Three months after Kritika and Prithvi’s marriage, Karan and Preeta are happily enjoying their married life.

One fine morning, Preeta wakes up and has a sweet banter with Karan.

Kritika enters Rakhi’s room and tells her to forget the past. She mentions that happiness will surely come back to her in a new form. Karan goes to Sherlyn’s room to take her to the living room to celebrate a special day. Karan sees Preeta falling down while preparing for a prayer.

A Priest sees them together and says that the Luthras will soon welcome a child. Dadi thanks Preeta for celebrating her birthday like her father.

Kareena and Sherlyn get upset hearing this. Dadi mentions how Mahesh has come out of his room after three months only because of her. Kritika taunts Sherlyn when she tries to turn Kareena against Preeta.

The Luthras enjoy dancing together and Preeta falls unconscious. Soon, she feels uneasy and rushes to the bathroom to vomit. Dadi and Rakhi feel glad when they deduce that Preeta is pregnant. Karan is more than surprised to hear Rakhi tell him about this.

Preeta steps out of the bathroom after vomiting and notices that everyone is smiling. Dadi and Kareena decides to share the good news with Mahesh that Preeta is pregnant. Rakhi eagerly leaves for the Arora House to apprise Sarla of the good news. Preeta thinks about taking a test to confirm her pregnancy, but Karan overlooks it.

Janki is shocked to see Rakhi at their doorstep. Sarla welcomes Rakhi home and Srishti is worried to see her. Janki asks Rakhi why she has stopped laughing for few months now? Rakhi tries to tease everyone before revealing about Preeta’s pregnancy. Rakhi says that Preeta is gaining excess weight, which is annoying Karan. Sarla, Srishti and Janki are overjoyed when they learn about Preeta’s condition.

Sherlyn shocks Prithvi by revealing about Preeta’s pregnancy to him. Soon, Sherlyn further explains why she tricked Kareena into sending him to Dubai and Rishabh to London. Sherlyn says that she did this because she didn’t want him and Kritika to spend their first night together.

Prithvi answers Kritika’s call and feels worked up while managing both the calls.

Sarla and Srishti tells each other how excited they are to celebrate the good news. Kritika notices Sherlyn shouting at Prithvi over a phone call but mistakes him for Rishabh and tells Prithvi about it.

Karan, Rakhi and Sameer are amazed to see Mahesh’s high energy level during Dadi’s birthday party. Mahesh thanks Preeta for bringing happiness back to the Luthra House.

Kareena sees Preeta with a pregnancy test kit and forbids her from using it. She tells Preeta that she has called their ancestral nanny who will confirm her pregnancy.

Srishti arrives at the Luthra House and flirts with Sameer. Janki taunts Sherlyn when she intervenes them. Srishti takes Sherlyn aside to confront her.

Karan brings a pregnancy test kit and secretly gives it to Preeta. He is shocked to see Preeta worried while coming out of the bathroom. Preeta and Karan are overjoyed to learn that she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Srishti reminds Sherlyn how she had tried to kill Preeta. Sherlyn is shocked to hear Srishti say that Mahira had foiled her plan by throwing her under the truck.

Sherlyn goes to Karan and Preeta’s room and feels jealous of them. She finds her happiness to be incomplete even after having Rishabh and Prithvi.

Sarla, Srishti and Janki praise Preeta’s glow during her pregnancy. Rakhi sends Sherlyn to the kitchen to get Dadi’s birthday cake.

Sherlyn video calls Prithvi and vents out her frustration. Prithvi tries hard to pacify Sherlyn. However, Sherlyn holds Preeta responsible for her miscarriage and decides to terminate Preeta’s pregnancy!

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