Manushi says I got back my jewellery Kunal, so no need to get scared of My Mom and Dadi.

Meet Ahlawat insists that Girl Meet removes the curtain. Girl Meet removes the curtain partition from their bed. Meet Ahlawat says previously, I used to recall Manushi just from seeing you but now, I’m feeling secured when you’re with me and I consider you as my true friend. Girl Meet smiles.

Ragini calls Meet to come downstairs saying everything is ready. Girl Meet goes after telling Meet Ahlawat that she is going out.

Kunal and Manushi comes to the wedding Temple and they get shocked seeing the same Priest who got them married at the Temple. The Priest thinks why are they getting married again?

Girl Meet saree gets stucked to Meet Ahlawat’s watch. Meet Alhawat removes it and gives it to her then he tells her bye.

The Priest asks Dadi why they are getting them married? Manushi says it’s our personal matter so make us get married. Dadi and Anubha goes to get varamala. The Priest tells them they can’t get married.

On the way, Girl Meet asks where they are going and why they blindfolded her? Masoom asks her to wait for sometime.

Dadi asks why can’t they get married? The Priest says it’s not good Muhurat (time) for marriage. Dadi prays to Maata rani (goddess). Manushi gives Kunal a ring to give to the Priest then the Priest says marriage can happen with Devi maa (goddess) blessings and he asks them to sit for marriage. Kunal and Manushi gets married.

Dadi asks Anubha to get her phone so they can take photo. Kunal thinks he has to avoid being snapped since it may become proof against him so he avoids taking photo with them.

The Priest asks them to take their elder’s blessings. Manushi says not needed. Dadi says we love you, even when you commit so many mistakes, as you’re my Ladoo and she hugs her, but Manushi pushes her. Anubha helps Amma ji and questions what’s she doing?

Masoom opens the blindfolds of Girl Meet saying surprise??

Manushi says stop your dramas and keep your poor blessings with you! Dadi asks what’s she saying? Manushi says I’m married and from now onwards, I don’t have any relations with you and Mom, and Kunal will give me the bright future that you failed to give me and he’s a diamond and you can’t know about it, as you have never seen a diamond and from here onwards, we don’t have any relationship!

Girl Meet asks why they came to her place? Ragini says is to thank your Mom and Dadi for giving us a good daughter-in-law like you.

Dadi breaksdown.

Masoom stops Girl Meet and tells her that the game will over once they see Manushi at your place.

Manushi says I won’t ever return to your place, so don’t interfere in my life!

Girl Meet and Ahlawat’s family knocks the door. Anubha opens the door and gets shocked. Masoom smiles wickedly and they enter inside and notices an empty hall. Anubha asks why they came here unexpectedly? Babita says they came to surprise Girl Meet. Anubha says they did good and hugs Girl Meet. Dadi too welcomes them. They take them upstairs.

Masoom goes out saying she forgot her phone in the car. Anubha goes to the kitchen then Girl Meet goes behind her and questions her about Manushi? Masoom tries to listen to their conversation. Anubha says I’m glad Son-in-law called me on time otherwise, our reputation might have been ruined. Girl Meet asks what she means? Anubha explains what Manushi did with Parth (Kunal) and tells her that Meet Alhawat sent snacks parcel so as to serve them to the Alhawats when they come, since it’s supposed to be a surprise visit, and he didn’t want them to have issues regarding what to serve them, so we got alerted with his call as a result of that.

Girl Meet says Manushi made her life a circus and who’s this Parth? Anubha coudn’t answer seeing Ragini and Ragini calls Anubha to join them.

Girl Meet thinks Masoom is waiting for an opportunity and doesn’t know where they hid Manushi?

Dadi serves Babita and her family. Babita and Ragini says they came to thank them for giving them a good daughter-in-law like Meet to them. Anubha and Girl Meet smiles.

Masoom searches for Manushi in the whole house. Babita says Meet Ahlawat is my life and your daughter took good care of my son. Anubha folds her hand in happiness.

Babita asks Ragini for Masoom? Girl Meet hopes Masoom doesn’t find Manushi and she says she will bring Masoom, but Ragini stops her and calls Masoom on the phone asking where is she? Masoom lies to her saying she met with some relatives of Hoshiyar.

Manushi says we got the jewellery back and we are legally married so why lock ourselves in this room? Let’s leave Kunal! The Priest says true, even I have to attend other functions. Kunal thinks he will get exposed if Babita and her family sees him. Manushi says she will leave as well, but Kunal stops them.

Masoom thinks where did this people hide Manushi, since I never allowed Girl Meet to alert her family?

Kunal says your Mom will take the jewellery if Girl Meet reveals that I’m Kunal not Parth. The Priest asks them to discuss it on their own, and he’s about to leave, but the suitcase fall down.

Masoom gets alerted hearing the noise, but on her way upstairs, she notices the sacred fire.

Anubha manages to convince Babita and her family saying the kids are playing around.

Kunal stops the Priest by giving him 500rs.

Maasoom who is about to go upstairs was stopped by Girl Meet. Masoom tells Girl Meet that she will expose her in front of her family! Girl Meet asks her to reveal it to her family directly. Masoom says you guys lied to us and kept Manushi in your home! Girl Meet says they are helpless so stop calling them with names.

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