Preeta decides to reveal the truth a few months later to save Mahesh from depression. The songs on the music player of the bus change everyone’s mood. Sherlyn begins to wonder why Preeta is upset when everyone’s happy around her because of her?

On the way, the Luthras meet Lakshmi at a sweets store. Rakhi and Preeta praise Lakshmi, and they both notice that she resembles Preeta a lot. Amidst the wedding preparations, Yashvardhan Raichand, Sonakshi’s father, apologises to her for rushing the wedding as he didn’t want to lose out on a great suitor for her.

The Luthras arrive at her house and she introduces them to her father. Preeta begins to worry when she realises that she didn’t get the time to tell Karan the truth.

Sarla scolds Srishti after seeing her messy room. Srishti tries to distract her and requests her to join the Luthras at Sonakshi’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Yashvardhan knocks Karan’s door and brings a purse, but Preeta says that it’s not hers.

Sameer runs into Ananya and Sonakshi notices that Ananya has fallen for him. Sonakshi brings a goddess idol for Preeta as her gift. Sonakshi tells Preeta about her elder sister who is not with her anymore.

Karan arrives there and sees them cuddling each other. Soon, Sonakshi teases Karan when she sees him being romantic with Preeta, who is eager to reveal the truth to him.

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