An envious Sherlyn decides to terminate Preeta’s pregnancy but Prithvi tries to stop her. Prithvi decides to call Kritika to take her help to stop Sherlyn.

Meanwhile, the Luthras gather in the living room and talk about the change in Karan after Preeta’s pregnancy. Sarla, in a room with Preeta and Srishti, secretly gives Preeta an amulet. Preeta tells her how Dadi had already gotten an amulet for her.

Sherlyn tells Girish to bring Dadi’s birthday cake to the living room. In no time, Sherlyn comes out and spreads marbles on the staircase. She waits for Preeta to step on it and trip over.

Sameer tries to reveal the names he has planned for Preeta’s unborn child. Kareena, eager for performances, stops him and tells him to focus only on Dadi’s birthday celebration.

Sherlyn daydreams that Preeta has fallen off the staircase and lost her unborn child.

Prithvi calls Kritika to send her to keep Sherlyn away from Preeta. He tells Kritika that Sherlyn must be feeling low due to losing her child. He asks Kritika to keep an eye on Sherlyn as she may try to harm Preeta.

Later, Srishti notices the marbles on the staircase, but assumes that someone has carelessly kept it there.

Yashoda, Dadi’s friend, visits the Luthras and everyone welcomes her with warmth. Karan, Preeta and all the Luthras get even more excited when Yashoda shares that Preeta is bearing twins. Soon, Karan takes everyone to cut Dadi’s birthday cake. Mahesh dances with Preeta and Karan to celebrate the warm and happening moment.

Sherlyn, avoiding all the celebrations, decides to execute her plan against Preeta once again. She spreads marbles on the staircase and Kritika catches her red-handed. Kritika takes Sherlyn to a room and slaps her for trying to harm Preeta’s unborn child!

Srishti eavesdrops on their conversation and loses her temper. A furious Srishti enters the room and strangles Sherlyn. However, Kritika stops her from doing so and tries to calm her down. Kritika tells Srishti that Prithvi had warned her about Sherlyn. Srishti decides to tell the Luthras about it, but Kritika convinces her to forgive Sherlyn for now.

Sherlyn, who has been hearing them, pretends to be sorry for her actions. Srishti goes to the living room and Sarla decides to return home after the celebration. The Luthras bid everyone at the party adieu and wind up everything. Kritika thanks God for sending Prithvi to help her save Preeta’s unborn child.

Sherlyn calls Prithvi to confront him but he doesn’t answer the call. She sends him a message and questions him about revealing her plan to Kritika.

Karan and Preeta, in their room, talk about the time when they will become parents.

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