A furious Janki keeps calling Sherlyn out, which shocks the Luthras. Dadi, Rakhi and Kareena keep asking Janki to clarify the matter. Janki reveals that Sherlyn had tried to harm Preeta. However, Srishti and Preeta request Janki to avoid exposing Sherlyn for everyone’s happiness. Srishti lies to everyone that Janki is just upset because Sherlyn does not cooperate with Preeta.

Sameer and Preeta try to pacify Janki and Karan arrives there. Janki asks Karan to promise that he will look after Preeta. Karan tries to ask Janki for the reason behind her sudden requests, but he overlooks everything. Mahesh brings a luxurious bus for their trip to Lonavala. Kareena notices that Dadi is excited for the journey more than attending Sonakshi’s wedding.

Dadi talks to Sherlyn about the news of Preeta’s pregnancy and suggests her to stay positive. Sherlyn pretends to accept her advice but her envy does not end.

Meanwhile, Preeta visits a hospital for her routine checkup. Mahesh goes to the room designed by Rakhi for the children. They video call Preeta and Karan to thank them for bringing happiness back to their lives. Later, a doctor shocks Preeta by saying that she is not pregnant.

Preeta is heartbroken to learn that she is not pregnant. The doctor amplifies Preeta’s shock when she says that she can never bear a child due to her fertility complications. Preeta remains speechless and leaves for home after shedding tears in the waiting room.

Meanwhile, Kareena asks Karan about Preeta and Sherlyn tells them that even she is unaware about her whereabouts. Sameer and Karan make fun of Kritika when they see her bags for their trip to Lonavala.

Sonakshi calls Karan to confirm if everyone is coming for her wedding? Kareena behaves nicely with Preeta on seeing her home and asks her to quickly prepare for the trip.

Rakhi calls Preeta and asks her to come to the room for Preeta’s unborn child. Preeta breaks down while Rakhi gets emotional.

Kareena and Kritika arrive there and everyone fails to notice that Preeta is upset.

Prithvi keeps calling Sherlyn but she does not answer his call. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that their relationship is over as she is married to Rishabh and he is married to Kritika.

Sherlyn walks out of her room with her bag while talking to him on the phone. Sameer and Preeta overhear this, but Sherlyn moves out without saying anything. Sameer asks Preeta if she is upset but she lies to him.

Later, Preeta thinks about revealing the truth to everyone in the bus. Karan notices her crying and she cuddles him. The Luthras begin to cheer her up when they see this.

Srishti gets annoyed while looking for her phone’s charger. She looks at Preeta’s picture and recalls the time when they were together. Srishti calls Sameer and asks him to keep an eye on Sherlyn and look after a pregnant Preeta.

Girish brings some holy flowers to ensure the safety of Preeta’s unborn twins.

The Luthras leave for Lonavala in a bus and Dadi tells everyone to stay positive and happy.

During the journey, Preeta tries to tell everyone that she is not pregnant. Mahesh lashes out at the driver when Preeta trips over. Kareena calms Mahesh down and politely asks Preeta to settle down. She requests Preeta to take good care of herself as her pregnancy has brought Mahesh out of depression.

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