Girl Meet leaves from their place with proper farewell ceremony and taking the blessings of bothher Mom and Dadi this time around.

On the way, Girl Meet thinks who’s this Parth and why did Manushi marry him? The Car gets faulty then Meet Ahlawat goes to check it. Girl Meet lost in thoughts thinks Manushi has always been with Kunal so who’s this Parth?

Manushi and Kunal comes out of the store room. Anubha goes to get Lava needed for her farewell. Manushi says glad I’m leaving from this poor house! Amma ji asks Anubha to make Manushi leave immediately, as she’s feeling suffocated to staying with her. Manushi says let’s go Parth, as their is no need to stay here! Anubha asks her to finish the farewell ritual at least.

Meet Ahlawat checks the bonnet but he doesn’t know what the problem is, so he calls for mechanic. The Mechanic says it’ll take him 1hour to get to him. Meet Ahlawat asks him to get one extra battery along and then thinks thar Girl Meet might be scared of the Goons.

Manushi throws the Lava plate from her Mom hand.

Meet Ahlwat says to Meet that don’t be scared of the goons as I’m with you and I already called the Mechanic to get another battery. Girl Meet comes out saying she is not scared of anyone and she asks him to give her 2minutes time to set the car so she takes a Biker’s help.

Anubha says you shouldn’t be this proud otherwise, you would face problems in the future and learn values from your Sister. Manushi says stop comparing me with Meet as she is manipulative and my attitude is confidence which made me meet a rich in-law and you guys can’t know it and my in-laws are classy so they won’t come to spy on our house!

Anubha says we know Meet in-laws but this guy didn’t give any details regarding his family. Manushi says I know them which is enough and do not take me for a fool, as I know that you want my in-law’s address to live a luxurious life with me!

Dadi throws Manushi out and tells her that she is shameful to have gotten a granddaughter like her and she warns her to leave! Manushi warns Dadi to stay within her limits and she tells them that it’s a promise from her that she won’t keep any relation with them and she asks Parth (Kunal) to come so they can leave. Dadi closes the door on their face and cries badly.

Kunal thinks Manushi is not going to have any place to stay.

Girl Meet repairs the car and she asks Meet Ahlawat to learn reparing from her so he doesn’t need to wait for a Mechanic.

Raj tells Babita that he is proud of her decision. Babita says I have done what’s good for our Son and I know that our Meet deserves 100 times a better girl than her which is why I had asked her to change for our Son and I saw light in Meet Alhawat’s eyes after such a long time which happened because of her efforts and when our Son has accepted her, then why should I still have any problem with her? Raj says that’s why I’m your fan and he hugs her.

Manushi gets excited seeing the car and she asks if her father-in-law sent it for her? Kunal agress and they leave in the car.

Masoom tells her Mom that she loves kachodi. Raj tries to steal it then Babita gives 2 kachodis to him and tells him that she prepared them according to his health and than she serves other favourite food item to him.

Duggu brings a Phone to Isha and tells her that her phone has been ringing continuously. Isha scolds him for bringing her phone. Masoom asks if everything is fine? Isha tells them fine, but she gets tensed with the continuous calls. Raj asks her to attend to it but Isha says it’s telemarketing call which is not important. Sunaina asks Isha to sit for dinner.

Girl Meet says she will block the number taking her phone. Isha says no need as I kept my phone in silent! Ram warns Isha about her language when she is talking with Meet! Isha tells him she is hungry.

Raj says it will be more good if some black salt is added in raita. Girl Meet tells him she will get it and leaves for the Kitchen then realises that the Male Servant is on leave as his health is not good. She notices an empty box and thinks the salt is finished then she goes out to get it. Rajvardhan waits for her.

Sunaina says she will see what happened than Masoom says she has gone out to buy it. Babita asks if she went to buy it this night?

Girl Meet says black salt is finished so I went to get it. Babita says we have staff to buy this things and our house ladies won’t go out at night! Raj says she will understand with time and we don’t have salt at home, so she had gone to get it.

Masoom says salt is at home bringing the box and she says your daughter-in-law doesn’t know where the salt is kept even after staying here for months and this time, you can’t take her side as you waited for so much time for her to get salt and she didn’t even know where things are kept in the kitchen!

Raj says Masoom? Masoom leaves saying she is not hungry. Babita says Masoom is correct and she doesn’t have interest in the kitchen which is why she is not learning anything! She leaves angrily.

Ragini stops Masoom and asks her to help her to prepare tea, as she was having headache. Masoom searches for the tea powder but she didn’t get it so she says she will send Babita. Ragini stops her saying you’ve been here since childhood but you don’t know where things are kept which is not a crime and Girl Meet has many responsibilities so consider Girl Meet as your sister and make her learn instead. Masoom smiles and thinks everyone always supports her!

Girl Meet promises Raj that she will learn everything.

Next day, the Driver leaves giving letter to Kunal. Kunal tells Manushi that it’s a message for her from his Dad and he wants you to prove that you love me genuinely, and not my money by staying at this small house. Manushi gets irritated seeing the place and she places her leg on a gobar (cattle dung) and she says to Kunal that she won’t stay here! Kunal says don’t worry, let’s earn through our job then we don’t need to prove anything to them. Manushi stops him saying she will get ready to prove herself. Kunal thinks he will run away with her jewellery wirhin 24hours!

Girl Meet promises to deliver things on time then she thinks she has to manage her work, responsibilities and studies.

Meet Ahlawat comes to the room and asks her to concentrate on her studies. Girl Meet asks how he knows about it? Meet Ahlawat says everyone gets to know about your kitchen knowledge so come with me. Girl Meet asks how he changed so much that he is helping her without fighting with her?

Meet Ahlwat tells her he loves his family and then takes her to the kitchen, he tells her that he pasted the ingredients names to every box with the help of Aunt Ragini and he asks her to learn with concentration and tells her that he too will learn along with her. Girl Meet smiles. Meet Ahlawat eats cumin seeds thinking it’s somp and both teases each other.

Manushi removes her jewellery and kept that bag in her suitcase and she locks it. Kunal notices where she is hiding the key and he plans to teach her a lesson before he leaves with her jewellery!

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to identify things with smell. Girl Meet does like he said and they both have fun while understanding the ingredients in the kitchen then they keep the jars in the Kitchen cupboard.

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