The Priest comes out from the store room. Masoom notices him and asks him to stop! Babita and others too notice him. Masoom notices the vermilion box. Dadi locks the store room door. Masoom asks what’s happening in this place? Are you guys hiding anything from us as Sacred fire, Vermilion box and the Priest are all present in your house at the moment?

The Priest says just now, he performed a marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Masoom asks Anubha aunty, whose Marriage he was talking about? Do you perhaps have a third daughter? Dadi says they performed Tulsi Vivah (A Hindu festival in which a ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi [Holy Basil] with god Shaligram or Amla branch [personifications of Vishnu] is held. The Tulsi wedding signifies the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the wedding season in Hinduism).

Masoom asks what the Priest is then doing in the store room? Dadi says he is performing Shuddhikaran (Purification) and she sends the Priest off. Manushi and Kunal feels tensed.

Dadi says one who left from the Temple ruined our respect and we don’t have any relationship with that girl and she is dead to us! Manushi gets angry. Dadi says I have only one grand daughter which is Meet and I failed to recognise this diamond who takes care of her house leaving her studies. Anubha smiles. Dadi hugs Girl Meet in tears.

Girl Meet says you deserve an award as you’re making me cry senorita and you became Drama Queen.

Masoom thinks her Mom will leave Girl Meet at her place once they find Manushi!

Meet Ahlawat calls Isha and says you know my skin care routine but this Girl Meet uses only one cream so tell me the good products for her and I will order them. Isha asks why he’s taking so much care of Girl Meet. Meet Ahlawat says she is taunting me and that’s why I’m planning to make her use them. Isha says you can’t fool me, as I get it that you care for her, but I feel she won’t use them. Meet Ahlawat says she have to try, so they order some products. The Servant informs Meet Alhawat that the Police has come to meet him.

Meet says Aunty ji, we have to leave as Meet Alhawat might need us at home. Babita agrees. Masoom says we didn’t reach the goal. Babita asks what goal? Masoom asks Babita to lit scented candle in every room to strengthen their family’s bond. Babita agrees. Masoom asks Anubha and her family to sit and they leave for the rooms. Manushi tries to hear what’s happening.

Babita lits candles with Ragini’s help. Masoom searches for Manushi.

Dadi asks Girl Meet to stop them before her family gets broken. Girl Meet says Masoom knows that Manushi is with us which is why she is doing all these things intentionally and she asks her Mom to reveal the truth to Babita saying she can’t see them lying.

Masoom asks Babita to lit the candle in the store room too.

Meet says we can’t lie anymore as you only told me from childhood that we can’t lie, besides, Grandmother has now accepted me as her as granddaughter, that’s enough for me and I can’t let you face the problems anymore.

Masoom opens the store room. Kunal hides with Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat enters the Hooda’s house and asks Girl Meet if she is fine? Babita and Ragini notices Meet Ahlawat’s arrival and they go downstairs. Masoom feels dissapointed when she didn’t notice anyone in the store room and she closes the door.

Meet Ahlawat thanks Maata rani (goddess). Girl Meet questions him why he came out from home? Meet Ahlawat says I felt worried for you which is why I came here as I’m unable to stop myself. Babita questions him why he came without taking rest?

Meet Ahlawat says the Police came to our place and they informed me that the Goons have been released from jail and Girl Meet’s life is in danger because of them, as she helped the Police to catch them and those goons are near Shabadh, so I had to come here to pick Girl Meet up and he asks for Anubha’s permission to take Girl Meet. Anubha says Meet is your wife so you can take her.

Meet Ahlawat is about to take Girl Meet with him by holding her hand, but Masoom shouts saying it’s enough! She tries to break their joined hands but she couldn’t so Masoom says everyone is praising Girl Meet but she’s a liar and do you guys know that her family has hidden Manushi in their house and Girl Meet knows about it! Everyone gets shocked.

Masoom asks Babita to find out about it from Girl Meet herself then she tells Meet Ahlawat that Girl Meet doesn’t deserve this much value you’re giving her and now, you will find out  aboutthe truth yourself, and do you still want to take her with you??

Meet Ahlawat leaves Girl Meet’s hand and goes out then Masoom feels happy. Girl Meet thinks Meet Ahlawat’s heart got broken again because of Masoom.

Masoom says you know that Manushi’s topic is sensitive to my brother, yet you hid the truth from him which is why he left you and did you see how your forced marriage to him got ended at your house?

Girl Meet is about leave, but Meet Ahlawat stops her by holding her hand and he tells her that he bought Devi maa’s (goddess) scarf to save his wife from evil eyes and he’a about to cover her with the scarf, but Masoom stops him.

Masoom asks her brother if he is mad to forgive the person who kept him in the dark?? And I’m warning you that you’re doing a big mistake! Meet Ahlawat asks is it wrong if he takes the side of his wife? He says I trust Meet decisions and if she hides anything, then it must be for the betterment of our family. Girl Meet gets teary eyes for his trust.

Masoom gets shocked and she tells Babita that Anubha broke the promise she gave to them and she betrayed your trust in her and played with you, do you still trust her?

Babita goes to Meet Ahlawat and says I trust my Son and if he doesn’t have any complaint, then I don’t have any problem with that as I took that promise only for his hapiness and if he’s happy then I’m happy and now that I can see his hapiness, then nothing matters to me. Everyone’s feels happy except Masoom.

Meet Ahlawat makes Girl Meet wear the sacred scarf. Meet Ahlawat asks Dadi and Anubha for permission to leave. Dadi says Girl Meet is a diamond so take good care of her and make her happy. Meet Ahlawat says I know that Meet is a Diamond and I’m promising you that I will never leave her alone.

Dadi blesses him then hugs Girl Meet and tells her that she wants to send her in-laws with proper farewell and she asks Girl Meet to win the hearts of people at her in-laws, she then gifts her a gold coin saying she deserves it.

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