Lakhan, Amma and Anubha are in the house. Lakhan says I bought new shirt for Ustaad, she loves yellow colour that’s why. Anubha says did you forget that she wears Saree now? Lakhan says okay, forget this and ask Amma what you bought for Meet?

Amma picks a cactus and hands it to Lakhan and says give it to her and says I sent it and says to Anubha your daughter took all the happiness of Manushi’s life and planted thorns! Anubha says what are you saying? It’s her birthday today, don’t curse her today.

Amma looks at Lakhan and says what are you still doing here, go from here and give her this or else, I’ll slap you now, so go from here! Lakhan runs away.

Duggu says on phone that arrangements are done, but I cannot see Aunt’s Ustaad family I’ll go and check.

Masum hears Duggu and says so Anubha aunty is coming, now I’ll manipulate her to tell everyone what secret she is hiding!

Manushi ask Amma aren’t you gone yet? Amma says I’m leaving and sees Kunal, so she ask him where are you going? Kunal says yes, I have some urgent work to do and will be back by evening. Amma whispers to Manushi it doesn’t matter if you won’t come back, and says I don’t understand Anubha, how can she be so bias to treat one child better, forget it, I have cooked for you, you can have it.

Manushi hugs her and say you are the best, you can go and pray and while coming back, go and meet your friend, don’t worry about me,I’ll lock the door, go and enjoy.

Amma says I forgot to tell you one thing, that Meet’s friend came today and starts saying today is Meet’s birthday and showing gifts, then he ask me what I’m giving her? Manushi ask then what are you giving her? Amma says I gave him cactus and says take Dadi’s gift. Manushi in shock remembers hiding her jewellery in the cactus. Amma says, she sews thorns in your life and she will get just that in return! Kunal says good work.

Manushi says excuse me? She freaks out and says you gifted her that cactus?? Amma says yes, I don’t like both Meet and that plant now, I’ll feel calm, take care of yourself and the house.

Girl Meet is upset about no one remembering her birthday. Meet Ahlawat thinks I know you are feeling sad as no one is wishing you, but just wait for some time, after getting this surprise, you will feel happy.

Girl Meet gets up. Meet Ahlawat says wait, where are you going, I mean I feel like doing more exercises, can you help me? Meet says this morning, you were not in the mood. He says I want to get healthy, so please help me. Girl Meet says okay get ready and helps him in doing his exercises. She says it’s 52, you are done. He says I want to be healthy fast, let’s do it to 100 and continues. Meet says why are you bearing the pain, so stop it.

Sunaina walks in. Meet Ahlawat says Sunaina is here and ask do you need something? Sunaina says to Girl Meet thay I want to make you ready for s family photo. Meet ask what family photo and goes with her.

Meet Ahlawat saysthe  plan to make Girl Meet ready for the party is done. Duggu on phone says well done Uncle.

Kunal looks at Manushi all shocked and touches her. Manushi get’s shocked and Kunal says nobody is home now, go get ready for me and don’t forget to wear your jewellery, you will look so much like a Princess. Manushi says the jewellery is gone. Kunal says what do you mean where are they? Manushi says I hid that jewellery in the cactus and Amma has gifted that to Meet. Kunal laughs.

Manushi says I’m in tensed and you are laughing? Kunal says who hid them in the cactus and who gift someone cactus?? This whole family is mad! Manushi says how would I know that and I had only your gifted diamond necklace. Kunal remembers that gift and starts taking hiccups, he thinks if Meet Ahlawat sees that diamond, then I’m done for!

Manushi breakdowns and start cursing her faith. Kunal says idiot! Why are you crying now, go and get your jewellery back! Manushi gives him a look. He says it’s me baby, I’m unable to take you to my home and because of me, you have to hide your jewellery in some wierd place, listen, one day, you’ll have to go to your in-law’s house where you have to carry them around daily, but from where will you get the jewellery which is why I’m saying you should go there and get your jewellery because that’s like our last backup till the time Dad supports us, it’s your right, and you can’t let it go. Manushi says you are right I won’t let it go, I have to go to Ahlawat’s house and get them back and I’ll not give a single diamond to my Sister!

Sunaina blindfolds Girl Meet. Girl Meet opens her eyes and gets surprised seeing the decoration. Meet Ahlawat walks in. Girl Meet remembers how Ahlawat stopped her from going out and says I never thought anyone would surprise me, you took pain to make me happy, I’m feeling special, you made my day.

Duggu walks in and says we have one more surprise for you. Everyone walks in wishing Girl Meet. Girl Meet sees Anubha and hugs her. Anubha gives her blessings, and wishes her happy birthday and says you get my age. Girl Meet says what’ll I do with that, I don’t want, you didn’t wish me since morning, you acted really well.

Anubha says Meet Ahlawat ordered me  so how can I think of not obeying, here I got ladoo for you.

A Lady says our Meet is lucky to have such big house and a big hearted family, aa they take good care of her. Lakhan wishes her birthday and says you look beautiful. Ram says you can praise me too. She says you look like monkey.

Girl Meet ask Anubha where is Dadi? Anubha says no. Ram says but she sends a gift for you. Girl Meet gets excited and ask what? Anubha says blessings. Girl Meet says she sent blessings for me? Anubha says yes and you look beautiful.

Duggu comes and says to Girl Meet, Aunt Ustaad come with me, I have surprise for you. Girl Meet goes with Duggu.

Masum sees Anubha alone, she walks to her and greets her. Anubha greets her. Masum says you look good, here have this drink, she asks did you talked to your Meet? She looks really tensed. Anubha says what? I don’t understand? Masum says because of that secret, she feels heavy. Anubha remembers what she said to Meet about Manushi.

Anubha asks how she knows it? Masoom says Meet revealed it unintentionally. Anubha thinks it seems like Girl Meet told her about Manushi and she’s about to reveal the matter to her, but Ram interrupts them and takes Anubha with him saying Girl Meet is calling her.

Hoshiyar asks if she has found out about the secret? Masoom says not yet, but I will find out about it for sure! Hoshiyar says it seems like your brother started to melt for Girl Meet. Masoom says it’s tough to forget his first love Manushi.

Manushi arrives at Ahlawat house in an Auto by covering her face then she thinks how to enter the party? She hears that the Joker person hass backed out at the last moment. Manushi then disguises herself as the Joker and enters Ahlawat house and she gets shocked seeing the mansion then thinks of when she became unlucky, but she brushes off her thoughts and plans to take her jewellery and walks forward, but she falls down because of the Carpet. Everyone smiles seeing her.

Duggu asks Girl Meet to cut the cake. Girl Meet says she will wait until Raj and Babita arrives, so they enjoy taking selfies.

Meet Ahlawat bumps into Manushi and he presses her nose and says first time he is seeing a lady as a Joker and he leaves after wishing her all the best.

Girl Meet asks her Mom, why she looks worried? Anubha says Masoom is questioning me like she found out about our secret. Girl Meet says don’t worry, as she will will never break her promise. Anubha smiles and thinks which matter Masoom is hinting at and whether she plans to find out about it from me?

Duggu, Ram and the other kids plays with the Joker (Manushi) and she escapes from them saying she will get them gifts so she searches the cactus plant.

Meet stops her and asks her to drink juice and Meet stops her when she’s about to step on the cactus plant and she throws it in the dustbin and leaves. Manushi is about to go near the Dustbin but the kids stops her and the Servant takes that dustbin with him. Manushi searches for it.

Everyone dances happily. Masoom asks Anubha what she tries to tell her? Anubha says Meet is lucky to have a husband like Meet Ahlawat and leaves. Anubha thinks to send Manushi to Delhi before she’s caught by anyone of them.

Meet Ahlawat dances with Girl Meet even though she asked him to take rest.

Manushi searches near the Dustbin.

Raj and Babita returns home and she shouts to stop the music and she asks Girl Meet to not play with her Son and you consider him as the last person in your life which is why you’re enjoying the party even though my son is sick and you make him a showpiece and you’re disgusting because you left him at the night too!

Raj and Ragini asks her to control herseld saying Girl Meet’s family and relatives are here. Babita says celebrations can return, but my son can’t return like Tej if something happens to him!

Anubha asks her neighbours and kids to let’s leave and they are about to leave, but Meet Ahlawat stops them and reveals to his Mom that he is the one who organised the surprise birthday party for Girl Meet’s happiness and I called to inform you but you didn’t pick up and last night too, she only took me out as I wanted to fulfill my promise.

Girl Meet tries to stop him, but he says I’m feeling guilty if you’re getting scolded without any mistake. Babita asks what’s his promise?Meet Alhawat reveals how he donates things on 20th of every month for his brother to return home.

Manushi thinks this guy is supporting Girl Meet and he used to flirt with me for hours and she goes to search for the plant.

Babita asks him to take rest. Meet Ahlwat says we think for each other’s hapiness but why can’t we think for Girk Meet hapiness? And she left her family for us.

Meet Ahlawat adds that Girl Meet came here leaving her family but we didn’t think what she likes and we are showing our frustration on Meet and we didn’t even wish her on her birthday until evening and we only use her as a punching bag and we always tell what we expect from her, but it’s her birthday, so we need to do something, but we thinks it’s Meet, so it’s no need and even I used to be same, but when I was attacked by those goons then, I remembered only one person i.e Meet and she came to me immediately and saved me, risking her life then taking care of me which is why I organised this party to surprise her to see the smile and I didn’t feel I did wrong by arranging this party so understand Mom. Babita leaves.

Raj wishes happy birthday to Girl Meet and he tells his son that he felt good seeing him stand for his wife (Girl Wife) and he goes to meet his wife that he will speak with her.

Girl Meet says to Meet Ahlawat that Aunty is hurt with your words which is not good. Meet Ahlawat says I told her the truth. Girl Meet asks him to take forgiveness from his Mom. Meet Ahlawat agrees then he gets a call from the Organiser saying they failed to send the Joker to the party due to health issue. Meet Ahlawat says okay then thinks who entered the party as Joker?

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