Babita cries saying Meet Alhawat got broken along with his dreams. Masoom says your daughter-in-law has dissapeared and she can’t do anything for Meet Alhawat and she’s a complete failure!

Sunaina is about to say something but Meet Ahlawat comes to them and informs everyone that he cracked the deal with the help of Deep and he thanks him.

Raj and everyone thanks Deep then Deep says it all happened because of Sister-in-law Meet. Meet Ahlawat asks what he means? Deep explains everything to him.

Raj says it’s so tough for Girl Meet, but what’s the need for her to pose as Manushi when Meet Alhawat already accepted her as his wife and he confessed his love to her. Babita says it’s confession is to Manushi. Masoom smiles. Babita says the truth came out in his inebriated state that he loves only Manushi. Girl Meet thinks Meet Ahlawat might get hurt.

Raj says it’s tough for Meet but why didn’t you guys stopped her? Sunaina says I tried to stop her but Girl Meet told me that Meet Ahlawat’s dream and hapiness is more important to her.

Girl Meet thanks her Dad’s photo and tells him that she is happy for Mr Hasty.

Rajvardhan says we are selfish which is why we want you to change according to our Son’s wish but you acted like Manushi for him and why did you do it? Girl Meet says I did it to make him fulfill his dream, as his hapiness is linked to everyone’s hapiness. Raj asks what about her own happiness? Girl Meet says this is my family too, so my hapiness depends on the family. Raj blesses her to stay happy.

Deep says to Meet Ahlawat that he’s doing so much wrong with Sister-in-law Meet and do you know how much it hurts your wife when you’re saying I love you Manushi? You’re doing wrong with you and Meet.

Girl Meet thanks Maata rani (goddess) and she thinks she can’t tell Meet Alhawat about Manushi, which would mean she’s breaking her promise to Mom.

Meet Ahlawat comes to the room and says to Girl Meet that I don’t know whether to thank you or apologize to you and I don’t want to see Manushi as she’s a grey chapter in my life and what I confessed doesn’t mean, as I love Manushi and I’m not able to control the burning Lava in my heart which is why I’m not able to make my near ones happy. Girl Meet thinks he needs to get answers from Manushi, so I will ask Mom to take back her promise.

Meet Ahlawat says I’m your culprit as I’m punishing you for your sister’s mistakes and I didn’t listened to Dad words that you both are different and I have to question your Mom how you’re so good and positive, you didn’t think about your life and saved me from death and today, you beared so much pain to make me get my dream fulfilled and I’m genuinely telling you sorry and I have a way to not repeat this mistake and he takes her to the garden and tells her that God sent you to make me fine and I have to remove this Lava from my heart, which I can’t do it alone so you need to help me and this deal is done. Girl Meet smiles and agrees.

Meet Ahlawat does sit ups to seek for her forgiveness. Girl Meet tries to stop him and he acts like hurt and she feels worried then he teases her. Both sleeps on the floor with smile and sunrise falls on them.

Meet Ahlawat says sunrise is an indication of a beginning and I want to have fresh beginning too, but before that, I need a promise from you that don’t take Manushi’s name in any situations from now onwards and never pose as Manushi even though the situation is worst and promise me that you won’t get hurt again? Girl Meet thinks he can’t get answers if I promise him and how can the lava in his heart gets controlled if he can’t get his answers from Manushi? She smiles. Both falls asleep in the garden.

Girl Meet sleeping on his hand gets up on phone vibration and thinks it’s been 2 hours that we’ve been sleeping so Girl Meet attends to the Doctor’s call and he informs her that their is no medicine in Meet Ahlawat’s medicines that could have caused him to be inebriated and I think he might have eaten something else that led him to that state. Girl Meet tells him she will see to it and thinks how did it happened?

Ragini calls for Meet. Girl Meet says coming then Ragini asks her to send Meet Ahlawat. Girl Meet thinks maybe that sleeping pill was meant for me?

Anubha wakes Manushi up and asks her to tell the details and phone number of Parth’s parents. Manushi thinks Mom might stop the wedding if she suspect me and she lies to her Mom that Parth’s family went for a world tour. Anubha asks how to make them married without taking his parent’s permission? Manushi says our reputation gets tarnished if he denies to marry me in the future so we have to do this marriage now itself. Anubha looks on.

Chavi asks Masoom to plan something against Girl Meet and why do I feel like this time, you won’t be able to defeat her. Girl Meet records their conversation.

Chavi says it seems like I can’t become Mrs Ahlawat. Masoom ask her to stop blabbing so she can come up with something, then she recalls Anubha’s conversation with Girl Meet and says she got an idea.

Girl Meet comes out saying she too got proof of their acts including last night own. Chavi in tension asks if she found out she was the one who added sleeping pill in the Rabri (is a sweet, condensed-milk-based dish, originating from the Indian subcontinent, made by boiling the milk on low heat for a long time until it becomes dense and changes its color to pinkish. Sugar, spices and nuts are added to it to give it flavor. It is chilled and served as dessert) and how did you find out? Girl Meet says thanks for revealing it.

Masoom scolds Chavi to shut up! Girl Meet says the Doctor told me that someone might have added something in the food and just now, Chavi accepted it, so I have proofs to expose you guys in front of Aunty and you’re Meet Ahlawat’s sister then how can you play with his dreams? I love family’s peace so if you do anything wrong, then I will reveal this video to everyone! Masoom assures her that she won’t let anything wrong happen in the future. Girl Meet recalls she couldn’t record their conversation her phone is switched off and she leaves.

At the dining table, Raj asks Babita if she’s happy? Babita agrees and Masoom says it all happened because of Sister-in-law Meet.

Sunaina says it’s tough to digest her sudden change. Masoom says she changed seeing Girl Meet’s care for her brother. Masoom says we should give her a gift.

Babita ask what should we give her as gift? Masoom says let’s go to her place and thank her Mom and Dadi for giving us a good daughter-in-law like Girl Meet. Babita agrees then she asks Sunaina to call Girl Meet. Masoom stops her Mom and asks all of them to keep it as a surprise for Girl Meet. Babita agrees. Masoom thinks Girl Meet can’t alert her family members!

Babita agrees to Masoom’s plan. Hoshiyar says he will accompany them with Duggu. Masoom asks him to stay at home as Duggu have classes.

Raj says I have meeting so I can’t accompany you guys, but inform me of everything and he asks Masoom to maintain her change and he leaves for Office with Ram.

Ragini says Girl Meet will feel happy meeting her Dadi and Mom.

Girl Meet comes to the Dining table. Babita asks her to get ready saying they are going out for day out. Girl Meet says she has to stay at home to take care of Meet Ahlawat. Sunaina assures her that she will take care of Meet Alhawat and asks her to enjoy her time out.

Masoom thinks Girl Meet and her family will get exposed in few more minutes!

The Priest arranges for the sacred fire. Dadi calls Anubha to bring Manushi and she prays to Maata rani (goddess) for Manushi’s well being.

Anubha asks Manushi to wear her scarf. Manushi insists she get her jewellery. Dadi calls Anubha again.

Duggu hugs Girl Meet and in tears and says I won’t let you go anywhere! Girl Meet says I’m not going permanently. Duggu says but Mummy was saying you won’t return back to this house and my Mom is bad! Girl Meet takes promise from him to respect his parents then thinks I don’t know what Masoom is planning against me.

Kunal comes to Manushi and tells her she is so good.

Anubha gives some jewellery, but Manushi takes all the jewelleries. Anubha says wish Maata rani (goddess) won’t give your kind of daughter to anyone! Manushi says I’m also praying Maata rani to not give your kind of middle class mom to anyone! Anubha leaves in tears.

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