important then my Son?? What if he needs some help? Are you that irresponsible and stop giving fake promises, you are just so careless!

Meet Ahlawat says Mom, I didn’t have any problem at night. Babita says that’s not the issue, the issue is that she’s not trustworthy, she is a liar, I cannot compromise for your health. Girl Meet says I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. Babita says I don’t trust you. Masum thinks she come out if one steps ahead from my knowledge, she hid Meet Ahlawat’s secret and making space for soft corner, but I have planned a surprise for you which may help to bring out your secret. Meet Ahlawat looks at Meet, she bows her head to not to say anything.

Meet Ahlawat in his room remembers what Babita said to Meet near the dining table. Meet walks in and says what are you doing, I’m trying to make you healthy and you are wasting your energy by roaming, I suggest you go into power saving mode. Meet Ahlawat says and in what mode were you downstairs to sacrifice if they get to know about my good deed, then let them know.

Girl Meet says people get scolded by their family and what’s wrong if I got scolded as your oath was more important? Meet Ahlawat says listen to me, sometimes, you got scolded because of me and I’m feeling heavy and you don’t deserve that scolding.

Girl Meet thinks I’m already lying to everyone about not telling them that Manushi is at home, you don’t deserve that and I feel heavy because I can’t tell you. Meet Ahlawat goes to bed. Meet thinks I have to make him happy, he is sad or else, he won’t get healthy.

Girl Meet dressed as south indian man entertains Meet Ahlawat, Isha and Duggu joins her. Duggu’s lungi go down but they manage. Meet Ahlawat starts smiling.

Manushi says what date night? Kunal says yes, the date night, and I feel like a stranger to you and if this continues, then one day, I’ll ask who you are, I want you to get dressed for me, all covered in jewellery especially for me, I want to feel special. Manushi thinks he loves me so much and he’s rich too, I want go to some stupid salon in Delhi to earn pennies and says I’ll make you feel special, don’t worry I’ll get ready for you and no one will take us apart, they hug each other and Kunal leaves. Manushi says now, I’m gonna do something that will scare the hell out of mummy, now I’ll show my true colours!

Guruji visits Ahlawat’s. Raj says to Guruji why did you come, we could have ask our Driver yo pick you up. Guruji says I have been called by one of your families. Masum walks in and says I called Guruji, she greets him and says I think my brother is facing lots of problems in his life, last time, it came into his life, I was worried so I called him.

Raj says yes Guruji, we can handle little problem but this time, it was about our kid’s life but our daughter-in-law saved her. Masum says we want to know why it’s happening, we all know how kind hearted, loving and ideal boy he is, then why is he always in trouble, is someone’s presence affecting him? Meet thinks it’s because of me.

Guruji says if someone has anything to speak, so please say it to only me, then I can help you. Masum looks at Girl Meet and thinks her expression are changing, my plan is going accordingly. Masum says we would live, is it possible we write it on a piece of paper so that we can feel free from that load? Guruji says it’s possible.

Isha says I’ll get pen and paper. Everyone takes diary and paper. Masum thinks I just want to know Girl Meet’s confessions, after that, mom will get to know about her and her family, and would be thrown out of the house! Everyone writes their confession. Masum looks at Girl Meet who seems to be writing.

Girl Meet remembers what Anubha said to her about Manushi. Everyone gives their confession to Guruji. Girl Meet goes to Guruji and says I have kept my paper empty because I think what we feel should be said to everyone, and not to be written down, he keeps her copy, and says please give your blessings to Meet Ahlawat because he needs more of it, you can come with me, I’ll tell you what I’m feeling. Guruji says okay, let’s go.

Meet takes Guruji to Meet Ahlawat’s room. Meet says he is sleeping because of medicine, I’ll wake him up. Guruji says let him rest and gives Meet Ahlawat his blessings and start walking. Meet calls Guruji and says my father used to say, that you pay for every mistake in this life itself, and does hiding the truth hurt the whole family? Guruji says when we see someone happy, we get happy, in that same way, every emotion affect each other when it’s from someone close to you.

Girl Meet says I have a confession to make, I cannot write it on paper and I want to say it in person. Guruji says tell what you want to say. Masum watching everything from outside says now, you come to confess what your family is planning and all the doors will be closed for you of this house.

Girl Meet is about to say it, but hears a sound and looks for the source, she closes the door. Masum says she closed the door, if you are cunning, then I’m also from Ahlawat’s family, and I’ll look from the window and walks to the other side and says I can see and hear everything better here.

Girl Meet says to Guruji that these people are very rich and are very kind hearted, everyone (Ragini, Sunaina, Raj) has faith in me and love me and I don’t like to hide anything from them, last night, my Mom ask me to hide something which is impossible for me to hide and I feel very heavy because of that, she then remembers what Anubha said to her last night and thinks Mummy gave me her swear not to tell.

Meet Ahlawat coughs in his sleep. Meet rushes towards him to look, and rubs his chest. His cough stops so Girl Meet returns to Guruji to continue her conversation but Guruji says you don’t need to say anything, I understand that sometimes in life, we have to do things and sacrifice for our family’s happiness, I know you cannot lead this family down, have trust in god and with time, everything will be fine and so, he blesses her. Girl Meet says you made me feel light hearted and touches his feet. Guruji says now, I have to leave.

Masum listens and gets upset about not finding out anything and says I will find out what it is she is hiding!

Manushi is painting her nails. Anubha walks to her and tells her to start kneeding dough while I’ll go cook daal. Manushi says I have just painted my nails, so you do it. Anubha says okay, then go wash the utensils, useless girl, and does nothing! Manushi says what are you doing scolding me in front of the guest (Kunal) what will he think about how rude you are?

Anubha says then ask your guest to leave! She adds that Guest don’t stay for so long and if they do, they are shameless! Kunal hears all this and thinks who wants to stay here, I’m only here for the jewellery! Anubha scolds Manushi and she goes to wash the utensils. Manushi makes faces while cleaning the utensils.

Kunal drops her a message that reads

Will my baby get ready for me tonight?

Manushi checks her phone and repliea not tonight, tomorrow. Kunal replies why? Manushi says to Anubha that tomorrow is Girl Meet’s birthday, so what gift are yougiving her? Anubha says I cooked ladoo for her, and I will go to the temple very early  tomorrow morning and pray for her and gives ladoo as sweet offering.

Amma who is upstairs hears all this. Manushi says good idea, she will love it. Amma says it’s my late grandson birth date too, so make some kheer, I’ll distribute it to the poor kids. Anubha says okay. Manushi winks at Kunal.

Next day, Meet is making Meet Ahlawat excercise. Meet keeps pushing him to complete the set. As soon as Meet Ahlawat sees that Girl Meet is busy with some other things, he stops exercising and keeps counting to fool Girl Meet. Girl Meet turns around and sees he is busy on phone. He looks at her and notices he’s been caught, he starts exercising again.

Girl Meet says how dare you cheat, now stand up! He says you are just like a hitler! Girl Meet says okay, stand up. Meet Ahlawat says as punishment, may God spoil your icecream, book suspens and no one wishes you on your birthday. Meet says okay, start exercising, she stands up on the sofa and helps him in exercising. He completes the 50 hand stretch exercise and lies on the bed out of fatigue.

The Servant walks in with flowers and says it’s for Meet. Meet Ahlawat says maybe from the Office as a get well soon. Girl Meet says you rest, I’ll get you soup. Meet Ahlawat says don’t come back.

Girl Meet is in the kitchen. Babita walks in and ask what are you cooking? Meet says vegetable soup. Babita says who adds ladyfinger and capsicum in soup when did I teach you that? Meet says you told me green vegetables are good for the health. Babita says may God save us, don’t ever come to the kitchen alone, as Ragini will help you to join some cooking classes, only then can you enter the kitchen to cook alone!

Girl Meet says you are the best chief, you teach me just like mother and you know everyone’s liking too. Babita says I have to go to my boutique, I’ll send Ragini till then, don’t touch anything and she leaves.

Duggu rushes to Meet’s room and ask Meet Ahlawat where is she? Boy Meet says she killed me through exercise. Duggu asks where is she, as I want to wish her, it’s her birthday. Meet Ahlawat says don’t lie for cake. Duggu says I’m not and picks the bouquet and reads the card on it that;

Happy Birthday Meet Ustaad.

Meet Alhawat says I thought it’s for me and even she didn’t tell anyone, I said to her that no one will wish her happy birthday, but it was just a joke, what should I do? Duggu ask what will you gift her? Meet Ahlawat says I’ll plan a surprise birthday for her where everyone she knows will wish her Happy Birthday and this will be a good gesture. Duggu says but Grandma won’t let you. Meet Ahlawat says she is my mom, I can convince her, but before that, I need to do something.

Anubha is cooking, she gets a call from Meet Ahlawat. Manushi says mummy, your loveable Son-in-law is calling and picks the call. Meet Ahlawat hears her voice. Anubha snatches the phone from Manushi and greets Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat ask who spoke before you? Anubha says their neighbour, as I was in the Kitchen. She gives Manushi a cold stare. Manushi leaves.

Anubha asks Meet Ahlawat how is he doing? He says your daughter takes very good care of me and says I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left this way. Anubha says I understand your pain and I’m happy how Meet is, she is pure gold. Meet Ahlawat says I know how she is, she is taking good care of me, I’m planning a surprise birthday party for her. Anubha says that’s very good. He ask her to get everyone Girl Meet knows to make her happy. Anubha says we will be there and keeps the phone gos to God and pray them.

Meet Ahlawat meets Ragini and ask where is mom? She is not answering calls. Ragini says she has some important Clients visiting her. Meet Ahlawat says now, mom is not here, so me and Duggu needs your help, we have planned a surprise birthday party for Meet. Ragini says so nice, I’ll definitely help you. Meet Ahlawat explains to her the whole plan.

Girl Meet walks in and ask Meet Alhawat you’re downstairs, okay now, have your soup here. Meet Ahlawat and Ragini both says no, Meet Ahlawat says I’ll comfortably have the soup in my room, let’s go. Girl Meet asks aren’t you throwing a lot of tantrums, come let’s go.

Masum hiding listens to all this and says Meet Ahlawat did good by inviting Anubha over, aa she will tell me the hidden truth because I’ll make her do it!

Anubha packs ladoo. Lakhan walks in and ask how am I looking? Anubha says very handsome. Lakhan says I’m very excited for the party and hope you didn’t tell her so as not to ruin the surprise? Anubha says no, infact this is the first time I haven’t wished her yet, nor given her my blessings.

Amma walks in cribbing over the fact that everyone is excited for Meet’s birthday but no one remembers my late grandson’s death, and because of Girl Meet, I lost my grandson, did you make kheer as I asked?? Anubha says yes, and won’t you come to Meet in-law’s place? Ammaji says as per old saying, it’s a sin to have food at daughters-in-law’s and any ways, I have no relationship with her, so good riddance! Anubha feels bad and in tears.

Duggu informs Meet Ahlawat about all the arrangements. Ragini looks after the arrangements. Isha ask at a food stall is sweet here and tells Ragini that everything is available. Duggu says the arrangements are on point to Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat says when everything is set, then ask Ragini to start plan B. Girl Meet walks in. Meet Ahlawat ask her where are you going? Meet says outside. Meet Ahlawat says no, you can’t go outside. Meet says why?

Duggu says to Meet Ahlawat on call everything is done. Meet Ahlawat says when things are done, ask Sunaina to to go for plan B.

Girl Meet walks in to do her work and goes out. Meet Ahlawat stops and says where are you going? Girl Meet says I’m going out. Meet Ahlawat says you cannot go outside right now because… Girl Meet says why can’t I go out? Are you a Teacher that you are saying no to me for going out? Are you thirsty or hungry? Meet Ahlawat says no. Meet says then why can’t I go, so let me talk to Aunty regarding your dinner, or else, she will scold me.

Meet Ahlawat says we were going to watch a movie, so come let’s go. Girl Meet says when did we talk about that? Meet Ahlawat says we spoke of watching a movie. Girl Meet says I don’t remember and I don’t want to watch, just keep pillow with you and watch any movie you want. Meet Ahlawat stops her and says you need to watch it with me because it’s a horror movie and I feel scared of watching horror movie, he thinks I need to plan the surprise which is why I spoke about being scared or on a normal day, I won’t have said anything like that.

Girl Meet smiles and says a big man is scared of horror movie. Meet Ahlawat says yes, if you don’t want to watch, then leave it, as I’ll watch and if I get scared, then I’ll shout and make some movement out of fear  which can injure me again and you will be held responsible for that!

Girl Meet says this is the first time I’m getting blackmailed for watching a movie, can’t you watch with someone else? Meet Ahlawat says you took the responsibility of taking care of me. Girl Meet says okay come. Meet Ahlawat says switch on the TV and whispers on call that Duggu what’s the status? Girl Meet ask which film do you want to see? Meet Ahlawat says comedy.

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