Girl Meet ask what’s in this? She says it has one way ticket from Chandigarh to Shahbadh. Girl Meet opens the envelope and sees divorce papers. Masoom says you have till 12 midnight to convince my brother that you are not happy with this marriage and cannot live as Manushi’s replacement, I’m sure you also don’t want to live as an option.

Girl Meet says I cannot do this. Masoom says don’t show your crocodile tears! If you are so affected, then why did you hide everything about Manushi?? I know Anubha is sending Manushi off to Delhi but she still broke her promise, so now listen to me carefully, if you don’t give my brother the divorce papers, then I’ll bring out your truth in front of everyone, and your family will never be able to show their faces in the colony! We all know that one day or the other, this relationship will break, and it’s your choice to respect or disregard my offer! She leaves.

Girl Meet in tears sits on the floor and thinks about Meet Ahlawat’s surprise party and what Masoom said to her about divorce.

Meet Ahlawat says how could a person have two different quality, entertaining at some point and irritating at the other! I don’t know where Girl Meet is, she didn’t come to me, and isn’t she feeling sick for not fighting me since morning?

Girl Meet is explaining to Chavi everything regarding Meet Ahlawat’s routine and medicine. Girl Meet takes his medicine with her, but Masoom stops Girl Meet and snatches the box from her. Girl Meet walks away.

Meet Ahlawat in his room remembers how Girl Meet has helped him in his exercise, he gets up and takes out a belt and thinks about Girl Meet.

Girl Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat through the window. Meet Ahlawat walks to the window and she hides. Meet Ahlawat takes her cream and remembers him teasing her for one cream and was lost in his thoughts.

Chavi walks in and says to Meet Ahlawat that come, I’ll give you your medicine.

Duggu walks in. Meet Ahlawat says to Duggu go and ask your Aunt (Girl Meet) to check my medicine. Duggu says I cannot find her. Meet Ahlawat says what do you mean, she must be somewhere in the house? Duggu says I don’t know, I’m going to play.

Meet Ahlawat calls Girl Meet on phone. Masoom walks to Girl Meet and says go and find a place where he cannot find you and next time, come with the divorce papers so leave!

Meet Ahlawat asks why is she ending the call, what happened? Chhavi says what medicine did Girl Meet mention? Meet Ahlawat calls Chhavi and says no need to worry yourself, just keep that box, I’ll manage on my own. Chavi says I need to help you, you know how much I care for you, you haven’t had any medicine? Meet Ahlawat says no need to worry yourself, I’ll take it.

Masoom walks in says what happened? TMe your medicine please, as there should be no negligence in medicine so she ask Chavi to give it to him. Chhavi brings water for him.

Meet Ahlawat takes the medicine and thinks what happened to Girl Meet? Did I say something wrong? She has been ignoring me since morning, I need to talk to her!

Girl Meet is watering plants and remembers what Masoom said to her about divorce. The Servant says to Meet why are you doing this? It’s our job. Girl Meet says I was free, so I’m doing this, and you can do something else and don’t tell anybody I was here and take good care of Meet Ahlawat because I’m doing this now. The Male Servant leaves.

Girl Meet says to God why is this happening? I was about to be happy and I was becoming a part of this family?

Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet in the garden and walks to her. Girl Meet sees him. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing here? Girl Meet says can’t you see I’m doing work and hurt herself in the process. Meet Ahlawat says show me, what happened? Girl Meet says nothing, just go from here. Meet Ahlawat says you didn’t come for my medicine and food, neither did you accept my gift, so what happened to you? Why are you avoiding me?

Girl Meet says you are overthinking things too much, I was only busy since morning and you are quite well that someone else could take proper care of you now. Meet Ahlawat says why others will take care of me? You are my wife, and only you will do so! I mean you promised Mom and took up the responsibility?

Girl Meet says I completed my promise, as you are getting fine and I’m not your nurse that I should stay 24hrs with you. He says you don’t usually talk like this wth me, I understand there is something troubling you, either I might have hurt you or probably done something you don’t like, but first, tell me, only then, I can correct it because you are not the kind of person with the way you are behaving now, so tell me.

Sunaina takes Meet name and walks to them and says you both are here? You know what? We have decided that today, we will enjoy bonfire the whole night and you know what? Masoom was the one who gave this idea. They both get surprised. Sunaina says my reaction was also same as you now, anyways, we will all enjoy it, so you both be ready, I’ll also tell Mom and Dad about it. She leaves.

Meet Ahlawat says to her that you have until midnight to give me all the answers and I’m serious about it! Hewalks away.

Girl Meet thinks about Masoom, and how she has also told her that she has time till midnight or else, she will tell everyone the truth and says what answers will I give now? I’m getting punished for something I did not do.

Everyone enjoys near the bonfire. Raj and Ram recalls their childhood moments. Raj plays the song kitna haseena chehra saying his memories with Babita are linked with it.

Meet Ahlawat searches for Girl Meet. Babita and Raj dances to the song. Girl Meet comes out. Meet Ahlawat signals at her to sit beside him. Girl Meet turns in tears recalling Meet Ahlawat and Masoom’s warning so she sits far away from Meet Ahlawat, but he tries to sit with Girl Meet.

Masoom notices it and occupies the space behind Girl Meet and shows her her watch. Meet notices it’s close to 12, she is about to leave, but Meet Ahlawat stops her and asks her by questioning why she is behaving weirdly and asks her to answer his questions! Girl Meet tells him he will get his answers soon.

Manushi vomits continuosly. Dadi gives her water and asks if she has consumed any outside food? Then she says she will call the Doctor, but Manushi leaves for her room asking Dadi to not call the Doctor.

Anubha returns home from the market. Dadi tells Anubha that she is feeling something has changed in Manushi’s behaviour. Anubha says I’m glad that you’re finally seeing her real side. Dadi says you always love Girl Meet, but my Manushi is gold. Anubha says kids are equal to Mom, but they are not equal because of their qualities and I wish you can realise that soon.

Masoom thinks 10mins left, so she might have gone to get the divorce papers.

Girl Meet comes out with the envelope. Masoom stretch forward her hand, but Girl Meet leaves that envelope in the bonfire. Raj asks what happened? Girl Meet says don’t worry as those are waste papers then she recalls Raj’s advice to face all problems then she says to Masoom that relationships aren’t some kind of objects you can just abandon whenever you want, I respect my relationship with my husband, so I won’t divorce him.

Meet Ahlawat places his hand on Girl Meet’s shoulder and asks her to answer his questions. Girl Meet does sits up holding her tears. Babita asks what happened? Meet says I have hurt him which is why I’m doing it to get his forgiveness. Raj asks Meet Alhawat to forgive her. Meet Ahlawat stops her.

Girl Meet apologies to him for not giving him attention and then says to him that she won’t leave him alone as she is ready to take up his responsibility.

Chavi is about to cover Meet Ahlwat with Shawl, but Girl Meet takes it and covers Meet Ahlawat with it.

Chavi says to Masoom that she is doing it as tit for tat. Masoom says end your drama! Raj asks why she is using that tone? Masoom says you guys are trusting this girl, but she is a liar! Babita asks her to think before blaming anyone. Masoom says I’m not blaming her and asks her if Manushi is staying at her place or not?? She is hiding this matter from us with her Dadi and Mom!

Babita asks Meet, if it’s true? Girl Meet says yes and Manushi came home in a state where we can’t deny her. Raj says why punish Girl Meet for Manushi’s mistake and I’m shocked as to why Masoom revealed this matter in this way??

Masoom tries to explain, but Raj stops her and it all turns out to be Masoom’s dream and she thinks to make Girl Meet reveal it to the family herself!

Deep comes to Meet Alhawat’s place and reveals to him that they got the foreign contract and he has fixed the meeting with them. Meet asks really? Deep says their company touches international market if they get this collaboration. The Family members feels happy. Raj says Guruji is correct that Girl Meet will brighten the future of our Meet.

Deepa says to Meet Alhawat that their meeting time is 4am. Babita says no one will sleep tonight and we have to encourage our Meet and tells them that she will get rabdi (a dish) for everyone. They all smile at that.

Dadi wakes up hearing some noise then she notices a shadow of Kunal and Manushi hugging each other, so she switches on the light.

Manushi returns to her bed and asks her to switch off the light, otherwise, she won’t be able to sleep. Dadi thinks she is not mistaken, as she heard the voice too and she recalls everything and thinks they did a mistake of locking Manushi and Kunal in a room together and she cries thinking Manushi might be pregnant.

Manushi feels happy and thinks her plan is going according to her plan and now, Dadi will set everything right for me and Kunal.

Everyone enjoys their rabdi. Deepa says let’s play antyakshari. Isha says you’re a bad singer, so don’t think about it.

Chavi says to Masoom that she mixed sleeping pills in Girl Meet’s Rabdi and she will create drama in her drowsy state. Masoom praises her idea and thinks Girl Meet may reveal Manushi’s truth as well.

Isha suggests folding newspaper game. Everyone agrees. Isha asks Raj, Babita, Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat to play it. Raj and Babita goes to play then Meet Ahlwat asks Meet to play it with him saying they can win it like Cricket match.

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