Manushi checks every dustbin then she gets her jewellery and she’s about to leave from the party, but she bumps into Meet Ahlawat and her jewellery bag falls down. Manushi tries to leave again, but Meet stops her and questions who she is? Manushi says she is the Joker. Meet Alhawat says the Organisers didn’t send the Joker so tell me who you are and he’s about to remove her nose bud, but Anubha stops him saying they brought the Joker from shabad. Meet Alhawat leaves. Manushi takes the jewellery and goes out.

Anubha drags Manushi aside and slaps her for entering the party without listening to her warning and thar she’s glad that the makeup girl informed me that you forgot your phone at her place which was why I got to know you became a Joker. Manushi tells her she came to wish Girl Meet. Anubha says your prayers are also curse to Meet, and here, you came in front of Son-in-law what if they had seen you, then Meet life would have gotten spoilt, did you get it? So leave for home now, we can talk at home and she goes inside.

Masoom hears everything and thinks Manushi is at Hooda’s place and Anubha broke her promise to Mom and this is the matter Girl Meet is feeling heavy at heart about hiding.

Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to hurt you Mom and if you feel hurt, I’m sorry, but think from Girl Meet’s angle then you will understand.

Anubha says to Girl Meet that they will leave and she asks Girl Meet to take care of her husband. Girl Meet says Mom-in-law is worried for Meet Alhawat health which was why she got angry so don’t misunderstand her please. They say it’s fine as you got good husband and they’re about to leave when Babita stops them and says it’s my daughter-in-law’s birthday, so don’t leave without having food. Everyone smiles.

Babita apologises to everyone and Girl Meet for her behaviour. Girl Meet asks her to bless her instead. Babita tells her birthday wishes. Raj says that’s why I’m your fan Babita ji and he asks Isha to get the cake. Girl Meet cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Babita and Raj gifts them foreign trip tickets so they can understand each other. Everyone claps.

Masoom says she will only go to shabadh! Babita asks what she means? Masoom says Girl Meet might not have her passport. Raj says he will arrange for it. Raj apologies to Anubha then Anubha says don’t apologise to me as you’re parents to Girl Meet and we scold kids for their betterment so we shall leave. She’s about to leave with her colony people, but Masoom stops her. Anubha looks tensed.

Masoom asks why you look tensed aunty like we caught your lie then she calls the Servant and gives them return gifts and says she respect her a lot. Anubha says she knows. Raj asks everyone to give space to Girl Meet and her Mom, then everyone leaves.

Girl Meet says Mom, these people are so good and telling lie to them is like a sin. Anubha says it’s needed for our families and don’t worry, as I’m sending Manushi to Delhi in 4 days time, so manage these 4days. Girl Meet agrees.

Masoom hears their conversation and thinks Anubha is betraying them even after giving her promise to Mom and this Meet is supporting her so they will definitely get punished for their mistake!

Kunal comes to Manushi’s room and he asks Manushi what’s she doing in the wardrobe? Manushi tells him that she is planning to hide the jewellery in the wall. Kunal asks her to come down saying he will tell her a way to hide the jewellery from her Mom and Dadi. Manushi agrees and comes down and both fights with each other saying they will keep it at a safe place and they leave the bag hearing Anubha’s voice.

Anubha asks what’s Kunal doing in her room? Manushi manages saying he came to share his work progress. Anubha sees the jewellery and says she will keep them in the locker, as it’s not safe to keep them at home. Manushi takes the jewellery bag and says don’t worry, as I will take food care of them. Anubha says you’re not married plus you’re not going to Mumbai too, so I will keep them in the locker and she asks Kunal to leave from their place to some Hotel! She leaves.

Kunal says no one has ever insulted me in this way! Manushi asks him to give her 24hours time to change her Mom’s anger to love.

Next day, Girl Meet places everything for Meet Ahlawat in a trolley according to the list and she takes the trolley. Masoom stops Girl Meet and asks Chavi to take the breakfast to her brother. Chavi gets scared seeing Girl Meet.

Girl Meet says Aunty gave me hid responsibility so I will take it to him. Masoom says he is my brother so I know what’s good for him and from now onwards, you won’t do anything for him! Girl Meet is about to leave saying she will see who will stop her! Masoom says she can stop her! Girl Meet says no one can stop her! Masoom says your family members are taking good care of Manushi right? Girl Meet stands shocked.

Masoom says your Mom made you promise her right? I know everything, that Manushi is at your place and your sister cheated my brother and currently staying at your place even though my Parents has requested your Mom to not keep any relationship with Manushi of which she agreed to, but she broke her promise to my parents and don’t come up with talks like your Mom is the wife of a Loyal police officer because you guys are cheating us and I can easily expose it in front of my Parents but did you think of what will happen if Mom knows about it? And if you want me to hide this matter, then you have to follow my words and she asks chavi to take the trolley to him.

Girl Meet says he might not eat the food from her and why do you want to hurt him? Masoom says I know what I’m doing and if you go against my words, then you have to bear the consequences! She tells Chavi to take the responsibility of her Brother.

Chavi takes the trolley to Meet Ahlawat’s room. Girl Meet gets teary eyed. Meet Ahlawat asks Chavi why she bought the food and questions where is Meet? Chavi says Meet is busy so let me feed you. Meet Ahlawat says Meet will feed him.

Girl Meet comes inside and asks Meet Alhawat to have food from Chavi. Meet Ahlawat gives her gift and asks her to see it. Girl Meet feels happy seeing the upgraded key chain, but Masoom signals at her to not take it then Girl Meet leaves it and says she doesn’t need it.

Masoom signals at Chavi to make him eat. Chavi asks Boy Meet to eat, but he leaves saying he doesn’t want to eat.

The Servant tells Girl Meet that Babita is calling her. Girl Meet thinks how to make Boy Meet have his breakfast then she goes to Babita’s room. Babita questions her why she broke her trust by lying to them?? Girl Meet tries to tell her something, but Babita stops her and says I can bear loss but not lies, don’t come to the boutique as from tomorrow and removes her earpod. Girl Meet relaxes.

Babita says I needed to talk to you which is why I called you and says did Anubha tell you anything about Manushi? We are still in pain because of Manushi especially my Son, I know Manushi is your Sister but now, you are now my son’s wife too and our daughter-in-law, so I want you to complete some responsibilities which is why I want you make sure that Manushi is not in our life and your house anymore, as she broke my Son emotionally and mentally, and she will pay for that, you might be thinking why I’m saying this all of sudden about your sister, which is because Masoom’s friend told her about seeing Manushi near your house, so I just want to convey the message to you which is my reason for calling you.

Girl Meet thinks I feel bad hiding this secret from you, but my mom made me swear of not telling anything, what should I do? Babita says now, you can leave and take care of him.

Girl Meet thinks how will I take care of him, he hasn’t had anything, and says to Babita I’ll take care of him, but he’s been saying since the past few days that he hasn’t had anything from your hand. Babita says he really said that?. Meet says his breakfast is ready in his room if you have some time. Babita says he is my first priority, I will always have time for him.

Babita says to Meet Ahlawat have a little, if you won’t eat, then how will the medicine work? Meet Ahlawat eats it and later takes the food from her to eat by himself. Babita ask how’s it? Girl Meet is looking at them behind the curtains.

Masoom pushes Meet to a corner and says I like your talent of getting shut! Girl Meet says if you have a problem with me, then deal with me, why are you troubling Meet Ahlawat? He had breakfast because of Aunty but he needs proper care. Masum says if you become his wife, it means you are his wellwisher, I’m his sister, and I love him and know how to take good care of him, I’m sad because of you two sisters, Manushi broke his heart, and from the time you entered into his life, he has stopped smiling! I want my brother to be happy and it can only happen when you go out of his life!

Masoom says you have to go and give this ticket to my brother and gives her the envelope.

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